Sunday, July 6, 2014

5E Character Sheet

So Dungeons & Dragons just released it's 5th edition. I've read the PDF and tried to figure out what people have to say about it.  I have heard some things, people playing it, people being excited.  Mostly though this is drowned out by obnoxious whining about some personalities involved in 5th edition's production.  Blah, seriously this hobby is far far to small for that sort of juvenile stupidity.

So rather then say anymore on the profound amount of stupid I see of late - here's a character sheet that should work for 5e.  It lacks equipment, and the two additional pages, the spell page and the genre fiction about you character page.  Equipment lists can be useful, and I wish I could have fit it, same with a spell list - maybe those should be on a next page if I decide to bother, but I don't need a page of background to run a character - characters develop their stories through play.

I've gone with the most non-5th edition style I could, I've tried to make this look sort of Games Workshop mid-80's to mid-90's.  I think the sheet is moderately functional, but still it's largely a joke - I much prefer this style of sheet but it wouldn't work well with a game as engineered and constrained as 5th edition.


  1. Needs more crosshatch!

    Nah, just kidding. That looks good.

  2. This is totally metal. I'm using it when I run my first Mearls Basic game!

  3. Also has that sweet Lone Wolf look.

  4. Sweet stuff, this. I just discovered your blog. Can't understand why it has passed below my radar for so long, but I'm a regular from now on! Thanks for posting!

  5. Love the artsy sheets. I can put the crunchy stuff on binder paper just fine