Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cenotes & Rodents

A map I drew tonight while play a nice game of Stars Without Numbers GM'd by ApisFurioso from Pilgrims Guide to to Zeitgeist.(Who is perhaps even more of a fan of ASE than I and has managed to use it in his home space D&D game already...).  Stars Without Numbers also seems an excellent version of B/X D&D in space - totally able to cross genres.

Here is the "Undershrine of The Rat Mother"

It's pretty linear - but I like the map.

My idea for this map is that it's a religious shrine for the Mother of Thousands, an ancient animal spirit and rat goddess (named after a succulent - but whatever) revered by thieves (especially rat catchers), rat-men, cellar dwellers, night watchmen and the poor.  Given the disparate nature of the Mother's following this cenote isn't permanently occupied, except by a holy hermit and a warren of holy rats - the bottom level is a shrine dedicated to human sacrifice, but it's only used a few time a year by the most evil of the Mother's worshipers - even the hermit fears them.  Most people just think the pit and giant six-armed rat statue are some sort of holdover from more primitive times.  Sometimes a thief or desperate person will pray to the Mother by casting stolen goods or a bit of grain they can't afford to give up into the Cenote - but most are unaware of the shrine and warrens below.

Also maybe wererats - except wererats are lame.

If I end up keying this it'll be for the Pahvelron setting described at Brendan's Untimeately.

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