Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Obelisk - Map, Above Ground


The first map I've done since I was about 15.  Done old style, freehand, with ink on graph paper.  The map used by the players was a lot rougher.  What I'm struck by is the paucity of space, paper mapping makes outdoor environments tiny unless one resorts to multiple maps, or distance crunching.  In the case of the Obelisk I claim fog - yeah the fog is what makes it hard to know what's going on behind the next row of trees.

Map - Outdoors

Below are the random encounter tables for the Obelisk Grounds.  Different groups and entities are more active at different times, so a day and nigh table have been provided. Note that random encounter do not occur within area 7 or 3 unless these areas have been previously cleared of their inhabitants. If an encounter is rolled with a faction that has been eliminated, simply act as if no encounter had occurred

2D6 Daylight Encounter
2 Wandering Spirit – A forlorn spirit wanders aimlessly. It can be seen from a distance as an indistinct robed figure and will not appear to notice the players, if approached within 10' roll a reaction roll. On a positive reaction it will begin making small talk about the weather and state of trade (both making reference to events hundreds of years ago). On a neutral roll it will continue to ignore the players. On a negative roll the spirits appearance will change into that of a horribly rotted corpse and it will fly through the nearest player before disappearing. It can do no damage, but the shock of the experience requires a save vs. spells and failed save will leave the character shaken and afraid (-1 to hit) for 1D20 + 10 turns.
3 Bone Dogs – These emaciated, hyena headed dogs are the creations of Bezonaught and have ghoulish tendencies. They will attack any group of living things that is weaker than they are to devour it. The dogs aren't great judges of strength though and figure they are each more than the equal of any one humanoid. There are 2D6 dogs per pack, and packs keep wandering in out of the woods, attracted to Bezonaght's presence.
Bone Dog AC 6, HD 1 (5 HP), #AT 1, D1D8, MV ('20) Save F5, ML 12.
4 Carrion Birds - A group of normal carrion eaters takes an interest in the party.  The flock of ugly, rubbery winged creatures won't attack the party but it circles above them making almost human cries.  Until the birds are driven off or the party goes indoors they will make the party easier to notice, by wheeling overhead, presumably waiting for someone to die.  Double the chance random encounters while the birds are active.
5 Cultists - A small group of cult members scouting the outdoors.  1D4+1 acolytes with 1 Zombie and 1D2 skeletons each in tow.  All are from from area 7 and the rooms below.  They are not likely to fight if things look dangerous and will be most interested in reporting the party's presence on the grounds.
6 Corpse Fleas - A swarm of Corpse Fleas from area 10. 1D10 + 4 fleas.
7 Cultists - A Larger group of cult worshipers, 1D8+1 Acolytes served by 2 zombies and 1D4 skeletons each.  All are from area 7 and the rooms below.  This is a punitive expedition, looking for ghouls or fleas to kill, so they are itching for a fight and will attack the party with little provocation.
8 Noise – A notable noise, the slamming of crypt door, unintelligible shouts, the rattling baying of bone dog or something else uncanny. These noises may be mundane or spectral in origin.
9 Disturbing Visions – Vague echos of ancient horror, distant screaming and the sounds of battle. The stink of burned flesh and ozone fill the air. Shadowy shapes dart among the graves and appear to flee the advance of some other shadowy force.
10 Centipedes1D10 giant centipedes, they're not likely to attack unless disturbed. They are likely to be lurking in the shadowed interior of an open grave where their red eyes glitter like gemstones.

Giant Centipedes AC 7, HD 1/2 (2 HP), #AT 1, D1D2+poison (- Str), MV ('30) Save F0, ML 12.
11 Ghouls1d2 ghouls from area 3c. The Caretaker has sent them on some sort of pointless errand, likely to 'tidy the grounds' as punishment for some imagined offense. They are at a moral of 7 as they are strongly averse to the daylight.
12 Bandits - 2d6 Rough men, likely ranging ahead of a larger bandit band, they are more akin to poachers and unsociable woodsman than highwaymen, but certainly aren't friendly.  The Obelisk Grounds has unnerved them and they are more likely to run than normal.  All are armed with long-bows and hand axes and are adept woodsman.  They may attack from ambush if appropriate, and prefer to use their bows rather than closing for melee.

Bandits AC 7, HD 1 (7 HP), #AT 1, D1D6/1D8[ranged], MV ('40) Save F1, ML 7. Hand Axe, Longbow, Leather Armor, 20 arrows.

2D6 Night Encounter
2 Crawling Bones – A drift of animated bones that seeks out warm living things to pummel and subsume.

Crawling Bones AC 8, HD 5 (28 HP), #AT 1, D1D8, MV ('20) Save F5, ML 12.
3 Cultist – 1D2 Acolytes with heavy Zombie guard (2D6 Zombies), furtively dashing about for some unwanted nighttime mission, the acolytes' moral is lowered to 7 as they are ready to flee at the first sign of a serious fight. They will attempt to disengage their guards as well if they can.
4 Terrifying Vision – A nightmare vision of ancient horror: the earth depopulated or frozen by nuclear winter, the massacre of mega cities by merciless battle robots, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. The Players must make a roll under Wisdom on a D20 or suffer from the jitters for the next 10 hours (-1 on all rolls).
5 Cultist - A wandering patrol of undead, specifically seeking ghouls to destroy.  they are of very limited intelligence and will almost certainly mistake any humanoid for a ghoul.  If they don't they will ignore the party completely. 1D6 + 4 Skeletons and 1D4+2 Zombies led by a Zombie with copper plate armor riveted to its flesh (AC 5).  These undead do not count against the total number in area 7.
6 Ghouls - Three Ghouls from area 3 (the gravedigger and the former cult members), out on a reconnaissance.  They are not adverse to a quick bite and grab - but will flee back to the cottage after a round or two, preferably with a paralyzed victim.
7 Wandering Spirit - A forlorn spirit wanders aimlessly. It can be seen from a distance as an indistinct robed figure and will not appear to notice the players, if approached within 10'.  If approached it will commence wailing, before dissipating in 1D6 round.   Any who hear its wail must save vs. spells or they will be cursed to fail their next saving throw.
8 Corpse Fleas - A swarm of Corpse Fleas from area 10. 1D10 + 4 fleas.
9 Haunting - The collective life force and malign energy of many of the graveyard's dead have created this entity as a guardian.  It is not overtly hostile, but if the party has looted any graves or stolen anything from the graveyard it will manifest in the form of a ring of spectral figures that rise from the ground, each topped by a floating skull.  The figures will attack with ghostly talons that ignore non-magical armor, but the skulls can easily smashed, which will dissipate the Haunting until it manifest's again.  Each skull is

Haunting AC 7, HD 2* (special), #AT Special*, D 1D4 [ignores armor]), MV ('20) Save F2, ML 12. *Each manifestation contains 1D8 floating skulls.  Each skull must be destroyed separately (unless an area effect weapon is used) and has 1 HP. The Haunting gets one attack per active skull.
10 Centipedes – 1D10 giant centipedes, they're not likely to attack unless disturbed. They are more active at night, hunting for small animals and will rush PC's while hissing, only top stop at the last minute if not attacked

Giant Centipedes AC 7, HD 1/2 (2 HP), #AT 1, D 1D2+poison (-Str), MV ('30) Save F0, ML 12.
11 Ghouls – The entire pack of ghouls from area 3, except the priestess, led by the Caretaker and on the hunt.
12 Ghost – Wandering about in a contemplative melancholy the ghost will ignore the PC's unless approached. If it is approached politely it will attempt to tell the PC's the story of the grounds construction as in life it was an engineer, slain to protect Torpo's secrets. If asked it can reveal the basic layout of the Sepulchure. It will only attack if harmed, otherwise it is content to mope over the gauche architectural decisions made contrary to its suggestions.

Ghost AC 0[magic weapons only], HD 6 (30 HP), #AT 1, Age 1D10 years, MV ('30) Save F6, ML 8. Magic Jar.


  1. I like both the map and the encounters. Very nice :)

  2. Not sure what type of content I'd like more of; Play Reports are entertaining and fun to follow, but also enjoy the Adventure locales and other game content... and I always appreciate a good Random Tbl, too. I say, keep up the mix! Love the Cemetary!

  3. That's a very good-looking map, right on its own merits.

  4. Nice to hear that the map is appreciated - it felt a little clumsy in an era when high quality mappers are everywhere. As always feel free to use it for whatever seems useful to you.

    The poll is up so I can see what people like, I doubt content will change much on here - though play reports will slow down as i am almost caught up to the current session.