Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stone Ships - A two Page Dungeon PDF

Sort of a space filler that I did up for this.
I've been working on a One Page Dungeon for the Contest of the same name, and yet being a verbose person, despite my best efforts, I couldn't cram this concept into anything less then two page.  It's almost a dungeon generator of sorts - kind of like what I've been doing for the wreck hunting in my current ASE campaign.  Anyhow since it was 90% done before I gave up on fitting it onto a page, I give it to the public as two!  I sort of envision it in the same world as Brittlestone Parapets or The Prison of the Hated Pretender - a post-apocalypse of a purely magical variety.


Maps are what really takes up space
Take a look at the PDF and download yourself a way to generate dying earth style abandoned vessels that might make an astute player think of the German High Seas Fleet, and it's scuttling at Scapa Flow.


  1. Awesome corollary to The Red Demon

    1. I does have a certain similarity, I think a key difference though is that the Red Demon presumes a Science Fantasy world, while this presumes a high/vanilla fantasy world after a collapse - not an apocalypse, but the fall of empire and a dark age. Strangely after playing around with ASE and the steam/diesel punk Apollyon for so long I think something like this with technology as magic has a great appeal. Any scenario from the 19th - 21st century can be fiddled with making the tech high magic and one can still keep a good bit of D&D's basic Tolkienesque worldview - only now elves all have magic cancer.