Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HMS Apollyon - Maps of Exploration

The flotsam of the sea have been put to good use aboard the HMS Apollyon, and the areas beyond the Rustgate are being pacified and explored for the first time in years, unlike the scavenging of professional companies like that of the missing Rangvar, these group have shared their maps with Mechamn the "Scavenger General" and each other.  Below is the current state of exploration, many small caches of treasure have been discovered, but no one has returned with a serious haul yet.

The Currently active groups are as follows:

1) The PC's - They don't have any official name yet but this group has been fairly successful at opening new areas.  Found loitering in various rusty crannies and low bars. Their numbers are unclear but they seem to be attracting disgraced froglings in number and they may include powerful clerics of strange god.  Rumors indicate that they might dabble in necromancy, but that's hard to believe.

2) The Anointed Arm of the Ship Spirits, The Gearmen, The Reclaimers etc... A group now 12 strong of holy warriors dedicated to the Ship Spirits and seeking to do the holy work of reclaiming the ship - they appear to be focusing on the Mushroom farm and are led by new holy man of the spirit named Beazen Gear.  The band acts as guards and acolytes of Lady Stott's storefront temple of the Ship Spirits and is supplied form the temple's purportedly large coffers.  They are friendly and offer a vegetarian feast once a week at the temple to anyone interested in the Ship Spirits, it is rumored that their sermons are mediocre as is the kelp loaf.

3) Sons of Van der Decken, an unknown quality, consisting of four passenger class fops and a crowd of retainers - they are well equipped and confident but may not be desperate enough to persevere.  All they've done so far is annoy and enrich the local vice mistress.

Mechamn's Map

Mechamn has commissioned the following map, mostly to scale and showing the explored areas.  It is being used to sell bonds and gather donations to possibly fund the reclamation of the Mushroom Farm and Power Station, but initially to set up an exchange where wealthy individuals can buy into scavenging expeditions for a share of the profit.

Cartographer's Map - 1 square = 20'
Another map has been prepared from the varied scrawling of returned scavengers and is "guaranteed 80% accurate".  Members of the cartographer's guild may copy it and it is being sold (a rare act) for 10 GP.

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