Sunday, July 22, 2012

Map - The Moribund Pleasure Dome

People seem to like my maps, so here's another one:
The Pleasure dome, what mysteries does it hold.
This can be found in the wilderness, and it's been abandoned for some length of time, but was once the retreat of a licentious individual of great wealth.  The interior is an overgrown opulent garden and a tower containing luxurious apartments, spaces to hold depraved bacchanals and a lower level containing rooms a kitchen, storage, and the chambers of unfortunate pleasure slaves as well as the automaton staff.

The dome continues below ground with a cavern, hidden retreat and access to an underground lake.

Ideas for use:  There is much to plunder within the dome, echos of its former decadent residents.  Unfortunately there are various opponents that might account for the domes current abandoned state.

1) Slave uprising - The tormented slaves took over and murdered their masters.  The dome is now haunted by lascivious ghosts and undead sybarites.

2) It came from the deep - Some nasty underdark type thing crawled up from the darkness of the unexplored lake and drove out the previous residents.

3) Automaton Malfunction - Like the slave uprising the dome's owner's servants turned on him and his companions.  The dome now hold enraged automatons: maids, servants, cooks and guards - all destructive of organic life.

4) War and Trouble - The Dome was trashed in a war, monster raid or natural disaster and is now being used as a home by bandits or similar wilderness nuisance.

I believe the Dome will be the next locale I work on.  My home party was supposed to begin exploring it tonight - but again life intervened (darn though new boyfriends and those settlement conferences that fail).  In my ASE campaign this is the dome that the Leader of the Fist of Denethix's 3rd cohort would like to use as it's headquarters on the front against several wizard encroaching on the Certopsian marches.  The Party has been drafted after losing a criminal trial (and by the machinations of Lieutenant Tsu) for the killing (5th degree "justified" manslaughter and religious intolerance) of several of Furter's followers. They are now 'Auxiliary Recon Team II' for the 3rd, or possibly just the gophers for Ranking Sergeant Mainz.  They have been tasked with "investigating" the dome after a platoon of fist went into it five days ago and has not returned.

In other news both Nell and Hux are concealing their identities and there may or may not be a team of Northern Elven Assassins on the adventurer's trail.


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    1. Thanks Simon - I am sending my party into it in a few minutes!

  2. awesome map, would love to play in that

  3. Thanks Trey, Tim and ApisFurioso. Feel free to use it - I doubt I will be giving it the module treatment for some time. Just note that I'm going to play it as hunted as heck and filled with broken, 1/2 broken and insane clockwork automatons.

  4. Just wanted to thank you for the marvelous maps you have been posting. Used this one for a New Year's game. Kinda combined 1, 3 and 4, with smuggler/bandit types lairing in cave and courtyard and the building proper, which they avoid, housing some mad automatons and a lascivious ghost. We all had a great time.