Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Obelisk - Hungry Ghost


Hungry Ghost - Torpo the Cannibal
Hungry Ghost:
No Enc. (1)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: (40')
Armorclass: 5 (½ Damage from normal weapons)
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 2 Claw/Claw (devour)
Damage: 1d6/1D6/ (+special)
Save: MU 6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: VII & XI
XP: 1420

A Hungry Ghost is the undead manifestation of the spirit of an evil and especially avaricious individual. It is also a spirit of hunger and is drawn to sites of tragedies relating to hunger and eating, such as places of cannibalism, starvation and poisoning. Hungry Ghosts are physical manifestations of spirit, human figures made of semi-transparent, glowing ecotoplasmic slime. They most often appear as spindly, grotesque humans or corpses with massively distended bellies and long thin necks, but may take other forms related to hunger and starvation (such as a pack of starving dogs or human body dressed for cooking).

Hungry ghosts are reasonably intelligent and may speak, but they tend to be enslaved by their obsessive hunger and rather unreasonable. They will not keep promises or otherwise negotiate in good faith, simply because they cannot resist their urges to devour living victims when they are available. This is not to say that they will attack without reservation or until destroyed, as they tend to place self-preservation only second to their hunger, and many are even somewhat cowardly.

Special Defense: As hybrid non-corporeal and corporeal undead hungry ghosts may be harmed by normal weapons, but their shape is not permanent and hence only take ½ damage. They may also flee this ectoplasmic body, allowing it to collapse into a horrible puddle if seriously threatened. When non-corporeal a hungry ghost is invisible, but must return to a focus of it's haunting (usually its mortal remains) to reform a new ectoplasmic body in 1D4 turns. If the ghost's focus is destroyed it will not be able to reform and will be trapped in its current ecotoplasmic body or dissipate in 1D6 days. The formation of a new ectoplasmic body will regenerate ½ of the hungry ghost's lost hit points and may appear anywhere withing 20' of it's focus. Hungry Ghosts are undead and as such they are immune to immune to sleep, charm person and similar spells

Special Attack: Hungry ghost are ravenous, and devour the life force of their victims by eating their flesh. They attack with ghastly claws that rend both physically and spiritually (effects targets only harmed by magical weapons up to +2). Furthermore, if a victim is struck with both claws in a single round the ghost may seize them and pull them towards it's mouth. The following round the ghost will not attack but will stuff the trapped victim into it's distended maw and swallow them. Once inside the ghost the victim must roll under their Constitution (-5 for each round) or die as their flesh and spirit disintegrate and their equipment falls through the ghost to the floor. A swallowed victim may take no action but will be saved if the ghost is destroyed or forced flee its body. Any person devoured by a hungry ghost cannot be raised or resurrected as their spirit and body have both been subsumed into the ghost.

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