Thursday, March 28, 2013

Varities of Magical and Enhanced Weapons and Armor

As a follow up to the last post on HMS Apollyon magic weapons, here's a table of magic weapons with mechanical effects and potential ways to discover them.  I enjoy these posts as they allow a hint or two of setting detail with providing much more than disparate imagery and a few odd facts.

 Fel Armaments found aboard the HMS Apollyon
 Appearing as a stout cane of black wood engraved with glyphs and embellished with seed pearls, this elemental weapon can burst into flame upon command and will do 3D4 points of fire damage per strike with a +1 hit : In the sealed and sunken tomb of an ancient frogling shaman.
A Mechanical Ax, that uses a magic engine to spin a pair of gear like blades at its tip.  Will strike for 3-18 against fleshy opponents : Built into a renegade, self repairing, junk automaton.
Clotted Rust mace, ancient Steward riot club, now constantly dripping dirty water,  On a successful strike it will damage armor or weapon of opponent, by reducing its effectiveness (-1 to hit/damage or +1 AC).  The weapon also burns and enfeebles, causing (+1 damage/+1 hit) and ages the target by 1D4x5 years : Discarded in a pile of similarly rusted weapons in an abandoned armory.
Void Pistol, a silvery lozenge encrusted with with gemstones, three of the stones glow (representing charges), If triggered it will emit a beam that opens a portal 20' diameter the round after it strikes a solid object (up to a maximum range of 200').  The portal will immediately spout tentacles and fanged maws of insubstantial madness that attack anyone within the 20' diameter space for 3D6 points of damage per round while the portal persists for three rounds.  Anyone viewing the portal must save vs. Paralysis or lose one point of Wisdom: Undigested within the belly of a large floating angler fish.
This mail of scintillating oscillation was fleshcrafted for a great merrowman shaman from the shell stock of a displacer crab.  The armor provides the wearer with an AC of 5 and the ability to save vs. paralysis against any successful missile attack to avoid being struck as he phases in and out of present space and time.  Found tied with in copper wire into an outflow pipe with a small cache of assorted coins.
Gris Gris halberd, with a weapon end in the form of a sawtooth fish spirit.  Attacks for 1D10 damage, but on a successful strike, the painful gnawing of the magic weapon require a save vs. wand to be able to attack the next round after being struck: In the hands of a brutal Vory leg-breaker name Lemmy "Sharksteaks".
Devil Forged scimitar, containing six lesser demon souls.  The blade is +1 to hit and damaged, singing terrible demon ballads in combat, but it especially despises froglings and will sheath it's wielder in protective cold flame (as flame shield) while fighting any amphibian.
 A Necrotic whip, made of three animated spinal columns.  The whip is effectively a +1 flail (1D6) with the additional ability of grappling any one target with an effective strength of 18 on a successful hit.  While the target is held the whip will both restrain and injure, doing 1d4 points of damage per round it remains grappling the victim.  While grappling the whip cannot be used to attack: In the stern right hand of an Ash Plague strawboss, as he directs a band of zombies to preform engineering projects on behalf of the plague kings.
War Crowbar, greenish alloyed steel covered in intricate copper and gold sigils and enchanted as a +2 weapon (1D8).  The item is purely inert arcane magic, but has the added ability of being able to open doors and bend bars as if the wielder had a strength of 19: In the clutches of a mad hermit who hears the voices of the Leviathan and will promise wonders but deliver nothing for sacrifices in the great whale's name.
A hexed short sword, once  crude weapon made from a ground down butcher's cleaver, it is empowered by 120 generations of rat kings.  The weapon is ceremonial to a degree, but if its owner concentrate it will rise from the ground and fight up to 20' from the owner independently as a 4th level fighter, doing 1D6+2 damage and ignoring non-magical armor:  Protected by a series of tiny poison dart traps and explosive wards at the center of a small room.  The room is a rat king necropolis, with the mummified bodies of 1,000's of rats in shallow niches.
Fleshcrafted javelins (3), long and black wicked serrations dripping reddish ichor.  The weapons are with made of stingray stock and inject poison on a successful strike causing violent insanity and hallucinations (-2 to all rolls, berserk, random targets for attack) for 1D6 days: Imbedded harmlessly in a enormous tree sized mushroom that grow solitary from a deep luminescent pool in a flooded electronics bay.
Haunted Tommygun, it's matt black casing scratched and battered and its walrus ivory grips carved with crude skulls.  The gun is haunted by the spirit of a sociopathic triggerman from fifty years ago named "Top Jimmy" who relishes murder and will fill the dreams of the gun's owner with blood.  As a weapon the gun is normal 1d6, 2 aimed shot/per round, bust 3-10, though on a burst of five or more where all bullets strike the last will be a bullet of slaying (target save vs. death or dies) that causes the victim to explode in a welter of gore, causing all in the battle to make an immediate moral check: Disassembled in a sealed drum of gun oil and sitting in a safe house in an abandoned cannery just beyond the industrial district of Deck 7.
Hydraulic great sword.  A huge 6' cleaver, requiring at least an 16 strength to wield and meant for a warrior in heavy boiler mail.  The weapon does 2D8 damage, but is -1 to hit a non-power armored target.  On a critical hit hydraulics will cause hardened alloy spikes to snap from the center of the blade doing doing an addition 2D6 damage to the target, but requiring a round of effort to remove the weapon: In the hand of a verdigris covered heavy 3rd generation steward boiler mail, standing sentential over a forgotten battlefield from the long retreat.  The pilot is still dead inside, and likely a draug or revenant of rage.
Phantom Pistol, once the property of a revenant of duty (the shade of a Steward Captain).  The pistol has no bore, but fires bolts of blue balefire for 1D6+1 points of damage as a normal pistol.  It's ammunition is effectively unlimited, but if a natural '1' is rolled it will be temporarily out of power until the next session or a week of rest: In the possession of a mutated frogling water elementalist who rents rooms on Picked Bone Square.
Box of eight sea blessed quarrels.  If stuck by one of these weapons, the coral encrusting the bolt's head will grow to encrusted the screaming target, killing anything up to 10 HD that fails a save vs. poison: Witin an exiled passenger class witch's hope chest.
Oversized two-handed hammer of shifting purple void steel, this weapon causes nausea in all within 20' except it's wielder if not covered (-1 to hit).  It strikes as a +1 weapon : shattered into three parts and placed in a rude temple by a tribe of savage human hunters.
Vulcanite compound bow capable of shooting enormous distances with incredible force.  A +2 weapon: On the floor of a small chamber, with the hatch welded shut next to a chalk drawing of three whales and a stylized furnace.
A voltaic cannon - a complex and tempermental weapon made of copper and insulated with glass and rubber. The cannon is a stubby weapon that can be held in two hands and will fire an arc of lighting that jumps between the nearest four creatures within 30' of the initial target and ignores metal armor.  The cannon's range is only 70' and each shock does 3-18 points of damage.  The cannon may fire one every turn as the batteries charge up from the whirring of a perpetual motion machine within : In a locked waterproof box labelled "Munitions" at the bottom of a deep channel.
This Cerimicast Dagger was carved down from a piece of ancient marine armor, crudely, but obviously with great effort.  The handle is a split bone, and the blade attached with sinew and skin. Damage is 1D4 + 3 to hit and damage : Prize possession of a giant Ghoula chief
A Sanguinary Blade over 6' long, containing the aggression and love of violence that once fueled a Megaldon.  The weapon increases the number of attacks of the wielder by 1 and strikes for 2-12.  It will slowly drive the wielder mad in battle, with a Wisdom save required each combat round to avoid slipping into a frenzy of random attacks : Worshipped as a totem by a tribe of savage men.


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