Monday, August 27, 2012

The Certopsian Situation - Player's Map

Below is the a player's handout map for the Certopsian Situation.  It's mostly to scale, the map being based on the region map in ASE 12.

200 miles South of Denethix

Forces on Map

3rd Unyielding Fist Expeditionary Force 
 Operating out of Camp Cestus on the Eastern Edge of the Livid Hills 180 miles SOuth of Denethix.  The long supply lines have reduced the 3rd to an almost purely defensive force.  It contains a small irregular Cavalry regiment (varied mercenaries, including the PCs) and a regiment of infantry, mixed Certopsian militia and fist regulars. Support units include a battalion sized formation of Steel Leviathans (20) and an entrenched force of anti armor engines and artillery, almost a battalion of each.

11th Arrow
An almost exclusively snakeman force, fortified atop the Dry Steps mostly to prevent progress South by Denethix's larger forces mobilizing near the city.  It consists of a strong infantry battalion equipped with heat staves and octopod rifles and a battery of light torque guns. 

14th Golden Arrow
An small but elite force encamped at the Moribund Pleasure dome.  A mixed company of snakeman infantry, nomad scouts and a section of mutated triceratops armor.

6th Reinforced Arrow
The main Nomad force on the South Eastern edge of the Certopsian, these troops raided Junctionville and are now squatting in its ruins awaiting orders. A short regiment of Snakeman infantry is attempting the restraint a Brigade of 5,000 nomad horse and dinosaur riders, and the crews of at least 3 reptilian behemoths from destroying the entire town. In addition to ample mobile and armor forces this arrow has several aviation assets in the form of an attached squadron of Pterodactyl riders.

Other Notable Map Features

Howling Ruins
Haunted ruins, partially buried in the cracked plains.  The entire ruin may once have been a flying machine or other war vehicle, now it's just a notable landmark because a millennium of dust has scoured its surface to a gleaming reflective silver.

No expedition of any size has been mounted to the interior, though it's know to contain machine ghosts and various plains creatures such as semi-intelligent raptor packs.

The Line
This is the rough boundary between areas of the plain controlled by the two belligerents.  No clear demarcation exists between the sides, and skirmishing goes on one either side of the line, but this is the rough break between forces and it is even lightly fortified in some places.

Dry Steps
An enormous construction that winds its way up the dividing cliffs along the Certopsian way.  Ten miles of switchbacks and stairs made of ageless cermicrete.

Gray Derriks
Only Recently the tower of a minor wizard operating a small working oil refinery and controlling the local population through fear.  The wizard, his crude wight enforcers and the enslaved populace are all dead or scattered - overrun at various times by elements from Camp Cestus and the 6th Arrow


  1. "I don't think you appreciate the delicacy of this Ceratopsian situation."

    Sorry. Anyway, good stuff!

    1. It's even worse than it looks frankly. Not just because South of those mountains on the bottom of the map stands the "Terraces of the Bruised Immensity", a protean Wizard of unknown power and considerable resources.

      for details.