Monday, October 29, 2012

More Doodles.

Really I must finish some content here.  It's real life intruding on my active fantasy life I tell you - intruding something brutal.

Here's the last bit of work I did for Patrick over at Henchman Abuse.  I expect there may be some time for posts come mid November, assuming things don't get real scketchy.

ASE II Contains new spells!
Player Handouts for Mysterious Discoveries!

Crude Maps drawn by Other Adventuring Parties!
I have so much else I want to share, and so little time - Well I should be putting up a long overdue Pahvelorn play report, and maybe some thoughts on combat customization and/or random wilderness encounters


  1. Really nice doodles. I like your header, too.

  2. No ordinary hobgoblin shaman, but one who can summon the Spectre of Karl Marx (when he's not haunting Europe) ...

  3. Looks fantastic. I was just over at Patricks and asked about news for 2.

  4. @Max P - Thanks - I was just thinking about working on a new header actually.

    @Roger the GS - That's actually not a hobgoblin, it's Grimgrim my ASE home game's cleric. He's sadly deceased now under a rain of serpent man arrow snakes under the hot Certopsian sun and the campaign is in hiatus, but he would have enjoyed summoning up old Karl...

    @Tim Shorts - Only Patrick knows, but I suspect it'll be out before Christmas..A perfect gift for the whole family!

    1. Only I know? Ha! I was predicting this spring... it's all written and proofread now, just have to take all this art and make a final book out of it. So real soon now.