Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wreck of the Anubis - A short ASE adventure

Last week in my ASE game the party investigated a wrecked paddle wheeler in the depth of the Livid Fens.  The adventure itself is a simple "wizard tower" designed to be thrown in as a random encounter. All the same I typed it up, illustrated it and drew up a silly isometric map for the thing.  The adventure is linked below.

I'm not sure what level this thing is for, the treasure shouts out 2nd - 3rd level, while some of the monsters are rather dangerous for a second level party.  Of course the best solutions for this adventure are to avoid combat where possible.

The party I ran it for was large (7 characters) and of  varying level from 1st to 4th.  They had no trouble with the ticks or zombies and managed to negotiate a peace with the Botanist (lucky reaction roll) while clearing out most of the treasure. Likely I'll edit this for typos in a day or two - also maybe add a normal map.



  1. Looks really good! I like the layout (though it seems to me maybe a little more space between tables and the following text might be good--just a suggestion). Also, is the somewhat nonstandard capitalization (Ship, Stern, Mandrake) to add to the fantasy-ness of it?

    I really like the sort of quick info boxes on each location and the art and maps are great!

  2. Looks really good, will have to check it out tonight. Love the artwork and maps.

  3. As always you are awesome - you are one of about 4 writers who i can drop into my psychon setting and not blink, crow prince of gonzo weird fantasy gaming style

  4. I know its been a while but...

    Area G there is a Trap listed but I'm not sure how it fits in?

    This is good stuff, by the way.

    1. Trap is an accident - it's left over from the adventure I stole that table/description box from.