Thursday, September 26, 2013

Passenger Class Equipment List

The Passenger Class of the Apollyon, even it's cadet family third sons, parvenu bounders and black sheep, is wealthy enough that normal monetary concerns don't apply.  For PCs of the Passenger Class (except destitute exiles), the issues related to equipment aren't so much money, but temperament and preparation.  It's not that an adventuring passenger can't afford a proper kit, or even often find very good equipment laying about the family estate, it's that a Passenger has little or no idea what sort of equipment might be needed to delve into the wretched and forgotten parts of the hull.  Furthermore, most passengers have trouble adapting to the life of an adventurer and are loathe to replace their initial equipment.  Rather than admit idiocy, a passenger joining an adventuring party will refuse to purchase new equipment, insisting on retaining whatever meager or absurd combination of equipment they first brought adventuring out of pride and misplaced fear of looking gauche.  A passenger may not purchase normal adventuring equipment until 3rd level, and as always purchasing directly from lower deck purveyors or craftsmen will cost reputation (1 point), while sending underlings to do it will mean the requested items do not arrive for an extra session.  This does not mean that passengers cannot augment their equipment in other ways.  Items recovered during adventuring if they are of better than average quality (would normally qualify as treasure) may be used as "trophies" and even objects taken from other dead adventurers can be adopted (as mementos).

Experience points for passengers are also a strange thing.  Since money is of little object they do not gain XP in the normal way from finding treasures.  Instead Passengers gain XP by A) fulfilling goals B) Finding Curios and C) Exploration.  Curios are GM determined items of interest such as the heads or pelts of rare beast, objects of historical significance or any other object that can be presented to society and family that shows that the Passenger has done daring deeds and been through dangerous test of character.  The preserved tattooed skin of a notorious Vory chief, a deck plaque form Deck 12, or a fine collection of poisoned Ghula weapons will all serve this purpose.  Exploration is of course the normal exploration bonuses that a GM might elect for being among the first to uncover a new area or secret.  At the start of their career a Passenger should pick 3 goals, with GM approval.  These goals are worth Passenger lvl x 100 XP to complete and will be replaced when the passenger completes one.  A passenger may also "bet" with their existing XP, by boasting to their companions that they will complete a certain goal that session.  The player chooses how many 100's of XP they wish to wager and will receive that number of XP x LVL back upon making good on their boast.  XP may also be wagered directly against other passengers with the winner of the bet taking the XP from the loser.

To determine starting equipment the Passenger first determines what type of layabout they are.  A Soldier, Scholar or Fop.  A Passenger with an Int over 13 must roll on the scholar table, while a Str over 13 will roll on the soldier table.  If both Str and Int are over 13 the Passenger may elect which table to roll on.  In addition to the randomized equipment below (armor, weapons, and special item) the passenger may choose a pack of additional adventuring gear based on thier interests from the list below the equipment list.

Starting Equipment List

Formal wear (AC 9), walking stick (D4), bottle of perfume.
Scholarly Robe (AC 9), Walking stick (D4), 4 blank scrolls, nib pen and 2 bottles of ink.
Oranate Uniform (AC 9), riding crop (D2), set of dueling pistols (D8), fine flask of very high proof alcohol.
Flannel lounge suit (AC 9), cricket Bat (D4), book of “scavenger’s signs” (50% false).
Tweed Expedition Suit (AC 9), Athame (D4), patent of nobility.
Artfully Worn Utilities (AC 9), Saber (D8), smoke bomb (10’ x 10’).
An ecstasy in velvet (AC 9), ridiculously large knife (D6), golden idol of luck spirit (rub for 1 save reroll).
Argyle and club tie (AC 9), Absurd sacrificial dagger (D4), Fishman phrase book (50% speak/read fishman).
Padded Practice Armor (AC 8), iron banded baton (D6), flare gun 4 flares.
Leather sporting wear (AC 7),  novelty frogling warclub – 50% includes pipe (D6) hand crossbow (D6), hand cranked warning siren.
Fashionable mockery of workmen’s clothes (AC 9), large wrench (D6), light specimen net (10’ x 10’).
Gorget and dress helmet and far too many medals (AC 7),  gilded partisan (D10), dueling pistol (D8), compass.
Reinforced girdle or corset (AC 7), sword cane (D8), 10 throwing stars (D4), velvet heart filled with chocolate.
Leather smock covered in runes and pockets (AC 8), ornate spear (D6), matched set of daggers (D4), bestiary of local horrors (50% - 10% per HD of including a monster).
Painted boiled leather dress plate (AC 6), leather shield, rapier (D8), throwing axe (D6), house flag on 10' pole.
Fanciful leather costume armor (AC 7), leather shield, saber(D8), 4 throwing knives (D4), IOU from mid-level mafia soldier.
Protective gris gris and ritual linen kilt (AC 8), hide shield, shovel headed spear (d8), 4 javelin, scroll of magic mouth.
Brass parade armor (AC 5), heavy mace of office (D8), hand crossbow (D6), poison antidote (allows second save from natural poisons).
Armored support garment (AC 6), sword cane, snub nosed pocket revlover (1d6-1/4), lockpicks.
Leather lab coat (AC 7), gnarled heartwood staff (D8), sawn off shotgun (1D10 or 1/2D6x5), 4 vials of acid.
Antique fine silvered scale armor (AC 5), heater shield, arming sword (D8), heavy crossbow (D8), letter of favor to steward officer.
Gaudy laquered scale mail waistcoat (AC 6), antique battle ax (D8), fowling shotgun (1pt x 10/D8). Poison Ring with 1 dose nausea inducing poison.
Armored girdle/corset (AC 6),crystal tipped staff (D8), brace dueling of pistols (D8), scroll of read magic.
Gilded Breastplate (AC 5), shield, gilded blunderbuss (1D6x3), boarding ax (D8), fused grenado (1D10).
Armored leather catsuit reinforced with steel plates (AC 6), dueling sword (D8), 2 tomahawks (d6), caltrops.
Concealed light mail one piece (AC 6), sculpted mace (D6), heavy crossbow with cranequin (D8), 4 grappling arrows and cord. 
Green silk "coat of a 1,000 nails" (AC 5), brass spiked helmet, round shield, silvered tulwar (D8), 2 holy water.
Lacquer and wood carved armor (AC 5), painted shield, war crowbar (D8), light crossbow (D6),
10 puffer fish poisoned (paralysis) bolts.
Chain mesh reinforced gentleman's expedition Suit (AC 6), sword cane (D8), pepperbox pistol (D4 x4), pharmacopeia with laudanum, poison antidote, tincture of mad kelp and mild poison (1D6) - 1 dose each.
Acid etched bronze clamshell back and breast with pauldrons, and sallet (AC 4), gilded officer's glaive (D10), silver dagger, pair dueling pistols (D8), Climbing claws and spurs.
Velvet Brigandine (AC 5), sculpted shield, plumed helmet. rapier (D8), silver dagger (D4), 4 throwing knives (D4) lockpicks.
Chain mesh lined rubberized suit (AC 5), bronze trident (D10), spear gun (D6), brass breathing mask (4 turns breath underwater).
Steward Officers Lorica (AC 4), sculpted buckler, bronze war crowbar (D8), double barreled holdout pistol (D8), medallion of magic missile turning (1 charge).
Shell and scale armor (AC 5), shell shield, sculpted gilded flail (D8), rifled musket (2D6) 2 charges of brimstone shot.
Lacquered breast plate, morion helm (AC 5), saber (D8), holdout pistol (D8/2), 3 flasks holy water.
1/2 armor with mail sleeves (AC 4), masked helmet, two-handed executioner's sword (D10), officer’s revolver (d6/6), satchel of fireworks.
hexed bone scale mail (AC 4), armored carnival mask, buckler, cutlass (D8), pepperbox pistol (D4x4), stiletto (D4), night vision lens (D4 turns a day/blinded D4 turns after use).
Hooded sorcerer's robes, lined with bone scales (AC 5), hexed frogling macuahuitl (D8), novelty pepperbox pistol in shape of kraken (D4x4), scroll of wizard lock.
Heavy bronze scale mail, reinforced with plate (AC 4), breaching shield,silvered saber, double barreled shotgun (1D10/2 or 1/2D6x5/2), brace of dueling pistols (D8), 2 charges of brimstone shot.
Blackened steward’s lorica(AC 4), breach loading rifle (D8), bayonet(D6), war crowbar(D8), carved crystal ward vs. undead (1 charge, as 2nd level cleric).
Explorer's society commemorative breastplate (AC 5), shield, war crowbar (D8), double barreled coach gun (1D10/2), two handfuls of devil shells.
Laquered splint armor (AC 3), revolver (D6/6), saber(D8),fused satchel charge (2D10).
Heavy bronze scale armor (AC3), coffin shaped shield, hexed khopesh (D8), bucket of 6 gilded javelins (D6), imp in a bottle.
Bone studded, devil leather wrapping (AC 4), silver spear staff (D8), revolver (d6/6), silver amulet of spell turning (75% - 1 charge).
Heavy plate reinforced mail (AC 3),armored shako, shield, hexed halberd (D10), saber (D8), pepperbox pistol (D4x4), potion of healing (D8).
Gilded breastplate, helmet, and scale sleeves (AC 3), square masked helm, pair of silvered scimitars (D8), 3 throwing knives (D4), two handfuls of devil shells.
Fantastical brass cult armor (AC 4), enameled brass shield, derringer (D4 x2), hexed crystal sacrificial axe (D8), enchanted iron filings (can make 10' x 10' ward vs. demons).
Etched plate armor (AC 2), silvered saber(D8), officer’s revolver (d6/6), 10 silver bullets.

A Note on ranged weapons: All weapons will have 25 rounds of appropriate ammunition and powder unless otherwise noted. Repeating firearms are noted as damage dice/magazine, while scatter or burst firing weapons are noted as damage dice x burst size. All cartridge weapons take one round a single shot or speed loader, while black powder weapons require three rounds to reload.  Rifled black powder weapon five rounds to load as the ball must be forced down the barrel.
Hexed Weapons: Hexed Weapons do an additional +1 damage to outsiders and elementals.

In addition to the items above each passenger may select 1 of the following adventuring packs.  All Passengers will have D6 doses of their liquor or intoxicant of choice as well along with 1D8+10 GP in pocket change. 
  •  The Doc - Bandages, dagger (D4)surgeon’s tools, medicinal brandy, laudanum (+2 to save vs. death if drunk, unconscious or ineffectual for remainder of session) 
  •  The Explorer - Lantern, bowie knife (D4), 4 flasks of oil, 6 iron spikes/mallet, pocket knife (D2), dehydrated meat soup x4.
  • The Climber - 50’ Rope, grappling hook, patent climbing ax (D6), glow kelp markers x2, tinned meat 
  • The Gambler - Dice, loaded dice, pack of cards, 1D4x10Gp in casino chips, concealed punch knife (D4), holdout derringer in wrist rig (D4x2).
  • The Soldier – Lantern, 2 flasks of oil, combat knife (D4), signal mirror, entrenching tool (D6), book of military doctrine.
  • The Scholar – Blank book, ink, pens, ancient map (save vs. spells to use regarding local area), 4 wooden stakes/mallet, 1 vial holy water (queen), lantern, 2 flasks of oil.
  • The Hedonist – 30’ silk rope, bottle of spirits, mad kelp cigar, laudanum, D6 brothel tokens, lewd etchings or playing cards, lantern, 2 flask of oil.
  • The Picnicker - Large basket of sandwiches, carving knife (D4), canned fruit and sweet cakes, fishing pole/60’ fishing line/hooks, parasol, novel, 6 (lawn)torches, incense x2
  • The Abusurdist – Bugle, lobster on leash, 6 iron spikes/mallet, stiletto (D4), cosmetics/clown makeup, 6 torches, large mad kelp cigar D4 doses (smoke and +1 to death saves, -1 to all other saves for 6 turns).
  • The Artist – Travel easel/paints/brushes or Camera, sketch pad, pencils, lantern 2 flasks of oil, laudanum  (+2 to save vs. death if drunk, unconscious or ineffectual for remainder of session)


  1. "A Passenger with an Int over 13 must roll on the scholar table, while a Str over 13 will roll on the soldier table. If both Str and Int are over 13 the Passenger may elect which table to roll on."

    This grinds a bit. Why couldn't a character with a low Int lend some aristocratic flair by rolling on scholar? Similarly, why say all soldiers' merit springs from their strength? And then the idea that a "fop" can only be chosen by those of both exceptional Intelligence and Strength - or am I reading that wrong?

    Just let a character choose their table (which are broadly lovely by the by).

    1. I could have done it by specializations and skills (i.e. mostly magician roll on scholar, mostly fighter roll on soldier). Since Passnegers (who are terribly caste and status ridden themselves) are likely to pose as what they do best I felt it was reasonable. It's not something I'd care about with my own players - if they had a good story - but the idea is variation between the kind of F/MUs seems useful to me.