Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rustgate (starting) Equipment List - HMS Apollyon

This sort of thing is not available in Rustgate
Below is an equipment list of what supplies can be bought around the rust gate - a minimum of trust will be required to get out and go to the Scavenger's Souk where better equipment can be found.  Expensive, magical and better mechanical equipment can be found on the Promenade, but unless one has a special pass (such as for religious observance) that area is out of bounds to flotsam and exiles like the characters.


Anyone can wear armor of any kind that they have the Strength for.  Armor Skill gets rid of Penalties as detailed in the appropriate skills post. Wizards should consider the Weapons Training skill-set if they would like to wear armor.

AC Description Price Min STR Penalty
8 Piecemail armor, woven fiber armor, Padded Armor,Soft Leather (Light) 15 GP 5 None
7 Hard Leather Armor, Studded Armor, Ring-mail (Light) 30 GP 6 -1 hit / AC 8
6 Shell/Chitin Armor, Scale (leather/light), Half Cuirass( Light) 40 GP 9 -1 hit / AC 7
5 Chainmail, Heavy Scale, Plate Cuirass, Brigandine (Heavy) 80 GP 11 -1 hit /AC 6
4 Splint, Banded, Heavy/Reinforced Chain or Mirror Armor (Heavy) 150 GP 13 -2 hit /AC 5
3 ½ Plate, Plate and Heavy Scale, Plate-Mail (Heavy) 1200 GP 13 -3 hit/ AC 4
-1 Shield – Light metal, Leather, Chitin, Wood or Woven shield 10GP 5 N/A
-1* Heavy Shield – Metal, Hardwood 30 GP 11 N/A
N/A Helmet – Various metal or leather helmets** 15 GP N/A N/A

* -2 vs. Missles
** Grants an additional saving throw when something smacks you in the head or you fall.

Min STR – If you lack the Strength to use the armor all rolls are at -4 and AC is two levels lower. For flailsnails PC's these rules and the Penalties will apply if you're buying armor aboard the Apollyon or it seems appropriate (i.e. you've played several sessions, have leveled up etc).

Penalty – (See this post for detailson Fighter Skills) For native PC's without the appropriate armor skill there are penalties associated with wearing armor one lacks training in. Generally this means wearing armor you can use is more effective than wearing armor you can't but which is heavier.

Note on Weapons and armor: Bronze weapons are favored and cost 1.5 times as much as they do not corrode or rust in the awful damp environment of the Apollyon. Silver Weapons cost 10 x normal and take a session to forge. Magic armor is assumed to have no strength requirements or use penalties.


Description Price Min STR 1 or 2 HD? DMG
Sword, Scimitar, Morningstar, Large Axe 25 GP 11 1 HD 1D8
Mace, Hammer, War-Crowbar, Short Sword, Short Spear, Bayonet 15 GP 7 1 HD 1D6
Dagger, Brass Knuckles, club, blackjack 5GP 5 1 HD 1D4
Rapier, Small Sword, Katana (fine sword) 100GP 7 1 HD 1D8
Battle Axe, Two Handed Sword, Maul* 55 GP 13 2 HD 1D10
Polearm, Pike * + 25 GP 9 2 HD 1D10

* Always attack last regardless of inititative.

+ May attack from 2nd Rank.


Description Price Min STR Range
Throwing Knife, Throwing Steel 5 GP N/A 10'/20'/30' 1D4
Light Crossbow/Spear Gun (pneumatic)* 35 GP 11 30'/50'/80' 1D6
Heavy Crossbow/Spear Gun (torsion)* 80 GP 16 45'/60'/100'

Shortbow 50 GP 8 30'/50'/80' 1D6
Longbow/Compound Bow 100 GP 14 45'/80'/150'

Javelin, Throwing Axe, Harpoon, Spear 10 GP 8 15'/25'/35'

Arrows or Bolts x 30 10 GP N/A

Quiver ** 5 GP N/A


* May be used is below minimum strength but will require a Goatsfoot or Cranequin to reload, and this takes a round.

** Without a quiver reloading takes an extra round unless the player spends a round sticking arrows into the ground and doesn't move from their firing position.

Guns are in loud, smells and tend to do no more damage than other missile weapons, except they are very handy in close quarters, have almost no strength requirements and hit for exploding damage. That is if a gun rolls maximum damage an additional damage dice may be rolled. This is why certain highly penetrating weapons such as bolt action rifles do multiples of D4 damage rather than a single die, the wound is almost guaranteed to be nasty.

Firearms come in three varieties Low Technology, Medium Technology and High Technology. Low technology weapons are the most easily available and are almost universally muzzle loading requiring extra time to load. Medium Technology Weapons are harder to find and are cartridge firing. High Technology Weapons cannot be made by the current engineers of Sterntown and begin at clip fed automatic weapons.

Description Price Min STR Range
Wheelock or Flintlock Pistol + 50 GP N/A 15'/30'/50'

Matchlock or Musket * + 150 GP N/A 45'/100'/150'

Blunderbuss/Shotgun(muzzle loading) + 150 GP N/A 10'/20'/30'

Shot and powder for 10 shots 15 GP N/A

Powder Horn, Cartridge case, bullet kit ** 100 GP N/A

* This is a long gun and may have a bayonet attached. Seating a bayonet takes 1 round, but firing while it is attached gives a -1 to hit. Bayonets effectively turn the rifle into a short spear.

+ Muzzle Loading Weapons are slow to fire and lower velocity, they take 2 rounds to reload (can be reduced by gun skill).

Description Cost
Light Sources
Torch – Burns for an hour x4, 40' Light 1GP
Lamp – Burns of 4 Hours, directional, 60' Light with Shutters 15 GP
Glow Kelp – Glows when crushed for 2 Days, 20' Light (Green) 6 GP
Flask of Lamp Oil – fills lamps - Range 20'/30'/50' (M), burns 1D6/1d6 1 GP
Oil Bomb, fused, highly combustible – Range 30' 5 GP
Pick, Shovel or Crowbar (-1 Hit Damage 1D6) 2 GP
10' Pole 1 GP
10' Rope 5 GP
Grappling Hook 15 GP
Pitons, climbing gear, and harness (1 person) 25 GP
Iron Spikes x 5 1 GP
Mallet and Stake 1 GP
Camouflage or Bug Netting (10' x 10') 10 GP
Thieves Tools (Picks, glass cutter, blackening, 10' wire) 30 GP
Fishing Kit (line, hooks, pole, hand net, lures, flies) 5 GP
Canvas Backpack
5 GP
Leather Backpack
15 GP
Small Sack
1 GP
Large Sack
1 GP
Waterproof Backpack
30 GP
Waterproof Small Sack
5 GP
Steel or Glass jar (Waterproof – 1 Gallon)
3 GP
“Potion” bottle/test tube
1 GP
Bug Spray
Moon Bane herbs (rumored to help with lycanthropes)
15 GP
Infernal Shells (rumored to delay outsiders – mildly magic)
60 GP
Holy Water (Holy to Ship Spirits - effects crawling death)
25 GP
Holy Water (Holy to the Queen – effects undead)
30 GP
Holy Symbol (appropriate material)
30 GP
Mirror, Glass
5 GP
Mirror, Metal (Silver)
30 GP
Sick Lichen (Mild Ingested Poison – 1D6 damage or save)
15 GP
10 GP
Food and Drink
2 GP
Hard Liqour – Bottle+
5 GP
Beer – Growler (bring own bottle)+
1 GP
Iron Rations (Dog Jerky, Kelp Loaf, Sea Nuts) 1 week supplies
15 GP
Rations (Sea Frond, Fungus Flour, Rat) 1 week supplies (need fire to prepare).
5 GP
Fine Rations (Mushrooms steaks, Giant Pigeon, Meat/seaweed Tarts, Chocolate) 1 week supplies (Need fire to prepare)
40 GP
Mad Kelp (Mild Smoked Drug/anesthetic/stimulant - addictive) 3 doses*
15 GP
Laudanum (Intense Ingested drug/anesthetic - highly addictive) 3 doses**
100 GP

+ A belt of alcohol will rejuvenate some HP (mostly the insubstantial kind) at a rate of 1D4 per drink (1 times max a session and can be had during battle – takes 1 round). Bandaging also has this effect after battle or when someone spends time working on a fallen ally.

*Mad Kelp will stop shock and stabilize a dying person 25% of the time for 1D10 turns per dose.

**Laudanum is an effective painkiller for surgery and to prevent shock 75% of the time. It is effective for 4D6 turns per dose, but more than 3 doses in a 24hr period are likely to be leathal.

Note: Upkeep in Rustgate is cheap – A space in a shack rents at 1 GP a week and food tends to run about a GP 1 Day – figure 10 GP a week total for food, shelter and sundries.

There is once nice inn in the Rustgates – The Gilded Exile (Sign appears to be a mummy previously dipped in brass) where a night of food, drink and a private room run 80 GP, the owners can also arrange contact with dealers in unwholesome pleasures.