Monday, July 16, 2012

Poll Results

I've been running a cute little poll on the side bar of this site for the last month (the first month or so this blog has existed) about what readers would like to see.

The results - a stunning 26 votes! are back now and the information is as follows in order of what the (small number of responding) people want!

This is why I do not trust pie charts
Play Reports are most popular - unfortunately these are limited to actually playing, and of late my home group is having some troubles and hasn't played in a few weeks due to things like upcoming trial dates, sleeping children, lovely weather and romantic entanglements, so I only have about three more play reports worth of note material to write up.

Locations, Yup a little one should go up this weeks, cause I had a neat map laying around. Nasty lawful spirits, pitiful ghoul creature, crap treasure - perfect for a band of zero level villagers or a "my first adventuring party".  May use it as an ASE introduction/map finding adventure if I need one again.

Stuff - Yeah there's a fair amount of this on the way - I'm thinking information on animal handling as a "Specialist" skill is something worthwhile for Apollyon, but really as a general thing.  Players love their doggies, but just handing them over or limiting supply seems insufficient - making it so a thief/specialist type is needed to get a really beast-centric party going seems a fair rule.

Random Tables - Nobody likes random tables much... why is this? I was under the impression that the random table was the favorite part of OSR gaming.  Well I really am not going to change what I do, but random tables, unaffiliated with anything else may be on the decline.  There goes my half finished D100 table of "monsterous hobby and crafts products"...

The paucity of this post is mostly the result of my having just completed an entry for Erik of Wampus County's July contest.  There's still a few weeks left and it's a totally worthwhile contest that I am sure Erik will produce a lovely PDF aimed at weird frontier (can't really say 'Western' it's more colonial I guess - maybe 1820's) gaming using Labyrinth Lord, or similar rules.  I've already posted some play reports for this world, so check those out if you have questions - but really it's a great blog and great setting. My point is that you dear reader should enter - cause more creativity is always good.

Next poll will be about Bugbears - because I really need more bugbear related content.

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