Friday, June 1, 2012

Gossip Kills

Denethix Treasure/Adventure Rumors 
Rumors about distant lands for PC's feeling like a long trip. Drovers, sailors and other adventurers tend to tell these stories.
250 Miles South West of Denethix : Filled with Gold, or Teeming with Spirits? Photo Unaccredited

# Roll 1D12 for a tall tale of questionable veracity
1 The Fist is preparing for a punitive expedition – they must be hiring scouts and auxiliaries. Joining for pay is better than getting press ganged.
2 Some goblins in the North have guns, they march in formation. I'd say they'd be a match for the Fist if to say that wasn't a treasonous utterance.
Hexmacht the Apiagemon is buying ancient tech. Yeah, he's a wizard ... somewhere down south, but he pays in gems, doesn't much care what you're selling as long as it's science, and doesn't bother to steal or murder people much.
4 There is a cove about two hundred and fifty miles down the coast from Denethix that eats ships, I've seen it from a coaster, there's floundered vessels with bulging holds ripe for the taking all along the shore.
5 The zeppelin pirates of the Certopsian are recruiting freebooters. That's the life: Plunder, pillage and hearty triceratops steaks!

NOTE: This is a total fabrication, as any Certopsian can tell you, winds (animate and mundane), marauding wizards, terrordactyls, and ground-fire from well armed bandits/ranchers/moktars, would make a balloon ride above the plains farcically short and lethal. Just say no to cliched zeppelin pirates.
6 The elves that live above the eater of cities have enslaved an orbital god - blasphemy perhaps, but they've found its fallen sky temple deep in the woods and are systemically plundering it. Someone needs to prove it though, then we could get a real jihad started against those baby eating freaks.
7 There is an ancient sky craft from before the fall crashed deep in the Vile fen, everyone knows about it, but steers clear as it's the home of “The Mighty Gummer” - the biggest, meanest and craftiest Froghemoth that ever lived.
8 Go to the Caravansary, put your name on the list, you know the drill: walk the dusty road, earn 1 GP a day and die in the pretty much inevitable moktar attacks.
9 An ancient domed city still stands miles offshore and a few hundred miles south along the Inland Western Ocean. It must be full of treasures, but that's hardly the point, it's surrounded by a raft of waste many miles wide and that's managed to trap a lot of wealth laden vessels over the years.
10 In the mist shrouded forests beyond the Forbidden Vale an ancient fortress of shining black stone grows taller and larger every year.
11 If you have the fortitude to ride all the way to the Saurian lowlands there's fortunes to be made. From the skins, hides and ivory of rare beasts certainly, but if you find a stream running bright green follow it to it's source as there's sure to be thousands of gems laying along it's banks.
12 Treasure? Why leave Denethix, there's all the treasure in the world here for a brave and cunning gent. Just take it from the Posh up along the river if you've got the balls.

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