Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Map - but not the one you want

I jest, a reader asked for some maps related to my ongoing HMS APOLLYON
project - but I don't feel like publishing those, so here's a map of a twelve sided
folded unnatural space.

I am keying it up as a combination of the ruins of the folded city of an ancient
Carcosa imposed upon by the last bastion and hidden bunkers of the Iron King,
Hawberk I, who was deposed by its current Ragged King.

It's a bad place where refugees from Carcosa find themselves scavenging.

The project contains rooms like this:

Abb6. War Room - Dark - Folded City Encounters - Monster
A swarm of gangling skeletons scurry about the plastered bunker shuffling  
piled papers atop sagging desks.  A sandtable stands at the center of the room
surrounded by more skeletons in a finer cut of ragged blue uniform.

  • gangling skeletons - fourteen skeletons wearing the rags of blue uniforms
    with yellow piping dash about carrying papers, furiously scribbling with long
    dry pens and clattering their jawbones in a parody of speech.  The Skeleton
    are trapped in the dream of their final days of frenzied efforts to
    stem the tide of angry revolutionary violence.  They fully expect the doors of
    the bunker to fly open at any moment, guards overrun by a howling mob and
    will likely view (-4 penalty to reaction roll) any intruders as the harbingers of
    the revolution and fight a last desperate defense.

    Dreaming Skeleton
    x14- HD 1 (HP 3 each), AC 13, Atk x1 +2 (claws)
    MV 4 (avg), SV F1, INT -1, ML 10

    The ruined remnants of the Iron King's staff these
    undead are unarmed but
    perfectly capable of inflicting injury with their ragged claws.

  • piled papers - rickety wooden desks, secretarial cubbies and the floor are
    covered with mounds and drifts of paper.  The brittle sheets themselves,
    where they have not been written over a hundred times, show maps of an
    unfamiliar Carcosa, strong points, barricades, overrun by the lashing arrows of
    advances and retreats.  Orders, crossed out, rewritten and endlessly modified
    indicate that the Iron King’s military has fallen back and been overwhelmed
    by the forces of revolution - the followers of the Ragged King.

  • sandtable - five Skeleton Bureaucrats in rotten macaroni cluster about a
    meticulously created sandtable showing the map of lands that no longer exist.
    Only Loch Hali is vaguely identifiable.  The dead push and prod painted wooden
    markers about, and wave bony sagacious fingers at each

    Dreaming Skeleton
    x5 - HD 1 (HP 3 each), AC 13, Atk x1 +2 (bludgeon)
    MV 4 (avg), SV F1, INT -1, ML 10

    These Dreaming dead are so lost in their phantasm of control and mastery of
    war that they will ignore any intruders who don’t actively touch them or disrupt
    their sand table.  If disturbed or interrupted they will attack with moldering
    riding quirts and brass knobbed swagger sticks.


  1. does it fit together to actually make it a d12?

    1. It should - I haven't tried it yet.

    2. Gus, it does fit together to make a d12, but faces F and H do not line up correctly. Still, nice little dungeon map. I plan on using it soon for my ASE campaign.

  2. Oh, how you toy with us!

    Love it anyway.