Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wreck Hunting in the Vile Fens

So I've been thinking a little about the Livid Fens, and area well South of the Anomalous Subsurface Environment Megadungeon on the Land of 1,000 Tower's 'world' map.  The place is sketched in ASE 1 as a weird red swamp filled with dinosaurs and froghemoths, undoubtedly irradiated.  I've expanded it with hints as the home of human tribes people, a necromancer witch queen and the site of ancient battles. 

Map W-1 of a "Weird Wreck"
Indeed, the Livid Fens are filled with monumental rusted war machines from the wars after the fall of the ancients.  Strange cults, mad dictators and radiation mad battalions in clanking steel tanks of dungeon size all perished in a mutual orgy of nuclear, chemical, thaumaturgical and biological mass destruction.  The remnants (The Red Demon being a medium sized one) still provide interesting adventure locals and offer places for salvage. Below is a small wreckage map and a table of treasures for within.  Note: I have a separate table of perils, but since my ASE game may make it to the fens sooner or later I don't want to give too much away.

D20 Treasure Value Size Fragile
1 Brightly colored hard candies in foil wrapper (cursed -1 to next save if eaten). 50 GP N/A Soluble
2 Battered skull in clear plastic block. 50 GP 1 item No
3 Marble fist from ancient dictator’s destroyed monument 50 GP 4 items No
4 Bottle of ancient shiraz.  Rich, sweet and miraculously preserved. 350 GP 1 item Yes
5 Golden heart shaped locket , projects hologram of ancient beauty (30% male, 30% female, 30% androgynous). 350 GP N/A No
6 Rolled up landscape painting, cut from frame, and damaged by elements. 400 GP 1 item Flammable
7 Sack of gold fillings and wedding rings, bottom of sack is filled with finger bones 400 GP 1 item No
8 Recently crafted froghemoth ivory idol, depicting ruined vehicle as demon. 500 GP 2 items No
9 Torn cloth of gold battleflag, heavily embroidered and bejweled 500 GP 3 items No
10 Gold Plated heavy revolver needs new grip, but otherwise sound. 600 GP 1 item No
11 Bear fur cloak covered in protective medals and medallions. Sealed in waterproof chest 650 GP 1 item No
12 Silver map case, contains plasticized map showing munitions dump or other potential treasure sites. 750 GP 1 item No
13 12 jewel golden chronometer, needs repair and rewinding, otherwise functional. 800 GP N/A Yes
14 Gatling cannon repair and maintenance manual, illuminated and in a bejeweled binding. 900 GP 1 item Flammable
15 Pay chest filled with varied gold coins, each defaced by a stamp reading "MIL COIN". 1,000 GP 5 items No
16 Glowing arm sized green crystal.  The Cult of Science may know who to extract its power. 1,000 GP 1 item No
Synthetic Diamond Gallantry Medal.  Carved diamond star.
1,200 GP N/A No
18 Lucky bible, paeans to a dead god (next death save an automatic success). 800 GP 1 space Flammable
Fused block of plundered gold bars.
3,000 GP 2 spaces No
20 Sculpted standard pole. Gold and silver spider or similar fierce beast. 3,500 GP 2 spaces No


  1. Hey Gustie, any chance you might privately share that table of perils? My group recently followed the hook I planted down to your "Red Demon" and having some more ideas for perils for the return trip and subsequent explorations would be great.

    They seemed to be enjoying the Demon so far, enjoying the ambiance and so far avoiding the nasties. They're about to walk into the mad medical computer though, which I'm looking forward to running. It came up full-on hostile and ought to be challenging for them. Thanks :D

    1. Oh absolutely - share away. This blog is free content. If you want Vile Fens random tables drop me a G+ line.