Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A doodle of Skull Town

This is the City of Skull - from Gib's Metal Earth.

So this city is a pleasant oasis inside a giant skull ruled by some kind of horrifying centipede thing. Now I think the main problem with this drawing is that the angle makes the town look tiny not huge.

Check out Gib's blog - it's pretty great and I like to steal his rules. Metal Earth the blog.

Now in Black and White!

For your coloring purposes.


  1. That is Awesome!Thanks you.

    1. Glad you like it - was good fun. Looking at it in the light if day makes me think a recolor may be in order. I will send you the b&w & maybe do my own - w shadows to help with size.

    2. Excellent. I'll have something for you in return within the next two weeks.

  2. Nice pic! The town looks big to me

  3. Well thanks fellows! I'm not saying I'll accept all commissions, but if something interests me I am open to suggestion - and doodling things is so much better than formatting PDFs.