Thursday, December 6, 2012


A black shadow above the alkali dust.  The caravan master shouts and several of the guards, the ones who know the road between Denethix and the Lower Certopsian panic.  You ask the nearest veteran if it's a nomad attack, he shakes his head, scars shiny in the oppressive sun, "That's not a Snakeman Terrordactyl, it's something worse" he mumbles and then points to a black pillar in the distance.  "That there, it reminds you, you've run out of time..." With that the veteran darts off his horse and under a creaking wagon, his lips dry and his crossbow loaded.

So that map I published a while back with a drawing of a winged gorgon monster - I've got a downloadable PDF of the adventure local. It's under 20 pages, and considerable tougher than the last adventure I put up.  Again it's aimed at a party of Levels 3-5.

It's a freaking flying Gorgon... This is where my home game would have ended up I think.

I've done a couple of things with the formatting.  1) Columns, it's popular - does it work? 2) Simple Descriptive Text box before each area - worthwhile? 3) Substantive Text box for each area at the end of the description. Would it be better to release 2 page map and digest of descriptive and substantive text boxes as final pages for table use? 4) Yeah that's a snake staff... 5) Trap and treasure description boxes for set off and highlighted text in descriptions - how far should this go really?


  1. Downloading . . . will read this weekend!

  2. I really like what you have done with the layout - making the traps and treasure et al clear with their own boxes makes it easier (for me) to see.

    And I love the idea of a mechanical flying gorgon! This is definitely finding a place in my Crypts and Things game


  3. This is excellent and I am incredibly jealous. I love the random magazine table. Great work. I'm trying to work out how to fit it in to my Fighting Fantasy sandbox.

  4. Ya know, Gus: Sometimes you rock.

  5. Glad you folks like it so far. Thoughts on improving layout are still appreciated. Also if you run it let me know how it goes.

  6. Good stuff.

    I think the color background on the random tables should be different (It feels like it blends in too much with the room status box to me). I would also make the tables not fill up the entire width of the page so that they align with the text of the rest of the adventure (maybe make them align with the other boxes).

    I would try to fit the "APPROACH" table into one page if it can fit easily. Maybe utilize a piece of art so that the table does not get chopped in half.

    Feel free to ignore any of these suggestions. Just nitpicks really.

    1. Random - Those are all actually totally legit. I don't really know too much about layout, and this was a bit kludgy. Next one I'll certainly incorporate these sort of things.