Thursday, November 29, 2012

Updated Character Sheets - Pahvelorn

What 10 plus sessions of ODD will make of a character.

Below is the updated character sheet for Beni Profane - rat catcher, thief, poison arrow user.

Beni Profane - "Rat Catcher"
Beni is now 3rd level and he and his loyal dog continue to plunder the vaults of Pahvelorn.  He's fulfilled a geas to his not quite diety the six armed rodent The Mother of Thousands and managed to have a suit of shockingly tasteless and gaudy white leather armor made from the skin of a giant snake slain beneath a demon infested manor house buried in the vaults.

Currently Beni sees himself as the tactician and pragmatist among the adventurers known as the Order of Gavin and is finding a kindred soul in the fancy living wizard Satyavati.  He's a bit uncomfortable with the zealousness and love of battle that seems to have infected the clerical members of the party now that they've become seasoned veterans, but perhaps that's the problem with actually worshiping gods rather than simply placating the dangerous ones...

Beni recently learned that he should stay out of melee, even though he has a slightly magical saber made of elf metal he purchased from a Sarin.  Beni is starting to form a smuggling route from the city of the Priest King, Illum Zugot to Zorptah, his adopted home town.

Beni's dog Treacle has not only survived but been instrumental in the party's survival on several occasions.

Treacle, War Terrier


  1. That's beautiful Gustie.

    One of these days I'll have mad drawing 5k!11Z like yours.

  2. I love your character sheets, if there was an official Pavelorn character sheet I might stop using Microsoft Word haha

  3. Thanks guys - if Brendan wants an official Pahvelorn character sheet, I'd be glad to draw one up. It would have to say "Official, Pahvelorn Character Sheet, sanctioned for play" on it. The only thing about paper sheets like mine is updating goes through a lot of pencils...

  4. I particularly like Treacle the dog.

    1. Treacle is a good dog... Especially when he manages to keep invisible mad wizards from casting by locking his jaws onto their ankle.