Thursday, May 24, 2018

Goodbye and Good Luck

Well some of you may have noticed this blog has been down, restricting access for some time.  For various reasons I've decided to step away from the OSR and the tabletop gaming web community - possibly permanently. Part my decision to withdraw is personal, I find myself with insufficient time and desire to write about games but I also have the sense that the 'OSR' scene this blog is devoted to has become a rather disgusting place where crass commercialization is strangling a formerly creative amateur community, and where destructive 'alt-right' views are becoming increasingly prevalent, even among some of the more significant publishers in the community.  This isn't to say that there aren't still wonderful creatives and writers within the OSR community, and that I don't consider many of those I've met there real friends.

My longtime favorite Dave Trampier piece from the 1st edition DMG
To put it another way - the OSR isn't fun for me anymore, and as such I will be officially shutting this blog down.  I've been asked to maintain the site as an archive for others to use, and will do so - though I'm shutting down the comments.  I still appreciate that the blog's many readers have enjoyed it over the years and I've enjoyed comment discussions, but don't wish to keep up with trimming the spam.

So Goodbye and Good Luck, thanks for reading.

- Gus L.


  1. Huh. Sorry you're leaving. I'm literally just starting blogging/OSRing(?) in the last month. I've never seen a world where Zak was a participatory member of the community. It's odd since every blog I've been to has a post about him. Apparently there more cracks in the community than that. I've seen a few long lasting blogs end very recently. Not to mention G+.

    Well. Farewell, dungeon traveler. I'll be picking through your ruins for treasure. Thanks for leaving it behind.

  2. Gus, if you ever come back to the hobby would you let me know? I've always loved your writing.

  3. Fully agree with the above comments. I have used many of the great ideas and items you have here (the passenger equipment list is pure gold for example).

    But...if you're not having fun anymore don't do it. Simple as that, no need to explain exactly why.

    Please know however, that this blog (along with Middenmurk and a few others) has been a great help to my game personally. My players ALL enjoyed the technological oddities and alternative magical treasures you have shared here.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it!

    Josh B.

  4. Could you have closed with 2 better images? Maybe not. Good luck to you, eh.

  5. I wouldn't let it get to you. A person is smart; people are mindless echo machines of bullshit. Ignore them and do your thing. Fuck the money.

    Regardless, good luck brother!