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The Fate of the Imprisoned and Chauncy's replacement.

Recently my Wampus County six-shooter loving, rootin tootin (that is a euphemism) 2nd level warlock was sucked into the Donjon card of a Deck of Many Things - for those of you that don't know what that is - he's trapped somewhere, in durance vile, by powerful things...

Below is a table for what happens to adventurers who remain imprisoned in someplace awful. Long imprisonment has damaging effects on people, mostly permanent ones.

For 'regular' unpleasant prisons or captivity roll 1D6.  For strange, magical or extra-planer captivity roll 1D10, for each of the following horrible conditions add 1 to the roll: Starvation/Lack of Water/Extreme Conditions, Torture, Prolonged Interrogation ("head-games" and such), Deprivation of Sleep/Light/Sensation, Fellow Prisoners of Evil or Malicious Intent or Species, Solitary Confinement.  Subtract up to 6 points for better conditions and anything below 0 means no negative effects.

Permanent Effects of Prolonged Imprisonment on Adventuring Types.
1 Affectation - Slight Twitch, Permanent Dourness or other odd personality tick. Ham it up or maybe have to roll again. Otherwise Unscathed.
2 Claustrophobia - Prisoner is afraid of confined spaces and must make a save vs. Paralysis to enter them even if it's a life or death situation. Prisoner will also do just about anything to avoid a return to confinement including fighting to the death or betraying allies.
3 Weakness - Lack of exercise and cramped quarters have resulted in a permanent weakness. Lose 1D6 Strength, which will return at one point per session of adventuring,except for one point which is permanently lost.
4 Wracking Cough – Permanent wracking cough, not only can this noisy affliction be a problem at times, the physical effect is a permanent loss of 1 CON point.
5 Survival Obsession – will horde food, valuables and survival supplies in a disturbing manner. Character has lost all fellow feeling and now puts own survival above all else, is will to sell out or desert friends and profoundly lacks compassion and empathy (losing 1 point of Wisdom). Will eat anything and does (gain +1 to poison saves).
6 Stockholm Syndrome – Prisoner has come to see his captors reasoning and feels it's sound.  Will attempt to prevent harm to captors and will be sympathetic to them and those like them (i.e. goblinoids or the cult of the swarming god) in the future.
7 Diseased - Gaol Fever or something with a similarly romantic name has overtaken the prisoner - treat as a normal disease and lose one CON a day until cured (by cure disease or by successful Constitution check at a 10 point penalty).  The disease will result in the lose of 1D4 points of Constitution permanently.
8 Blinded - Through torture, magical mutation, seeing "too much" or simply too long in the dark the Prisoner is blinded. Cure Blindness will restore the prisoner's sight but a permanent loss of 1 point of wisdom also occurs because of the terrible experience.
9 Religious Mania - Has developed a religious mania and will focus all efforts on furthering the goals of this religion, the character's new found monomaniacal obsession will result in the loss of  1D4 Intelligence points and a gain of 1D4 Wisdom.
10 Turned - Prisoner becomes so enamored with his captors that he switches allegiance permanently.  Likely to be acting as a guard or helper within the prison, and if a rescue is attempted, prisoner will undoubtedly seek to to prove his loyalty by killing or capturing would be rescuers.  Condition is likely permanent, at lest to a degree but with treatment and time may simply become identical to Item 6 on this table.
11 Crazy as a Shit-house Rat - Prisoner is barking mad, and can't be cured without a Cure Disease Spell, but that doesn't necessarily mean they can't function as an adventurer without cure (they're just crazy). In any case the insanity will result in the permanent loss of 1D4 WIS. Common insanities may include: delusions of being a famous general, obsessive collection of vermin "friends", fits of catatonia and violent psychosis/cannibalism.
12 Mental Collapse – Prisoner is a mental wreck when freed, unable to move under own power or speak intelligibly. Recovery will be slow taking 1D8 Sessions and even after recovery the character will have lost 1D6 points of mental ability scores (WIS,INT,CHR) as chosen by the player or GM.
Magical Susceptibility - Excessive use of mind altering spells and exposure to terrible thaumaturgic radiations have made the prisoner permanently susceptible to spells.  Save vs. Spells is permanently as if the character was lvl 1.
14 Scarred - The demands of prison culture or brutal treatment have left the prisoner terribly scarred, covered in highly visible tattoos or otherwise aesthetically maimed. All interactions with strangers will be effected, by a minus 1D6 to Charisma, and those familiar with incarceration or torture will recognize the source of these changes.
Strange Diseases - Contracted from an alien environment or magic gone array this is a virulent disease that cannot be cured by Cure Disease and will cause a permanent loss of 1D6 from 1D4 ability scores and other effects at GM discretion.  If the disease is extra-planar in origin it may be cured by a physician or healer from its place of origin, or through extensive research.
16 Victim of Strange Experiments - Medical, Alchemical or Magical experiments have been performed on the prisoner. Some kind of Permanent deformity or mutation - why not roll on this table (maybe even twice).
17 Possession - Prisoner has become the host of some kind of alien entity.  A powerful demon, a lost soul or evil parasite now has a chance to control the characters actions once a day on a failed save vs. spells.
18 Transformation - Body has been completely transformed by exposure to another universe and strange magics. Reroll all stats giving a bonus equal to the stat bonus of any exception stats (i.e. a character with an 18 Strength rolls 3D6+3), but maxing out at 18. Player may roll on reincarnation special table or one of GM's devising to determine nature of new body (giant man cockroach is quite literary and an excellent default choice).

Here's the Character Sheet for Cobweb - Chauncy's former Henchwoman and Replacement.

Cobweb is a strange character - she was a necronaut cultist "rescued" by the party and then turned through the use of several charm person spells. Since then she's worked as a waitress and become a henchwoman - Chuancy may have planned to convince her to be his shopkeeper and apprentice, but she's gotten a taste of the joys of huge adventuring and adventurer success.  Cobweb is well suited to the life of a rat house bastard, she's a very angry woman and has a proclivity for stabbing people in the spine.  

Cobweb is actually my attempt to make an assassin using LOTFP's Specialist system. Once again I rolled surprisingly well, except for that 5 - which I put into Wisdom, because the woman was in a cult after all.

Note that I didn't finishing inking her hair giving Cobweb a huge egg head...Have to fix that if she gets a new sheet at 2nd level.

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