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Drunk in Denethix - ASE Carousing Table

Oh the hijinx you'll have!

Memories are blurry
Below is the carousing table I'll be using for Denethix.  Rules are standard, pay your gold and roll a save vs. poison.  If you succeed you gain XP equal to the GP spent and roll on the table below for consequences with a +1 bonus for every point you made your save by.  If you fail just roll on the table and don't ask about XP.

Bonus - some items for sale in Denethix:

Traditional Moktar Weapon:
Dinosaur Bones - make decent clubs or maces - about 5gp for a solid 1handed one, 10gp for a big two handed one.  For 10 - 500 GP depending on workmanship they can be carved and bound with leather/copper to make savage looking weapons designed for big Moktar paws.  Not magical, but the higher end ones might take an enchantment if you could find a powerful shaman.

Eon Glass Macuahuitl - Available in all sword sizes, the best of these flat wooden weapons are set with shards of near unbreakable ancient glass from the glass drifts in the Southern Certopsian.  It's hard to find a matched set of glass, and hard to grind it down to the proper razor's edge so these weapons aren't cheap.  They are covered in fierce carving and beaded designs showing Moktar myths and traditional patterns.  Cost: 25 GP Short sword sized, 50 GP Longsword size, 120GP Two Handed Sword sized.  Damage as comparable steel weapon.  Additional money invested means cooler looking weapon that might take enchantment through Moktar rituals (if you could learn them somehow).

Hide Shields - Either in the form of a large dinosaur hide shield or a smaller medicine shield that repels arrows and blows with shamanistic magic these are available and will modify a Moktar's armor class.  They can't be used with a two handed weapon of course. Cost: 10 - 500 GP depending on material/workmanship/shamanistic power.

Other Weapons:

"Scientific Probe" - A long metal pole made of blue cobalt alloy with a wicked needle sharp tip.  It's about 8' long and has some old circuitry in gold and copper impressed into the rear half - looks like it might do about as much damage as a spear or pike. Cost: 350 GP

Various suits of Platemail - Low low price of 400 GP each - Everything from enameled renaissance style full plate to suits of thick scale mail that go from head to toe.  Even a heavy suit of strange gold knobs that projects tiny discs of force.  More money gets fancier armor, with etching (gaucho style cactus and desert scenes compete for popularity with skulls and flames this year) or enameled pin-ups with gems for eyes.

Items of Interest:

Light Robotic Power Cell and Chassis Plating - The plating is made of some kind of clear green plastic and includes a set of large power orbs that glow green (might give robot a buxom appearance).  If a 1st level robot with adequate XP were to own this, it could upgrade it to 2nd level. Cost: 1,000 GP

Fragment of a Fallen God Star - A relic that is vouched for by the Grand Temple (with extensive documentation) once a fragment of the now absent deity "Mool Cob" goddess of domesticated ungulates.  Might be useful somehow (Increases duration of Clerical Spells by 20%). Cost: 1,500 GP

Flashlight: It's waterproof and sends a ray of white blue light 50' into the darkness.  Will last 6 turns and recharges fully after a day in the sunlight. Cost: 300 GP

It started out as fun, but it ended up as something much much different
Jailed – Who knows what you did, the Fist isn’t telling but there’s only a few ways out.  A) Intervention of a member of Denethix’s elite B) Pay 1D6x1000 gold C) Sign up for duty in the Certopsian Penal Battalion.  Otherwise it’s moldy bread, water and owing the city 1 GP a day for room and board until they decide to execute, sell or draft you.  Even if you’re released all possessions are confiscated.
Slavery – How’d you fall for that line about easy money with a Temporary Indenture? Luckily you’re only enslaved for two weeks – unluckily that’s two weeks of pit fights (you will die).  Hopefully your friends can either buy you out for 1D10x100GP or break you free.
Medical Experiment – You awake in the alley behind the Temple of Science and things aren’t quite right.  1D6-1 of your limbs has been replaced with something else.  Maybe a snapping dog’s head, crude cybernetic limb or tentacle
Beaten and Robbed – Your drinking buddies seemed so nice until they got you out of the bar and beat you to a pulp.  Lose all carried items/wealth and begin next session with 1D4 HP.
Social Disease – It was dark, you were drunk.  Those hygiene pamphlets the temple hands out warning about “easy” partners aren’t just to scare you. Minus 1 to all saves and to hit from weakness and itching until you’re cured. Oh, the rash is (1D4) 1 – Purple 2- Yellow 3- Multicolored 4 – Making up strange sigils
Civil Commotion – You started a riot, not sure over what, but it was quite a rumble.  The brute squad was called in and there’s a fair number of dead.  Roll 1D6. 1 – No one knows it was you’re doing 2 – Some ‘revolutionary’ group knows and hates you for it 3 – A corrupt Fist officer knows 4 – A revolutionary group knows and sees you as a promising agitator 5 – The Fist knows and is looking for you for ‘questioning’ 6- Everyone knows, there’s cartoons in the broadsheets of you with wild eyes holding a bomb.
You got in a fight and are still a bit injured (minus 1D4 HP to minimum of 1 HP next session), but you should see the other guys.  Unfortunately the other guys were (roll 1D6) 1- Fist Officers, 2- Rich and Influential Rakes 3 – Priests of the Orbital Gods 4 – Scientists 5 – Successful Mercenaries 6 – Wealthy Slavers
Conned! You’ve got the deeds for a timeshare in some irradiated desert somewhere or something similar.  You’re out an additional 1D6 x 100 GP.
It Wasn’t a Winning Streak -  The loses didn’t seem that big at the time but now you owe 1D20x100 GP to the gambling den and they’re gonna collect the money or you (to sell)if you don’t pay them back.  Make a CHR check to stall them for 1D4 weeks or get out of town fast.
Cursed – Monkey’s Paw? Annoyed Witch? Dying Hobo?  Someone or something has left you with a curse.  Per the Cleric Spell, or perhaps you’ve been polymorphed into a pig.
War Bonds! You now hold 1D10x100 GP of “war bonds” and lack the same amount of wealth.  The bonds are (1D4) 1 – From the Fist and will pay back 10% in 1D20 months, 2 – For a specific offensive, 25% profit, 25% chance of paying back in 1D6 Weeks, 3 – For a reputable mercenary company 20% profit with a 50% chance of paying back in 1D12 months 4- From a disreputable mercenary outfit, your money is gone.
That was some powerful … umm … something.  You’ve overdosed on something weird and hallucination inducing.  Roll a 1D6 1 – minus 2 to all rolls as you watch the colors next session, 2 - +1 to hit and damage next session as you are filled with psychotic rage, save vs. poison or permanently lose 1 WIS, 3 – See invisible for the next Session, 4 – Catatonia for the next session, save vs. poison for every action taken, 5 – The lizards are under your skin, but you cut them out doing 1D6 damage to yourself at the start of next session 6 – Permanent flashbacks, -1 INT.
Religious Mania – Not your mania, but some random orbital deity’s.  You’ve been selected by one of the orbital gods to perform some bizarre task.  If you do it there may be a reward, but its unlikely, what’s sure is that if you fail to do it there will be punishment.
New Friends – You’ve met some great people and had a wonderful time with them.  Unfortunately they’re a gang of vicious thugs and that has a strict “blood in, lots of blood out” policy.  They also think you should switch careers from adventuring to thug life.
Brawl – With some of those reprehensible Demi-Humans.  Start this session down 1D4 HP, and either pick your vendetta (based on your own demi-human race) or roll 1D6: 1 – Dwarven factory workers, 2- Moktar warehousemen, 3- Northern Elven fey-supremacists/man eaters 4 – Halfing Yokels, 5- Some really unwholesome entity (DM’s choice).
Cult – Upon regaining your senses it becomes apparent that you’ve embraced some kind of “radical spirituality”.  Welcome to the family brother or sister… Lose all gold and valuables (not equipment) and hope your companions can get you back for some deprogramming.
Plastic Surgery – They promised you beauty and you got … (Roll 1D4) 1 – Hideousness (lose 1D4 CHR as you are now an abnormal freak, 2 – A plastic face (lose 1 CHR), 3 – Something different (not bad just different), 4 – Beauty (Gain 1-2 CHR)
Hangover from Hell – All rolls are at -2 for the next session.
Abduction – You remember spending time inside (D4) 1 – A dingy warehouse filled with tough guys, 2 – A perfumed boudoir, 3 – A maze of Cyclopean blocks, 4- A shiny metal ovoid.  They took something from you (not just your money and clothes, which they also took), something you can’t quite remember.
Henchman – You’ve attracted a 1st level follower who will serve you for free.  1- They’re in love with you, 2 – They’re trying to learn the adventuring trade and willing to intern, 3 – A debt of loyalty and honor compels it, 4 – They’re spying on you for someone/they’re a stalker who wants to steal your identity, 5 – Won/Lost bet, 6 – Gods told them to.
Tattoo – A new tattoo Roll 1D4 1- It’s terrible 2- It’s pretty cool 3- It would be cool, but it’s misspelled or badly done 4- Offensive and liable to start a fight with at least one important group in Denethix.
Lottery Ticket – You hold a winning lottery ticket, worth 1D6 X 100 GP.  Collecting might be hard.
Love Affair – You’re head over heels for your latest dalliance.  25% It’s not reciprocated, 75% they’re already involved.
Heresy – You awake naked on the floor of the Grand Temple.  Roll a 1D6. 1-2 The priests chase you out into the street cursing you and promising later violence, 3-4 No one says a thing as you slink out, 5-6 You’re thanked and asked to return at a later date.
Bar Tab – A local pub thinks you’re the life of the party and has granted you the rarest of treasures, a large amount of bar credit.  Next Carousing roll in Denethix the amount of gold can be doubled (up to 1,000 GP) without paying more should you choose to use this tab.
Mysterious Pet - Some small adorable creature has become inexplicably loyal to you.  A grunkie, a monkey or a sloth for example.  It knows some basic commands and can dance to kazoo music.
Deed – You remember a game involving a knife, three grunkies, a large melon and snake liquor.  You cleaned some fools out, and have the deed to a small house or business somewhere in Denethix.
Rumors -  You remember  buying a drink for a strange old individual who gave you a map of the wastes and spun an tale of unbelievable wealth – you still have the map.  (Map to adventure location with at least 1,000GP/lvl of treasure).
Beneficial Mutilation – You’re not sure what happened, but it you’ve been changed somehow (Roll a D6).  1- Giant black eyes granting wide spectrum vision (like a dwarf), 2 – Prehensile Tail, 3- Some wicked cool scars (+1 CHR), 4 – Grotesque muscle grafts (+1 STR), 5- Functional Gills, 6- Implanted plates or mutated think skin (Natural AC 7)  
Make an Influential Friend – Someone important thinks you’re an interesting addition to their regular drinking companions.  No immediate benefits, but definitely a potential source of help, rumors and cash.
Citizenship – Somehow you managed to have a pack of wealthy financiers owe you a favor - they’ve sponsored you for citizenship or if already a citizen of Denethix a membership in some elite institution.
Lucky Find – You’ve discovered a magical item, just lying there in the corner of some shop or bar and managed to obtain it.  It’s something relatively minor (A +1 weapon, a laser pistol, a spellbook, or a potion) but hey – free magic!
Fame - During your carousing you are “discovered” by some kind of talent agent.  Either you memoires got turned into a series of dime novels, or your singing voice is apparently “what’s in style” in Denethix’s burlesque houses.  However it happened you’re a minor celebrity.  You immediately receive 1D20x100 GP (left after a fair bit of lavish spending), a legion of irksome but adoring fans and a potential career change. 
Super Science – You drank that stuff on a dare, and it really worked out for you.  Some kind of ancient super serum now courses through your veins or maybe you’re now in the body of an ancient megabot.  Gain +2 to all Stats but develop a strain of overweening megalomania and begin trying to find a Wizard tower to call your own.


  1. Man, the wages of sin, for real!

    1. No death on there. I'm not that mean - but this may be a bit punitive.

  2. I am in awe of your creativity, really you have some amaing ideas here. I have also been looking at your maps, etc. Great talent you have...keep up the amazing work!!!
    I hope you are cool with it, I linked you at my blog.


    AJ Stone (Stonewerks)

    1. Thanks again - quite a bit of flattery there and thanks for the link! Your maps are great by the way.