Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Short Adventure Locale - PDF download

The Drowned Dome of the Voivode
The 2014 One Page Dungeon Contest Just ended, and I spent a good amount of time this year trying to figure what to write up for it.  Of the five ideas I originally had, I ended up starting PDFs of three, and then realizing that the two I liked the most wouldn’t fit on a single page.  I entered a cloud castle, but am dissatisfied with it.
The Kugelberg Flood is the last of these. A vanilla fantasy world one shot location/event focused on plundering the cursed pleasure dome of an ancient tyrant, now sunken beneath the sea.  The party will have twelve hours to explore the place and grab what they can while the sea is at a once every ten year magical ebb.  The dangers include a spectral odalisque, mad automatons, poison coral and a lot of zombie sea life. I suspect the dome could be run as a 1st level adventure, but the enemies are a bit tough for that.  Perhaps it’s more appropriate for a 2nd level party. The greatest danger though is of course the return of the ocean so I think this thing would only work if one’s GM enjoyed timekeeping.


  1. Cool environment.
    And even if you didn't think that your cloud castle is top of the line, it is one of the posted finalists on the opd site. So congrats.

    1. Oh I hadn't seen that - quite surprised, flattered.

    2. Good work!
      I was equally stunned that my half-baked ideas made the cut among so many excellent entries.