Monday, September 17, 2012

Henchmen Henchmen Henchmen!

Le Denier Combat
Below is a table for generating henchmen aboard the Apollyon.  So far a former gallery slave has become a decent spearman and a dinosaur hunter has been hired. The table includes the option of rolling again to determine a foible for the henchperson. 

 I personally try to avoid henchmen because of the XP penalty, but they are undeniably usefulMy personal GM philosophy about henchmen is that they are NPCs who distrust the characters, talk to each other and would really rather be doing anything else than climbing about in lost places fighting monsters.

Now I'm not sure if these guys work anywhere but the Apollyon, where flotsam come aboard from various times and places.  Still it's a wide variety of strange henchpeople and things that can make for memorable NPC's beyond the simple meatshield.

Some of these "foibles" can be quite bad as well, and I wouldn't give one to every henchperson.

1D10 Who's my Hireling – HMS Apollyon Profession/LVL Hireling Fobiles
1 Stone Age dinosaur hunter/whaler. Loincloth, bolos and stone spear Hunter
0/SPC1 (50%)
Scares Easy (Moral -1 after 1st combat)
2 Circumpolar whaler. Thick furs (AC8), bone harpoon, dagger Hunter
0/SPC1 (25%)
Sadistic (Will do creepy things )
3 Industrial era harpooner. Work clothes, harpoon, dagger Hunter
0/F1 (10%)
Laughs Inappropriately (Just Nervous)
4 Industrial era seal hunter. Work clothes, club, dagger Hunter
Spendthrift (Will pawn any equipment given to him)
5 Modern whaler. Work clothes, knife Hunter
Petty Thief (Will steal small objects of treasure)
6 Fantastical Hunter (20% elf or sea elf). Shell studded armor, trident Hunter
0/F1 (50%)
Addicted to Mad Kelp (25% drugged)
7 Futuristic submarine hunter. Wetsuit, speargun(light crossbow) Hunter
Berserker – (Save vs. Int to avoid rage in battle)
8 Fisherman from mud village. Dirty clothes Sailor
Whistles loudly when nervious (No surprise)
9 Savage. Loincloth, stone knife (30% lizardman or something odd) Sailor
0/F1 50%
Fumbler (Injurious fumble1 or 2)
10 Steampunk Aquanaut (25% dwarf). Diving armor (AC6) flintlock, hatchet Sailor
Dullard (make save vs. spell to take order)
11 Galley Slave/Rower. (10% Beastial Race [Half-Orc]), Loincloth Sailor
Diseased (possibly contagious, -2 CON)
12 Merchant Seaman. Work clothes, knife or club. Sailor
Terrible Breath (-1 CHR)
13 Top Man. Work clothes, knife Sailor
SPC 1 (50%)
Hates Dogs (will not work around canines)
14 Sky Gondolier. Ten foot aluminum pole Sailor 0 Booze Hound (Will drink until unconcious)
15 Blimp Crew (25% Dwarf). Studded leather, big wrench Sailor
0/F1 25%
Aquaphobic (Won't swim or wade above waist)
16 Cabin boy.  Dagger

Unready (Doesn't act in 1st round of combat)
17 Deck Ape (50% Actual Ape). Club, Dungarees Sailor
Moronic (Intelligence -2)
18 Ship's Cook.  Apron, work clothes, cleaver Sailor
Obese (-2 Dex, +1 Con, MV 30')
19 Surly Old Tar. Embellished work clothes, Dagger, club, sewing kit. Sailor
Elderly (-1 STR, -1 CON, -1 DEX, +2 WIS)
20 Ancient Tillerman. Linen Kilt

Superstitious (Much re-roll morale when faced with magic)
21 Atlantean Seafarer. Fine bronze chainmail (AC 6), bronze saber Sailor
0/F1 (20%)
Has crazy eyes
22 Submariner. Grease stained overalls

Drunken (Must drink constantly, effects abilities)
23 Wrymrider (50% inhuman race).  Eelskin bodysuit (AC 7), Wyrm prod (polearm)

0/SPC 1 (25%)
Narcoleptic (sleeps if stressed and fails save v. wands)
24 Seafaring Post Apocolyptic Mutant (25% gills).  Leather armor, harpoon Sailor
0/SPC 1 (50%)
Claims secret knowledge (won't share)
25 Recently Fired Footman (25% Flying Monkey). Livery, Staff Local
Compulsive Liar (Nothing he says can be trusted)
26 Hedge Wizard.  Staff, tarot cards

MU 1
Fame hungry (Well denigrate PC's after adventure)
27 Destitute Kelp Farmer (40% Frogling). Loincloth or dungarees, fish spear.

Rolling Stone (Will only adventure once with party)
28 Fisherfolk (30% Frogling)

Misanthropic and curmudgeonly
29 Cannery Worker.  Work Clothes, depression Local
Near sighted (-4 to ranged attacks)
30 Scarred former Courtesan/Gigolo. Fancy Clothes, poisoned dagger Local
0/SPC 1 (10%)
Hatred of passenger class (seeks violent revenge)
31 Bodyguard (30% Flying Monkey). Studded leather, Mace

Monkey 1 or
0/F1 65%
Enemy of Frogtown

32 Maimed Flying Monkey Scout (can't fly). Studded Leather, spear, light crossbow

Monkey 1/2(30%)
Dream tea user (save vs. Poison per session or suffer -2 to attack)
33 Karcist apprentice.  Curved dagger, robes Local
0/MU 1 (65%)
Possessed by evil spirit (WIS save to avoid evil acts)
34 Disbarred Lawyer.  Business Suit

Hunted by Uptown Assassin
35 Engine Wiper. Grease stained work clothes, large wrench. Local
Stupid but Methodical (-2 INT, +1 WIS)
36 Destitute Shopkeeper (10% Frogling). Ragged clothes, air of desperation Local
Talks really fast

37 Gangly urchin (10% Passenger caste). Knife, loincloth Local
Linked to crime syndicate

38 Stooped Jade.  Sword cane, dagger, concealed chest plate (AC 7) Local
Diseased (possibly contagious, -2 CON)
39 Ship Spirit Flagellant.  Flail, dirty robe, leather armor. Local
0/F1 (10%)
Insane (Will snap eventually)
40 Dismissed house trooper.  Breastplate, long sword, helmet Local
0/F1 (30%)
Suicidal (Will do risky things until killed).
41 Bar Bouncer.  Helmet, club, work clothes

One eyed (-1 to hit ranged)
42 Nurse. Work clothes

Has Screaming Nightmares
43 Injured Factory Worker

Missing Hand

44 Flying Monkey Butler.  Monkey Suit, top hat, short sword. Local
Monkey 1
Snob (insufferable)

45 Frogling Shaman. Spiked mace, cord armor Local
Frog 1
Proselytizes for Cult of Leviathan 
46 Merrow Man. Flesh Armor (AC 6), tooth ax. Local
Betrayer (Will betray party to outside group)
47 Porter.  Club, overalls

Big Lunk (-1 INT, -1 WIS + STR)
48 Weaver.  Dagger, work clothes

Arthritic (-1 DEX)

49 Frogling Whaler.  Short Sword, polearm

Frog 1
Card Cheat

50 Retired Scavanger. Leather armor, helmet crowbar, 10' pole Local
0/SPC 1(60%)
Elderly (-1 STR, -1 CON, -1 DEX, +2 WIS)
51 Street Performer (20% clown).  Dagger, Odd clothes, insturment Local
Enemy of Steward Sargeant
52 Gambler.  Fancy suit, silk topper, pepperbox pistol Local
0/SPC 1(40%)
Spendthrift (Will pawn any equipment given to him)
53 Assassin.  Work clothes, garrote, hand crossbow, poison quarrels (x20), poison dagger. Local
Double Agent (Spying on party)

54 Passenger Exile. Rapier, tattered finery Local
Snob (Insufferable disdain for everyone else).
55 Hobo.  Stained work clothes, club.

Gangrenous foot (MV 20', -2 Con)
56 Disgraced Steward. Splint mail, shield spear, mace Local
Attracts Undead (Roll Random Enc x2.)
57 Frogling Youth. Ten foot pole, dungarees Local
Coughing Sickness (No Surprise)
58 Prize Fighter. Cestus, Local
Gambling Debts
59 Tattooed Thief. Leather armor, short sword, light crossbow Local
Wanted Man
60 Divinity Student.  Somber clothes, holy symbol

Serial Killer (There will be questions on return to town)
61 Medical Student. Fancy clothes, scapels Local
0/SPC 1(20%)
Opiate Addict (-1 to all rolls when not drugged)
62 Musketeer (25% Dwarf).  Feathered hat, musket, leather armor, short sword Marine
Afraid of Fire (Roll morale at -2 if attacked with flame)
63 Stormtrooper (20% Monstrous species).  Bolt action rifle, entrenching tool, 1D4 Grenades Marine
0/F1 (75%)
Shell shocked (Will take no action without prompting
64 Pikeman. Breastplate, pike, shortsword, helmet

0/F1 (30%)
Zombie (-1 all stats, no morale checks, no healing)
65 Samurai. Katana, splintmail, helmet.

Honorable to a fault (must pay debts and always accept a challenge)
66 Red Martian Skyship Fighter. Studded leather harness, sabers (x2) Marine
Extremely gullible (can be tricked by just about anyone).
67 Cyborg Brute. Augmentations (+1HD/AC 6/STR 2D6+6), warhammer, loincloth. Marine
0/F1 (50%)
Conditioned for Battle (Never retreats, always kills - command word causes collapse)
68 Legionnaire of the I Adiutrix. Banded mail, sword, dagger, heavy shield Marine
Religious fanatic (doesn't take kindly to heathens)
69 Shauguin Netter.  Trident, weighted net, Scale armor.

0/F1 (40%)
Evil and viscous (will sell out party and murder for kicks)
70 Commando. Bulletproof vest (AC 6), submachine gun, 4 clips, dagger Marine
Loose Cannon (shoots first, parleys later)
71 Buccaneer. Frock coat, tricorn hat, cutlass or rapier and brace of flintlock pistols Pirate
SPC 1/F1(25%)
Drunken (Must drink constantly, effects abilities)
72 Corsair. Scimitar, scale mail Pirate
Missing Hand – no offhand weapon
73 Space Pirate (20% Weird Race). Silver Saber, vacuum suit Pirate
Missing Leg - Dex -2, MV 20'
74 Viking. Chainmail, shield, helm, bearded ax Pirate
Doomed (Fails all saves)
75 Smuggler. Blackened leather armor, flintlock pistol, dagger, bandana

Epicurean (Will demand better than standard rations)
76 Modern Pirate.  Jeans, novelty t-shirt, machete or revolver pistol Pirate
Stimulant addict (when under the effect, no moral rolls - lose 1 CON per session)
77 Dandy. Sword cane, fancy dress, scented ascot Passenger
0/SPC1 (20%)
Vampire (Likely to turn on party)
78 Gentlewoman Adventurer. Armored corset, pepperbox pistol, rapier Passenger 0/SPC 1 50% /F1 50% Daring (Will wander off in search of loot/adventure)
79 Silent Mourner. Shroud, silver morningstar Passenger
C1 (75%)
Death obsessed (Will collect grisly souvenirs)
80 Sea Witch. Ragged shawl Passenger
MU 1/MU 2 (10%)
Bad Omen (Party secretly at -1 on all saves)
81 Six String Samurai. Katana, black suit, guitar Passenger
Fatalistic (Injuries do +1 Point Damage
82 Business Traveler. Suit, casual clothes, valise Passenger
Self Absorbed (Only looks out for self)
83 Exotic Princess (30% Elven or similar). Wedding finery, poison dagger. Passenger
0/ SPC 1 (25%)
Hunted by Demons
84 Traveling Scholar. Books, Work Clothes Passenger0
/SPC1(30%)/MU1 (20%)
Meek (Morale Maximum of 8)
85 Teenage Sorceress.  Dress, umbrella, valise

Anti-Authoritarian (Will ignore orders and must test moral x2).
86 Minor Devil. Pitchfork, bronze scalemail Outsider
E1/25% F2
Lecher (75% will make unwholesome advances)
87 Snake Man. Twisty dagger, Whip. Outsider
0/MU 1 (30%)
Dishonest Face (All reactions to party are at -1)
88 Moktar (Lion Man). Natural AC 7, mace, headress Outsider
F1/10% F2
Clumsy (-3 Dexterity)
89 Intelligent Bear.Top hat, natural AC7, natural attack 1D8. Outside
F1 (4HD)
Bestial (-2 Wisdom, crude manners)
90 Goat Man. Hide armor, javelins x4, bone ax. Outsider
Insane (Will snap eventually)
91 Myrmidon made of black glass. Bronze breastplate, pike, heavy shield, helmet Outsider
Soulless (No bonuses from magic)
92 Octopus Faced Assassin. Leather Robes, facemask, poison darts x10, scimitar Outsider
Cult Member of the Elder Gods
93 Robot. As plate, warhammer Outsider
Stagnant (Never Levels)
94 Undead Grave Guard. Chain shroud, flail Outsider
F1/25% C1
Cursed (Magic healing has no effect)
95 Crusading knight. heavy chain, heavy shield, helmet, large weapon (axe, sword, morningstar, mace) Soldier
Xenophobic (will not work with non-humans or parley with them)
96 Late industrial airman. Utility uniform, revolver or auto pistol Soldier
0/F1 (75%)
Scarred (-1 CHR)
97 Hussar. Breastplate, saber, flintlock pistol Soldier
0/F1 (25%)
Kill Crazy (Will charge into enemies)
98 WWI or WWII solider. Bolt Action rifle, bayonet, uniform, helmet Soldier
0/F1 (25%)
Cannibal (Eww, just eww)
99 Desert Rider. Tulwar, Flintlock Rifle Soldier
F1/SPC 1 (25%)
Hemophiliac (Bleeds out twice as fast)
100 Warrior Eunuch. Bronze sickle sword, linen armor. Soldier
0/F1 (50%)
Werewolf (Becomes evil night beast)


  1. Great list. The Apollyon is one eclectic place. As a person with hemophilia is nice to see us get our due on an adventuring table. :)

    1. @Trey - I worry it's too eclectic sometimes - but if you're operating on a flailsnails basis weird is going to sneak in anyway - plus each weirdo only has a 1 in 100 one will ever roll them right?

  2. I don't know if there's too eclectic as long as it's able to maintain the tone and coherence you want. Too random and things slip into parody, but for the most part it seems like you make disparate elements your own.

  3. Octopus Faced Assassin. Leather Robes, facemask, poison darts x10, scimitar. Cult Member of the Elder Gods. How could you not like this. And what game wouldn't you want?

  4. @Tim Shorts, Well octo-ssassin needn't be a cultist - you can roll twice, he might be simply a cannibal or clumsy. Or roll not at all - though I tried to line up the D100's for sensible single line reading.

  5. Wow, this is simply amazing. I appreciate all the hard work that you put in to this so I can steal it for my own purposes. Thanks!

    In all seriousness, this is definitely one of the best resources I've found. I personally love henchmen when they're not just meatshields. Just flipping through the list some great scenarios come to mind.

  6. @Mitchell - Glad you like it, it has more of a Science Fantasy feel and is specifically Apollyon base, but enjoy!