Saturday, December 28, 2013

Occurrences Beneath the Dungeon Moon

The Great and Powerful Human Spirit Protect me from the wrath and clutching hands of the unworthy and false creatures that have claim divinity and dominion, for I am now a Godkiller. May my Sisteraunt, Fleesin NoHells, anointed speaker against the alleged gods, confirm this statement and ratify our acts as correct within the eyes of the spirit of humankind, which resides within all.

 – Makepeace NoHells, ‘Paladin of No Gods’, upon his return to the surface from the last foray beneath the surface of the Dungeon Moon.

The exploration of the Dungeon Moon has continued a fair bit since last the deeds of the town of Stockton’s adventurous youth were recorded, some have died, and some prospered.  All have witnessed the depraved wonders of the Motherless Warlock and his cabal of sorcerers.  Notable events are related as follows, pieced together from the stories told by the returning band.
Killsin NoHells, henchwoman and 1st level cleric
of atheism
“A pack of stunted creatures, orange and wizened, with enormous side whiskers have been encountered along the street of slumbering villas. The creatures, who call themselves the ‘Kobalds’ were impressed when the band of Stockton explorers spoke to them peaceably and then battled a strange and frightful creature at the gate of their compound.  The fantastical beast, referred to whimsically by the rusticated Kobalds as “A Horse That Thinks He’s a Spider”, spewed webbing and bit with envenomed fangs, but was dispatched due to the skill and ferocity of Stockton’s own sons.  A gift of meat earned much respect and valuable directions from the Kobald compound.”
“Also among the slumbering villas a trove of several paintings was recovered.  These depict many exciting scenes, and strange personages from the world of green grass and can be seen at the old grange hall where they are on exhibit for the price of a single silver penny or one jot of strong drink. Younger patrons are advised to bring an elder to explain the strange landscapes depicted within the works.”

“On the trip that resulted in the recovery of the paintings Stockon’s own young warlock died, suffocated by an ancient gas trap, protecting an empty safe, supposedly concealed behind a fireplace.  While the story is confusing at this point, Timbo Tam the Golden Man was also sickened by the same trap, but survived , perhaps due to his alchemical nature.  The owner of the trap, like many of the residents within the slumbering villas still rests within, transformed into a horrible semblance of unlife.  The man, once a hedge wizard of some sort still rests in his dusty and filthy bed, reading a book, but too week to turn even a single page. In plundering his villa the Stockton locals aided this poor wight by turning several pages of his book.  Giant dust mites were also discovered and destroyed in a fury of cracked chitin and splattered ichor – these worthless beasts proved not only inedible, but also unpalatable.”

“A discovery of a defunct courthouse gives some insight into the complex governance of the Moon’s heyday.  Within its marbled walls the explorers found only decay – a nest of spiders, and sad reflections of a more civilized past. Rumors that the explorers discovered a magical gavel capable of freezing a person’s action should be disregarded.”

“Within the courthouse the Stockton delegation also discovered a ‘Malignant and hateful demi-god’ (the words of Makepeace NoHells) and were forced to terminate the wretched seducer and conversator of evil.  On the most recent foray down the great well, the local heroes were again confronted by this despicable self-proclaimed ‘immortal’, styling itself as “Velchis”.  Despite the Velchis-horror’s attempts to masquerade as a respectable man of advanced years, Stockton’s own were too savy to fall for either it’s honeyed words or magical compulsions.  After slashing the monstrous old cannibal to ribbons our own brave delvers, with hints from their savvy ‘Kobald’ admirers searched an ancient graveyard, discovered a door in the bottom of a yawning grave and found the lair of the Velchis monster.  Within Stockton’s stalwarts uncovered a scene of indescribable perversity and eldritch depravity – flesh eating trees, gravity thaumaturgically tormented, unspeakable statuary and a pool of blood that allowed the Velchis a form of hideous immortality.  Despite the corrupt Velchis’s mental enslavement of one of the explorers, and his constant reemergence from a pool of blood, the foul deceiver was slain, it’s hell tree burnt and gory spawning pool drained. “
Zoad - Fusiller

“The Velchis is not the only revenant of power maddening sorcery that Stockton’s explorers have discovered.  Within the tower by the lake (entered mysteriously, because no one has even seen a door on its exterior) the explorers met with a strange machine entity, but destroyed it by finding its human heart and brain.  Further exploration revealed a terrible pile of acid leaching man beast.  It took offense and was apparently slaughtered.  Also encountered with in the tower were several spider legged heads that were filled with fire and pressure, but these abomination were crushed and many books recovered.”

“The recovery of a large number of books were what enabled the repair of the food makers.  The sorcerous knowledge recovered and carefully researched has made accessible is what has enabled Stockton’s food producer machine to function again.  We now have sustenance more delectable then any other town nearby, thanks to our brave youth.”

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