Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Megadungeon IV - Nodal Dungeon Tourist Map

Every Megadungeon needs a novelty tourist map.  Here's an attempt at one for Keith's "Nodal Megadungeon" which I've spoken about recently.  I'm not sure the map is helpful, but it took a while to doodle and while it lacks useful information it gives some feel and a sense of location at least - not that Keith's flowcharts didn't do an equally good or better job, but this has a doodles involved.  It's the least I can do to support Keith's great project.

Ultimately it ended up a tourist map like the ones you get for major cities which at best give a vague idea of where neighborhoods are located. I'm tempted to do one for the Apollyon and ASE...


  1. This is my favorite kind of map. I used to love these kinds of maps as a kid, especially of places i had never been too. Excellent job

  2. Awesome - very good at giving the flavor of the place

  3. Great idea, I love it. Please go ahead with one for the Apollyon. Also, I'd love to have some examples of room/area descriptions for the Apollyon. I'ver imagined it as a jumble of rusty nautical metal with hints of art deco (little bit like the Bioshock computer games but more ruined).

    1. Funny you mention area descriptions for the HMS Apollyon - I am still working on writing up the Fetid Pit as a location.