Sunday, November 25, 2012

HMS Appolyon - Monster - Gun Wight


No Enc.2-20
Movement: 30'
Armorclass: 4 + Special
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1D6/1D6+drain (melee) or 2D6/2d6 (ranged)
Save: F4
Hoard Class:None
XP: 245

One step up from the zombie mass, Gun Wights are shambling undead things that act as soldiers for the War Dead.  They attack either mixed in with large packs of zombies, or in small fire platoons.  

Universally these undead rise form the corpses of soldiers who died to firearms or artillery.  Their bodies are ripped by horrible wounds and all lack a head.  In the place of their skulls Gun Wights have a cluster of several firearms, or just the barrels, jammed into the mangled rotting flesh of thier shoulders or otherwise affixed as a gruesome prosthesis.  These guns are rusted and even bent, but still fire bursts of necroticizing energy that act mechanically like normal bullets.  The largest Gun Wights have sometimes been reported as having light machine guns or small cannon as strange prosthesis, but most have only a cluster of pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Not the smartest undead, Gun Wights also are less perceptive than most of their compatriots.  They will be surprised on a 3 in 6 and act last on the first round of combat unless accompanied by more lively undead who can direct and encourage them.
Special Defenses:
Gun Wights are undead and so immune to Sleep, Charm and other mind effecting spells.  Additionally, as Wights, they take 1/2 damage from normal weapons and full damage from silver or magical weapons.

Special Attacks: 
Gun Wights use the weapons mounted on their neck stumps to attack from range.  These are generally treated and a bolt action rifle with two shots a round, each doing 2D6 with any 6 'exploding' for another D6 of damage. In melee combat they attack with ragged claws as a wight, for 1D6 + level drain.