Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Random Appearence and Clothing for HMS Apollyon Characters and NPCs

Below is a table of random clothing and affectations that players wishing to add a little mystery, back-story or description to their new HMS Apollyon characters might roll on.  It's pretty much only for humans of the scavenger class.  Passengers are always in battered suits, Flying Monkeys in uniforms or livery, Froglings often in the traditional harnesses and leggings of their moiety.  The less said about Merrowman fashion the better.

Anyhow hopefully this will provide some of my players amusement.

Feral tribal’s loincloth or untanned hull beast skins.
Impressive facial scarring, either intentional and harmonious or the sign of battle and accident.
The diaphanous fripperies of a burlesque hall performer.
1D8 front teeth replaced with prosthetics of gold or other metal and possibly decorated.
Apocalypse rags and bindings.  Stinking and dyed the same color by grime or intent
Necklaces of teeth, ears or similar savage trophies and corresponding swagger.
Threadbare robe with detachable cowl and several hidden pockets
Bald head, may be shaved, genetic or the product of chemic exposure.
Bright loose shirt and tight dungarees in the style of a Vory tough.
Fastidious in dress and grooming.  Clothing and equipment immaculate whenever possible.
Casual worker’s canvas pantaloons and white undershirt, accented by leather braces.
The cold dead eyes of a heartless murdering ruffian, may conceal kindly soul.
Horizontal Striped sweater and dungarees with too many buttons.
Collection of medals and awards worn on person, may or may not be earned.
Cannery toilers dull jumpsuit and heavy tarred boots.
Face and hands permanently marked by industrial grit that has worked itself under the skin.  
Wool or felt uniform jacket encrusted with rotting braid.
General aura of decrepitude, clothing often disheveled, eyes drooping or red, hair unkempt.
Patched, stained, torn and bedraggled fop’s/pirate’s finery.
Elaborately dyed and coifed hair, fierce mustachio or similar affectation of high style.
Worn velvet livery of vest, knickers, jacket and absurd lacey cravat.
Wears gaudy trinkets and costume jewelry in nauseating profusion.
Fisher’s sea leathers, walrus and shark with bone toggles and Frogling hexagrams
Always wears gloves:  heavy leather, gutta-percha skin or soft velvet pick one.
Brightly patterned sarong and string and shell vest.
Unexpectedly heavy-set.  Perhaps not obese, but large and bulky for race.
Thin leather catsuit, accented with too many buckles and black pigeon feather cloak.
Several novelty tattoos.  Bright colors and lack of faction symbolism mark them as a mere affect.
A good quality clerk’s tweed suit and bowler, cuffs stained with ink.
Monocle clamped firmly in eye. Sneer of cold command on lips.
Black suit/dres of fine dog wool, opera cape, mask and tall stylish hat.
One eye replaced by a magically enhanced shell or stone.  Normal vision, may glow.


  1. I do love this type of stuff...I think it adds greatly to the ease of adapting a new campaign setting.