Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Adventures of Bobo - Flying Zouve I

Brendan of Untimely ran a pick up game of Lab Lord tonight in a strange swamp land and I took a flying monkey for it's first Flail Snails experience.  Not sure if it's balanced - flying don't help much in a dungeon, and otherwise its a thief with crap saves, subservience to wizards and bad stats in scale mail.  Thoughts? Below are Bobo the Monkey Zouve's recollections - forgive any lapses as he lacks both intelligence and wisdom (as all monkey's tend to).

Bobo rolled real well last night - survived and managed to save the uber-elf
 Character: Bobo is a Flying Monkey - made with these rules - if Brendan or anyone else has thoughts on the viability of Monkey as character let me know - Bobo can lose some skills and stat rolls can be adjusted.  Bobo is a Monkey scout recently from a defeated wizard's host - he just wants a wizard to protect him from magic and tell him what to do.  Otherwise he likes brandy and throwing axes - though he's really like a brace of revolvers or a bayoneted bolt-action carbine.  He wears scale armor made from horn/bronze and a jaunty striped Tommy helmet.  This is Bobo's uniform and he really shouldn't wear anything else unless a wizard tells him to - though after tonight he's starting to wonder if wizards are all that.

Zoobabs the incomparable had fallen to the armies of The Brass King. Such a thing was not comprehensible to the people, but it had happened. Now Bobo Sa'Daan wasn't the smartest monkey in the platoon, and he was a new recruit so he certainly wasn't the best, but he had been enlisted and issued his armor, saber and axes, as befits a monkey scout.  Bobo was also certain that being chased across a landscape of wind twisted stone by an army of metal men was not a winning proposition and so he scampered and flapped as hard as he could. No wizard or Kapitan was there to say otherwise and faced with a legion of 10' tall brass monsters what more is a monkey to do.

Hiding, bereft of companions in a shattered hut far from the field of battle Bobo's dreams were strange – he thought he would awake, but he did not. Rather the dream took on form and form slid into matter. Such is the way of sorcerers and it is a good monkey's duty to serve the sorcerer. Bobo had been enlisted, his plans of being freebooter dashed.

When he oriented himself Bobo stood in a swampy village, fetid wind full of bugs, and cyclopean archways in the distance. Next to him was a steel clad man with pointy ears and the distinct stink of magic, but that wasn't the master who had pulled Bobo from his sleep.

The master wore ancient gold, and stood within a magic circle. He was accompanied by armed men and proclaimed Bobo and his companion a demon. This was a most flattering turn of events, a master frightened of a monkey.

The master wanted Bobo and his companion to climb down a well – there was some nonsense about eating babies and goats and there was a god to kill. If the master wants a god dead, its a monkey's job to do it. Bobo, his companion and two of the village toughs climbed down and sncient well into a soggy series of corridors. Within they found many passges and Bobo opened several doors, because Bobo is a brave monkey. Insects were slain, and Bobo's armor held firm against their fangy appendages. A village boy died to the bugs, Bobo didn't know him, and he wasn't a monkey. Bobo did not trust the pointy eared man, and any monkey must look out for any monkey so he used the pointy eared man's distraction to steal some rough gems from a box the insects lorded over.

More rooms were search, and Bobo led into them. Sparkling zap lizards huddled on the ceiling, but Bobo could fly so they didn't scare him.

There was a strange cauldron of goo and bones and a carved door, but nothing Bobo wanted in a room. The next room held funny gray men, they reminded Bobo of the Brass men, but the pointy ear made them slumber. He was a magic man and Bobo regretted his earlier theft. Yet a monkey must when a monkey must. The sleeping men were tied a Bobo guarded them. When they awoke he was forced to slay 4, but they were metal men so it wasn't unsporting.

The pointy ear made Bobo test the weapons of the men, and it hurt him, but it was powerful magic, and a monkey must use what the master's give a monkey.

Down the tunnels again in search of a god. Lizards were met and Bobo befriended them, giving them useless baubles in exchange for their minding their own lizard business.

Now the trio came to the door of the Gods. Within there were ugly gangly gods. One struck the pointed eared man and the villager was stunned by his master's presence. Bobo fled, but a monkey can't leave a magic-man to be eaten by gray nastiness and he returned with fire and cunning.

Drenching a god man with fire oil – great gray beasts, lopping and vicious, tormentors and cannibals.  The pointy ear was within, laid on the beasts table and daubed with symbols of magic.  Fired made the gods leave him and chase Bobo.

The Monkey's Map
Now there was a merry chase and Bobo escaped. The gods did not fall despite the fire, but Bobo was a fast monkey and a monkey knows when to run. Up the chimney Bobo went and used the weird magic stick, but the god dodged and fled from Bobo's cunning. Once in the sun again Bobo took a drink and soon the pointy ear shot from the well like a cannon ball. Looking into the well Bobo saw the burnt god and using his magic wand zapped the beast down. It sparkled and shimmered bursting into a thousand motes of magic. Bobo could be a magic man to, and knew now that his enemies would learn that a monkey could be a danger big  to ignore.  Still perhaps a monkey is not meant to trundle down swampy halls - rather roaming free where escape is only as far as the sky is a better choice...

Bobo now has 300GP in garnets and a 1050 XP (only 1137 to go before he can legitimately call himself "Zouve").


  1. Wow, you write fast. I would be curious to see what your map looks like.

    1. Well I write for a living sorta so there's that - there's also the I make a lot of typographic errors which helps me write fast. I'll throw my map up when I get a chance. It's a bit off I 'spect - but that's what one gets from an illiterate monkey.

    2. Heh. Seeing player-drawn maps wouldn't be any fun if they were always accurate.