Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Treasures of Feh Ling (Tomb of the Rocketmen)

The Treasures of Feh-Ling consist of a great mound of broken machine parts, spoiled foodstuff and valuables looted from military convoys heading toward the Certopsian, plucked from ancient tombs and found in various ruins.

Obviously some of the more valuable items in this hoard are terribly heavy and unwieldy.  Without a dragon to move them a great deal of labor and a large amount of cables and tackle will be required to remove them from the tomb through the large airlock door and then up through the mud and water to the surface. Such activities will take 1D4+2 weeks for a large party (50 plus) laborers and several heavy carts will be needed to haul the larger treasure items back to civilization.  During this time the laborers will need to be protected from the denizens of the woods and slough as well as overseen to avoid thier stealing the bulk of smaller valuables.  Additionally is returned to Denethix, both the government (in the case of the military supplies) and  powerful private individuals (in the case of the roadster, furs and anything else they think they can claim) will seek to recover the plundered items and pay only a small 5-10% salvage fee to the party.  Protracted legal wrangling and the use of high priced lawyers or bribes may resolve these disputes in the PCs favor, but these will be costly.

I believe this is a Talbot-Lago T-150.  It seems appropriate in this hoard

Valuable metal and coinage:
  • 13,000 lbs of copper cable, in loose coils and thick ropes torn from the walls of ancient tombs.(6,500 GP)
  • 7,000 lbs worth of copper cable neatly stored on large wire spools. (3,500 GP)
  • 2,000 lbs worth of quality steel stock, with a light coating of rust, but still sound.  (4,000 GP)
  • 300lbs 3 large crates, each containing 400 silver Unyielding Fist medals, meant to be awarded for injury or death on the battlefield. (1,000 GP)
  • 500 lbs A pile of 2,500 carefully separated gold printed circuit boards about as tall as a man, each board contains less than a piece of gold worth of metal, though they are used as coin amongst some savages and vault dweller tribes, but the boards can easily be melted down and the gold collected (200lbs of gold) (1,000 GP)
  • 200 lbs 1,000 GP in new coin and a bundle of stock certificates for recently destroyed Certopsian ranching concerns. All are locked in a heavy iron safe.  The safe is of mediocre and can be picked normally, broken open with considerable (1D6 hours) effort.  The safe is 2,500lbs. (1,000GP)
  • 150 lbs 500 Northern Elven Coins, each is a rusted disk of iron with a surrounded by a ring of platinum, all are marked with the elven rune for strength and worth 5GP each (2,500 GP) 
TOTAL: 19,500 GP

  • 24 Rose Quartz spindles carved with strange astronomical symbols, worth 25 GP each (600GP)
  • A yellow leather pouch containing six identical synthetic rubies from the realm of Hexomacht.  Each is worth 100 GP (600 GP)
  • One fist sized synthetic pink diamond lens (2,500 GP)
  • A merchant's wooden strongbox, its false bottom torn open by a giant claw, to reveal a mixed handful of small gems: 1 gp Azurite, Banded Agate (10 GP), Blue Quartz (10GP), 2 Hematite (10GP), Lapis Lazuli (10 GP), Malachite (50 GP), 3 Moss Agate (100 GP) (400 GP total).
  • A leaded steel canister containing a single thumb sized lozenge shaped piece of synthetic power crystal. A dull grey gem, it emits obviously harmless radiation but can provide a large amount of electrical power (5,000 GP).
TOTAL: 9,100 GP
  • 1,000 lbs 8' tall hollow silver statute of an astronaut holding a globe.  The statute is dented, battered and appears to have been gnawed on and is valuable only for its silver content(10,000 GP).
  • 600lbs Six casks of wine, marked with the symbol of Bizen the Vine warlock, and known to be a fantastically valuable vintage.  The wine is stale and undrinkable, but might be sold as cooking vinegar(120GP).
  • 5 lbs A Set of blueprints and engineering diagrams, printed on durable plastic sheeting, and easily understandable as depicting a small but advanced water treatment facility (2,500 GP).
  • 30 lbs each - 6 wooden crates, each branded with the symbol of the Unyielding Fist and containing two suits of new garrison proofed banded mail, each suit is worth 55 GP. (660GP).
  • 60 lbs 1 steel case of 6 bolt action rifles from the armories of the Unyielding fist, each with a belt of 50 bullets (6,300 GP).
  • 100 lbs A wooden crate containing 20 scimitars wrapped in felt, each stamped with the mark of Denethix's armory (400 GP).
  • 200 lbs A set of ancient dinner china, gold chased and bearing the symbol of a comet clutched by a mailed fist.  Some is broken, and the set is still in battered aluminum display cabinet, but at settings for at least 20 can be cobbled together.  (2,000 GP).
  • 1 lbs An ornate funerary pectoral made of rough copper and giant porcupine quills, finely crafted if barbaric (200 GP).
  • .5 lbs A beautiful set of platinum draftsmen tools, engraved in on their crumbling wooden case is the phrase "20 years of service - Astrogation Division"  They are worth 50GP for platinum content, but more as fine tools (100 GP).
  • 12 lbs Platinum statute, it's terribly abstract to modern tastes but looks vaguely feminine, or at least curvy. (1,200 GP).
  • 20 lbs Neatly bundled exotic furs (moss otter, purple gibbon, tiger seal) marked with a trading house receipt from Denethix.  Less than a year old the receipts may cause difficulty if discovered. (1,000 GP).
  • 2,550 lbs A slightly rusted roadster powered by volatile rock milk.  The tires are flat and the oil in the engine has settled, but with a few hundred GP of work by a Denethix machine shop it should be working fine.  The vehicle is bright red, in the latest teardrop style with luxurious seats and gold accents. (10,000 GP)
  • 1 lb A large spidery silver wire tiara mounted with pearls and aquamarines, it detects as magical, and if the command word "Jubilee" is spoken the gems will being to sparkle and flash with various colored light. (4,000GP) 
TOTAL: 38,500 GP


  • Laser Pistol: A finely crafted bulbous laser pistol of an alien bronze colored metal.  It's not really made for human hands but it can be used by a human with some practice. It's internal power cell holds 8 shots and recharges at the rate of 1 shot per day.  Range: 60' (+2 hit)/100' (+1 hit)/300' Damage: 1D8 (magic/fire)
  • Suit of Space Armor:  A hulking (1,000lbs/8' tall) suit of fully powered space armor, having obviously seen hard service.  It's white paint is chipped and scored by micro meteors, monstrous claws, and laser blasts.  The suit is still functional and will operate off stored power and the isotopes it contains for many centuries.  It does have some drawbacks however, as its central computer and internal sensors are broken or insane after three thousand years.  The armor acts a +3 Plate Mail (AC 0),   The suit's servo muscles provide an 18 STR and the sealed environment grants the wearer immunity to gas, drowning or suffocation.  However the suit is in poor repair.  On any attack roll or save roll of '1' the suit will crash seizing up and powering down - trapping and suffocating the wearer in 1D8+2 rounds if not removed.  It requires a combined strength of 22 or greater to remove the suit (not counting the wearers) and will take 1D4 rounds to do so.  The suit will power back up in 2D10 turns after crashing and operate normally.  While trapped in the suit the wearer cannot act or move and his companions may not even realize what has occurred unless they are watching closely.  If disassembled (destroying the suit) a skilled armorer may transform the space armor's durable alloy plates into the equivalent of a suit of +1 plate armor (AC 2) if given 1D4 sessions and 1D6x1,000 GP.
  • Wand of the Elder Things (11 charges): A black glassy wand, made of obsidian, or alien bone and wrapped in greyish wire.  The wand may be used after investigation by a skilled sorcerer and produces a ray of unnatural light in a color extrinsic to the material world.  Any living thing touched by this ray that fails a save vs. Wands will be mutated and suffer one of the following effects (if possible - obviously slimes and automatons will be largely uneffected).
1. Terrible warping of the limbs - All limb attacks at -4, and damage reduced to 1D4
2. Erruption of glowing eyes - AC is penalized by 4 and target acts as if effected by confusion
3. Liquifies and drains away - Instant Death
4. Target transforms to unnatural light - Transformation into a wraith of HD equal to target's original
5. Target shrinks - HP reduced to 1 per HD, AC improved by 2 and damage reduced to 1D2 per attack
6. All orifices fuse shut - Target will suffocate in 1D10 rounds if new mouth is not cut, blinded, deafened and smell lost. Attacks at -4 loses bite attacks.
7. Target rapidly transforms (over 1D4 rounds) into a mass of tentacles and beaks and attacks anything within 20'.  Tentacled Terror: HD 6 AC 6 ATK 6 DAM 1D4 x 6 MV 10' SV F6 M 12.
8. Target grows to giant size, gaining 3HD and +3 to damage but suffering 2 points of AC penalty.
9. Gravity reverses for target.  If outdoors and unable to fly it will fall ever upward into the sky, if indoors will take falling damage as it slams into ceiling.
10.  Target is trapped in stasis for 1D100 days, it cannot be harmed or moved, but cannot move or otherwise act in the material world.
  • Reliquary of Orbit: A silver metal ball, about the size of a cantaloupe, scratched and pitted as if scoured by sands for thousands of years.  Four metal spines emerge from the equator and branch outward.  The spines appear to have originally been longer, but are now snapped off a few inches from the sphere.  If held to the ear a distant and faint beeping can be heard from the orb. This sphere is an ancient object holy to the Orbital Gods.  It grants luck and protection to any who hold it, conferring a +1 to all saving throws.  In the hands of a cleric it also provides a +1 to each dice of healing magic performed by the Cleric and a +1 to all turning efforts.
  • Book of the Moon Shadows: A black faux leather bound book printed with illusionist spells in ancient black ink on silver foil pages.  It contains the following spells: 2nd - Fog Cloud (ILL), 2nd - Mirror Image (MU/ILL), 3rd - Suggestion (ILL), 3rd -Fear (MU/ILL), 4th - Shadow Monsters (ILL), 5th - Summon Shadow (ILL)
  • Elixir of Monstrous Transformation: An oily potion in a rubber stoppered glass tube, this potion will transform the drinker into a over muscled giant with limited mental abilities. Once ingested the drinker will collapse in convulsions, foaming at the mouth and fall into a coma for 1D6 hours.  During the coma the drinker's muscles will inflate, and teeth grow into slashing ivory tusks.  The effects of the potion are to reduce Charisma by 5, Int by 8, and Wisdom by 10 (to minimums of 3) and to raise Strength 18, and increase the drinker's hit dice a D10(re-roll HP).  Additionally, while the Elixir's consumer will have trouble speaking clearly, she will be able to use her new tusks as natural weapons for 1D6 points of damage.  The elixir's effects are permanent, but super science or powerful magic may be able to reverse them with time and money.