Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tombs of the Rocket Men! Contest!

There's one week - 7 days left in Dungeon of Signs contest.  A map, nothing more nothing less, of the TOMBS OF THE ROCKET MEN is all I ask.  Delivered to me in a form I can use to key and write it up by April 1, 2013 midnight. Win prizes of sorts.

Adrian Villar Rojas - Look him up - It'll give you inspiration
More details here .... CONTEST

Paper & Pencils - Produced this lovely map for me ... which is to say don't feel like because this is mostly an OSR blog I will hold it against Pathfinder players or any other variety of map drawer.  The contest is wide open, victory is not yet in anyone's grasp (I haven't really examined the entries in detail yet to keep everything fresh).

I've been mapping out a big chunk of the Starboard side of The Apollyon's Deck 9 and keying it in preparation for a game tomorrow.  I like where it's going.

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