Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Wheaton Dungeon Map

Recently there's been some fun had redrawing a map posted by Will Wheaton on his blog. So far Dyson Logos has done a quick sketch of the "Wheeton Dungeon" as has Matt Jackson at Lapsus Calumni (whose excellent maps I've just discovered).

Since I couldn't think of anything to map lately I did my own version of the map - as some kind of slimy fish deity temple where the horrible cult god, all scales, spine and giant sightless eyes comes slithering up a ramp to greet/eat its followers.  This arrangement was suggested purely by the layout.  I've fiddled with things a bit placement wise - making corridors shorter mostly.  Also used a variant fill - a spiral hatching that I've been trying to get right.

Here's the Map:


  1. Very cool version. This map is getting a lot of attention tonight. Each one I've seen is fantastic. Except Will's.

    1. Thing about that original map - it looks a lot like the ones I use when I'm actually running a game...

    2. Yeah, but Wil's was done with a specific style in mind, which he captured perfectly.

  2. WOW! I likey likey! This blows Will's map completely out of the water (pun intended). Love the additional features i.e. canyon, waterfall and toppled column.
    And I agree with Gus... map looks like my level of design back in the *cough* early *cough* 80's.

  3. Man that map is simply gorgeous!