Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anomalous Subsurface Environment Session II - Two Bad for You!

Anomalous Subsurface Environment Session II -Two Bad for You!

Nathan Rosario draws He Man Villains.
Played this a while ago, and it was really fun - finally putting up a brief after session report as session III is tonight...

Rawr - A "playful" Moktar shaman (Holy Tom1)

Jane Dill - Circus Lady (Illu1)

Forgotten Priest - Devotee of the God of Forgotten Things (CL1)

Bluto Curfew - Novice of Clorax God of Cleansing (CL1)

Nire the Dead - Possibly suicidal cat burgler (Th1)

Frozen Lightning (A decorative item) - 100 GP
Painting of Moktar version of 'Trail's End" - 25 GP
Garish Wizard Robes - 300 GP
Bound piles of dino hides - 200 GP
Case of pinned butterflies - 50 GP
Battered corpse of Two Bad the wizard - Worth somewhere between 200 - 500GP (300XP) You can sell it in Marsten for 200, but it would likely be worth more in a real city.


7 Wasteland Goblins & 1 Goblin "Boss" - 80 XP
1 Servitor of Two Bad - 100XP

-200 XP for stopping the nefarious plan to raise Johnny Two Bad
-100 XP for turning on the machine
-100 XP for exploration

TOTAL XP = 1655 XP

Returning to the Mute tower, with the intent to further explore and clear out any remaining goblins the band meets no opposition as they walk the five miles to the forsaken red edifice.  No footprints mar the cracked earth around the tower, except their own from the week before.  No ballista bolts fly towards the party, either but they still approach the tower with caution from the Left side knowing no weapon is mounted there.

Within it's silent, and little has changed - the many goblin bodies have been removed, and the deer statutes are again flanking the throne amidst a forest of decorative brass trees.

Decideing to check the doors to the side, Nire listens and here gabbling and grunting through the right door.  The party decides to check the other door, on the left and finds a room filled with destroyed lab equipment and smashed furniture. Deciding not to search, but wary of being flanked, the adventurers pile the heavier shattered tables against a second door on the Eastern wall that might lead towards the chamber where the surviving goblins are presumed to dwell.

Fearing attack from above the party decides to spike the door where Nire heard what are presumably angry goblins and then investigate the upper floors.  Hammering the spikes in goes quickly and creates commotion within, but the door isn't smashed open and the party retreats up the stairs.

The upper rooms are unchanged, and the party makes short work of the elevator's floor, crawling up into the cab and then through a hatch in the capsule's ceiling and into the floor above.  Within they find the dusty chambers of a wizard, that appear to have been hastily search but are largely untouched.  Terrible decorative taste is evident, but most of the bedding, couches and chairs have decayed from long exposure to the elements. A search reveals a set of garish wizard robes covered in copper, gold and platinum thread, a orb filled with frozen lightning and a velvet painting of a Moktar warrior slumped astride a horse (Moktars don't ride horses!) at sunset. Filled with glee the band climbs up another level to find an untouched but inactive control room containing some sort of machinery that points out the windows and might be operated by a set of color coded buttons.

Continuing their climb the final door is pried open to reveal a short cloaked figure in a peaked hat scurrying about a much larger prone figure, two headed, of a strange bisected appearance and strapped to a table connected to various dangerous looking super-scientific devices. The little rag swathed figure clicks and whirs as it begins to speak to the adventurers in the doorway. "Oh welcome, welcome, I knew you would come to help serve the master!" "We must finish the great work."

Rather then attacking the obviously insane little man, the party asks "What work" and is told about the master's return before being ordered into the"blood cradles".  Not liking the sound of any of this RAWR the Moktar prepares to leap at the robed figure, but apparently telegraphs his intent and the party is hit with a powerful spell that knock all of them but Jane Dill the circus performer unconscious.  Laughing with a sound of grating metal at his success, the servitor turns towards Jane, who promptly grabs him and begins trying to kick Rawr awake.  

The servitor, proving to be surprisingly strong due to cybernetic enhancement, breaks free of his captor and dashes towards a large knife-switch (the very signifier of evil super science) but cannot pull it as the Ms. Dill flings her knife with incredible accuracy and pins the little cyborg's hand to the wall. As he manages to free himself RAWR awakens and flings himself onto the little man's back, tearing him apart with clumsy Moktar fury.  The Cyborg Servitor is dead, and his nefarious plan to raise Johnny Two Bad thwarted.  The party tries to figure out what to do with the wizard's body, and decides eventually to sell it as a curiosity, pushing it out the window for later collection.

Returning to the bottom floor the party spots several goblins milling about.  Jane Dill casts an illusion, a giant franken-goblin made of stitched together bodies that stumbles down the stairs and waves its arms.  Most of the creatures are frightened and flee, including their leader, but one tries to fight and is maced down by the clerics.

Searching the chambers where the goblins lived the party finds a mess, a crude hole in the floor used as a toliet and a series of nests made out of old shipping containers.  In addition the adventures discover two bundles of dinosaur hide, a half eaten and fly infested Protoceratops calf, and a display of very well mounted and brightly colored butterflies.

The party also finds a hatch in the floor, and evidence it has been recently pried open.  Below is an ancient ladder made of indentations in the cherry red ceramicrete walls that leads to an antechamber with doors to the East and West.  To the West a room of several large snail like creatures is discovered.  The monsters seem to be guarding several large cocoons and fail to notice  Nire before he stealthily retreats.  Deciding the grub snails things are simply too icky to deal with the band retreats into the Eastern Room and discovers a strange device and a cabinet containing two metal canisters.  The canisters prove to be fuel for the machine, which turns on the lights and electricity all over the Mute Tower. Exhausted and loaded down with a the body of a seven foot tall, two headed wizard, the adventurers return to Marsten, hopeful that the light will drive off the horrible snail grubs.


  1. Opening a post with a pun based off a MOTU character is completely apropos for a ASE post.

    1. Frankly it was more than a pun - I kind of hoped they'd resurrect Two-Bad (though unless they ran or bent the knee that would have been it for the party I think). Part of me wants to put the Mute Tower up as an adventure locale...need redraw map and copy notes though.

  2. Just a small correction. RAWR! was hit with the sleep spell after leaping at the cyborg wizard. His sleeping body hit and pinned the little guy. Jane smacked RAWR! around to wake him up after the wizborg got loose.

    1. Wizborg needs to be a B/X race-as-class.

    2. I think the Scientist class will handle it fairly well - cyborg Orco only knew sleep.