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Old Brewery - Murderers' Row


Bandit's Roost - Jacob Riis - Pre 1890

3. Murderers' Row – This series of fourteen small rooms was once offices and work spaces for the brewery, but now they are private residences of the more intimidating and dangerous poor. The hallway connecting them is dingy and smeared with streaks of black greasy soot.  The entire area smells of woodsmoke and urine. For each room entered roll on the table below to see who currently resides in it. These inhabitants can change with each visit as there is much competition for these spaces.  Special areas have been given their own notations and descriptions.

D10 Roll once for each room entered. Re-roll if room is revisited after a day or more.
1 1D8 Thieves AC 8, HD 1 (4HP), #AT 1, D 1D6, MV ('40) Save MU3, ML 8. Leather Armor, Short Swords. HC: VI 6 1D6 Dwarven Insurrectionists AC 4, HD 1 (7HP), #AT 1, D 1D6, MV ('40) Save D1, ML 10. Banded mail. Axes, Shields. HC: III
2 Empty - swept and scrubbed disturbingly clean 7 Empty, filled with trash and filth.
3 1D12 Unskilled Laborers AC 9, HD 1 (7HP), #AT 1, D 1D4, MV ('40) Save F1, ML 6. Clubs/Daggers. HC: I 8 1D4 Thieves (see 1) and 1D6 Thugs AC 6, HD 2 (9HP), #AT 1, D 1D8, MV ('40) Save F3, ML 10. Scale Mail, Scimitar HC: VI
4 Vermin – 3D4 Giant centipedes lair in the knee deep waste of this room. AC 9 HD 1/2 (HP 1) #AT 1, D Poison, MV ('20) Save F0, ML 8. HC: None 9 Roll on Special Table
5 1D6 Elven Refugees AC 5, HD 1 (5HP), #AT 1, D1D10, MV ('40) Save E1, ML 8. Chainmail, Polearms. Magic Missile or Sleep. HC: VII 10 Roll on Special Table

D8 Roll D6 – Each encounter may only be had once – if rolled again, treat as (7) on main table.
Evil - Inhabited by family of abandoned medical experiments. These hideous victims of magical and scientific manipulation are terrifying enough to keep anyone from chasing them out of their lair. Each is a mass of cogs, tubes, cancers, boils, cysts, eyeballs, mechanical bits, insect parts and human limbs in a vaguely human shape that whispers and seems to beg in a tongue just beyond understanding. They are terrifying and hungry, but not naturally aggressive.
Medical Subjects (5) AC 5, HD 2 ( HP 12, 10, 6, 4, 15), #AT 1, D 1D6, MV ('20) Save F2, ML 10. Cause fear on 1st sight, all melee attacks are at -1 on account of revulsion.

Murder Scene – A bloody murder recently took place here. There's the brutally carved up body of a middle-aged aristocrat on the floor. His purse is even still here with 14GP and 6PP in it. Someone might want to know about this, but there's a 60% chance that telling will result in a hard to beat murder accusation.
Underground Bar – An enterprising Thug named “Ruby” has set up a underground bar serving stale mushroom beer and dubious beetle whiskey. Ruby (a short dough-faced androgene) will welcome any visitors but ask them to sheath weapons. There are 2D6 patron ½ thieves and ½ thugs drinking here (See above table), but no one is in a mood for battle. If Ruby isn't killed the bar will remain in this room. Drinking either Ruby's beer (1cp) or whiskey (2cp) requires a save vs. poison, and a failed save will result in the player being incapacitated with sickness for 2D12 -1/2 Con turns, and hungover (-2 on all rolls) for the next day. The till holds 800 cp, 120 sp and 80 GP.
Ruby (F3) AC 4, HD 3 ( HP 17), #AT 1, D 1D10, MV ('40) Save F3, ML 10. Fist surplus splint mail under ragged smock, Two-Handed Sword.
Trapped – Someone has carefully built a small makeshift cannon, a piece of thick sewer pipe packed with scrap metal and connected to a pocket pistol mechanism in this room. For inexplicable and likely paranoid reasons they've aimed it at the door and wired it's trigger to the door handle. It will blast anyone within 10' the doorway for 2D10 damage (1D10 damage if wearing plate) save vs. Petrification for ½ damage. The cannon is destroyed with it's first shot, but it guards a bundled cache of liquor and cheap narcotics worth 150GP.
Thief Taker – This crusty minion of the law has no time for the PCs. He's a hard-boiled fellow with a trenchcoat over his custom plate armor. Camped out here (with a good quality suite of survival equipment, including tent) for two weeks waiting to hear about the presence of anyone with a large price on their head has made him terse. If the PCs can give him a lead he might follow them, if only to steal their collar, otherwise he'll warn them off.
Glanz” Thief Taker – (F5) AC 3, HD 5 ( HP 31), #AT 2(+2 Hit Melee), D 1D8+2/1D8 Ranged, MV ('40) Save F5, ML 10. Black Plate Armor, Longsword +1, All steel heavy crossbow with infra-vision scope. Potion of Healing, Potion of Invisibility, 25PP .
Killer – A media specter, the psychic residue of long forgotten mass media, dwells here, it's almost human in appearance, looking like a handsome young man dressed in outdated formal clothes (pick a celebrity!), but its image flickers occasionally, and a close examination or luck will reveal this. It's grown fat feeding on the destitute inhabitants of the Brewery, and will likely offer to leave the room, trying to drain the life of one PC as it leaves. It has concealed some gems under a floorboard (find as secret door), but isn't especially attached to them. 5 gems worth 10 GP, 50GP, 100GP(x2) and 500GP in a small satin pouch. It is identical to a shadow.
Media Specter - AC 7 (magic only), HD 2+2 ( HP 11), #AT 1, D 1D4 + strength drain, MV ('40) Save F2, ML 12 (will flees after 1D6 successful draining attacks).
Mugger Prince – Darreen the self-styled “Mugger Prince” lives here with his three companions. Darreen is a dashingly handsome man in red and black silk and leather rags. His lady-friends are similarly dressed in tight raggedly opulent outfits that combine the practicality of leather armor with a bohemian style. All are accomplished thieves, but have little desire to fight to the death. They may attempt to hide in shadows and backstab if they hear the PC's approach (hear noises roll as 5 level thief), but are equally likely to cheerfully ask the PC's business.
Genegene hates the Peacock syndicate as her little sister died of a drug overdose. If the PC's declare their intention to wipe the syndicate out or to 'rescue' anyone from the drug den upstairs, the thieves may help them.
Darreen – (T5) AC 6, HD 5 (HP 15), #AT 1 (+2 hit ranged), D 1D8/1D6 ranged, MV ('40) Save T5, ML 10. Leather Armor, Scimitar, Light Crossbow. 100 gp diamond earring, 24 GP.
Mary, Genegene, & Marat (T2) AC 7, HD 2 ( HP 4,3,8), #AT 1, D 1D8, MV ('40) Save T2, ML 10. Leather Armor, Scimitars. 200 GP each in gold bangles and other jewelry.
Moktars – A party of 8 Moktars is staying here, and finding city life not to their liking. They've been conned out of their valuables by a slick talking elf who 'sold' them lodgings here, but can't distinguish between elves and will attack any group containing one unless the receive “their” money back in the form of a 250GP bribe.
Moktars -AC 5, HD 2 ( HP 8), #AT 1, D 1D6+1, MV ('40) Save F2, ML 8. Beaded Hide Armor, Mace.

Area 3 iStairwell – The hallway ends in a large room, relatively free of clutter with a spiral made of ornate ornamental iron, in a mushroom motif. The stair goes up and down, though a riveted iron plate is fitting on the landing going down and locked with a padlock (AC 2 – 6HP, or Bend Bars to break, will damage weapons, -1 to hit 10% on miss). The stairwell is watched from Area 2ii.

Area 3 ii - Guard Room - Syndicate Guards loiter in this room watching from crude slits cut in the door and walls (3 total). Should someone enter from 2 iii unaccompanied by Weather they will attack immediately (automatic surprise unless precautions are taken, or the PCs know about the arrow slits). PCs with Wearther will still be attacked unless he makes a special subtle signal to the guards. A group entering from the rest of area 2 will be subject to a reaction roll, positive indicating the guard think they need to talk to Wearther about going upstairs, negative resulting in attack and indifferent meaning they will warn the party off before attacking.

The room itself is a dingy, but tidy pit with a rough table, 3 chairs, a stool, weapon rack, a lamp, cask of water and set of dice. While three guards play dice sullenly one will watch the hallway through the arrow slits. They will all be sleeping on a roll of 1 on a 1D8, put are generally alert, sober and competent. There is a crate of 250 crossbow bolts in the corner.

Guards x 3: “Baby”, “Harry the Moktar”, “Rumples” (F1) AC 7 or 6 (2 through arrow slit), HD 1 (6, 14, 4 HP), #AT 1, D 1D6/1D8, MV ('40) Save F1, ML 10. Studded Leather Armor, Heavy Crossbow, Long Sword, Shield (with a peacock on it). 1-12 GP each. 158 CP, 32 SP on table as gambling stakes.

Guard Boss “Francis” (A2) AC 7 (2 through arrow slit), HD 2 (8 HP), #AT 2, D 1D4/1D8 +1, MV ('40) Save A2, ML 10. Studded Leather Armor, Heavy Crossbow, Scimitar, 5 Poisoned (+1D6) bolts, Silver Dagger, Thieves Tools, Fancy Feathered Hat (5GP), 26 GP, Amber stone(15GP)

Area 3 iiiQuick Entrance - This dusty room is filled with broken furniture brought down when the second level was redecorated, and contains nothing of value. It once contained the main brandy still, but the equipment was long ago looted. A set of boards mounted on a weighted gimbala provide rapid entrance through the window, while looking completely solid. The boards rotate silently with oiled efficiency. It is used a a quick entrance and exit by the Peacock Syndicate and it's customers, who may be seen coming and going if the window is watched long enough. The Syndicate has posted a handsome and charming young elf in this room by the name of Wearther who acts as guide and host for the criminal enterprises upstairs. He is dressed in a shabby but well tailored set of tails and top hat, with a concealed royal copper mesh undershirt (A very fancy hidden magical garmit made of a mesh of metallic purple wires and acting to provide AC 7 when worn without other armor – worth 300GP). Wearther is not aggressive and confident that his considerable charm (CHR 17) can win through almost any confrontation. If Wearther is pressed he will shout for help and flee, possibly tossing off a sleep spell before scurrying through the door. He has no loyalty to the syndicate and would gladly take a better job or accept bribes, assuming that he is relatively free from fear of reprisal by the Syndicate and not asked to climb into any filthy dungeons.

Young” Wearther (E2) AC 7, HD 2 (7 HP), #AT 1, D 1D4, MV ('40) Save E2, ML 8. Coat and Tails, Royal Copper Mesh Undershirt (AC7), Concealed Silver Dagger, Dangling garnet earring (5GP) 36 CP, 12 SP, 4GP. Sleep, Shield (Spellbook located in lodging on Street of The Alien has 1D3 more showy but minimally useful spells).

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