Thursday, June 20, 2013

Decadent Pleasures - Uptown Carousing Table

I am starting a few sessions of HMS Apollyon play where the party consists of passenger class twits.  Now this has required some game changes, because money is no longer really an important driving force for wealthy layabouts.  Below are some of the rules for making things a bit different than a normal dungeon crawl, and encouraging properly rakish behavior.

I am Hograth, King of the debauched! (Not really Hograth)
  •  Reputation - PCs reputation becomes important, as this allows them to get other members of the passenger class, and most other people in Sterntown to do things for them such as provide information or let them into new areas.  reputation is developed as a D20 stat, with a starting value of 10 plus or minus the character's charisma bonus.  It goes up or down depending on behavior, adherence to social codes, audacity and fashion.  Making promises and keeping them is important to Reputation, as is not allowing disrespect.  Reputation checks will consist of rolling under the value on a D20 with modifications depending on what is requested.  The party must appoint a spokes person for such checks and only that character's reputation will be involved.
  •  Experience - XP is tricky in a campaign where money has no real value.  XP is provided by curios and trophies, as well as the value of the enemies defeated.  Additional XP will be granted for making and keeping daring promises and completing specified goals.  Generally a major goal is worth 1,000 x current level XP and a minor 100 x current level. Curios and trophies will provide XP at GP value, though they are presumed to be used as gifts or placed into the character's private collections.
  • Carousing Rules - At least 1/2 of all money collected from the hull must be spent on carousing.  Of course the rule that the maximum amount of XP gained is only 100 x LVL (for and equal amount of gold) is still in effect, with excess wealth wasted.   The table below is for upper class carousing.

Extreme Decadence – Passenger class Carousing Table
Orgies with otherworldly courtesans have side effects – you either have an extra planar disease or pregnancy.  Either way the results will be spectacular and lethal in 1D6-1 sessions unless you act to find a cure.
The only cure for a real hangover is death – You have a real hangover, and will suffer a permanent low order headache -1 WIS or INT.
A planar peccadillo - Well they promised you exotic delights, but having your spirit transported to some strange  plane of existence outside the material world and used as a plaything by unnatural beings was perhaps more than you'd bargained.  Return permanently marked with an additional minor mutation or a sigil marking you as property of some extra-planar power.
Slumming again – Your attempts to disguise yourself as a member of the underclass and enjoy your pleasures “raw” was unsuccessful.  The knockout drink and robbery was more successful.  Lose all personal possessions.
Promises promises – Your bragger and grandstanding has gotten you into trouble again. You have promised someone in Uptown a valuable curio from the hull (A trophy or ancient artifact worth at least 1,000 GP).  If you fail there will be ridicule and shame.
Pistols at dawn – You’ve gotten yourself involved in a duel with someone D4 1- It’s to the death 2- It’s to surrender 3- It’s to 1st blood 4- It’s a joke duel to shame the loser.  The opponent is D4 1- A nebbish (0-lvl) 2 – Less experienced (1D2 levels less than you) 3- Equally experienced 4- Powerful (Your level + 1D6).
Blackmailed! – You’ve been blackmailed for some indiscretion, pay 1D6 x100 GP per session (from secret funds/adventuring profits) until you can remove the problem.
Rake’s Progress – You’ve become addicted to something, some kind of horrible drug or expensive vice.  You’ll need to spend D10x100GP gold per session (and make a poison save) on your new vice or suffer a -2 to all rolls.  You may break the addiction with three sessions of successful saves in a row.
Another Bastard – Your past is catching up and someone claiming to be a bastard of your family (or yourself) has latched onto you.  They can make trouble for your reputation, or if cultivated and paid off may a useful contact.
Exhausting pleasures – You are slow and tired form a week of reveals, Begin session down 1D2 HP/per level
Romantic complications – You’ve found a worthy object of your affections.  Gift collection (LVLD6x100 GP in curios), and acts of daring for your beloved may advance your suite and will be needed to keep your spirits up during courtship.  Failure to act on your desire will result in cumulative penalties (-1 to rolls per session) as depression overwhelms you.
Exotic spices – You reek of exotic spices and liquors from too much rich food.  Your party will lose the chance of surprise next session.
In very bad taste – What seemed a hilarious practical joke at the time has ended up making you an enemy of a moderately powerful member of the passenger caste.
Dubious curios – On a dare you've purchased a curio or maybe even a treasure map from some bounder.  Save vs. spells.  On a success it's real and the buyer gains 1D6x100 XP, and on a failure its a poorly made fake.
Drunk with the help – You wandered off and spent some time amongst the servants, strangely this has led to increased loyalty and a willingness to take risks on your behalf by one of them.  Gain a loyal henchman.
Drunken genius – You find the completed research for a new spell in your pocket, whatever you were researching or a random new spell of the maximum level you can cast.
A soiree to remember – They said the novelty ball was silly, but everyone is talking about it now.  Your reputation is increased, and you make a moderately powerful uptown contact.
Feeling ginger - That was quite a night, oh the memories!  You're feeling so grand that you can memorize an additional spell next session.
An invigorating brawl – A tussle with ruffians has invigorated you.  Start session with 1D4 less HP, but gain a +1 to hit rolls.
Potent patronage - Turns out that those really were summoning rituals, you have gained an extra-planar ally of HD equal to your level.  It will watch your back if you watch its and has a base loyalty of 8 (on a D12)

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