Monday, July 1, 2013

Tomb of the Rocketman - Table of Sarcophagi

So I stumble along working on Tomb of the Rocketmen.  I figured I'd post some of it as a goodwill gesture.  Below is a table of random "Notable Rocketmen Sarcophagus Pods" There's only a 10% or so of finding one of these (and a 5% chance of finding a special encounter) amongst the 300 odd pods, put I like rewarding diligence and providing strange tables.

A Rocketman I presume...

What’s in the Rocketman’s tomb
The well preserved corpse of a freckled teenage midshipman, riddled with laser fire, the pocket of his burial jumpsuit contains a holocube that projects the image of a cavorting puppy.
A massive marine, enhanced by cybernetic implants and prosthesis.  He is long dead, but his robotic components still have enough power to strangle the first person who desecrates his tomb [attack as 4HD monster, on hit will do 2D6/per round, until arms are destroyed 12 HP/AC 0]
A bloated corpse in a battered orange mining jumpsuit.  If cut open it contains 1D6 acid green extraterrestrial gems.
Rocketman skeleton with a large gold medal pinned to its burial robe.
400 GP
Empty except for a platinum, rocket shaped urn filled with radioactive dust that is painfully lethal if inhaled (such as if the urn opened carelessly or poured out) [Isotopic Ashes - Save vs. Poison or die in 1D4 days].
500 GP
A corpse wearing a straightjacket in addition to its burial jumpsuit. This Rocketman died of space madness [insanity (as Confusion) - 1D6 INT per day, die at zero INT)] and his corpse will pass the disease onto any who handle it.
The empty burial suit of a Rocketman slain by null magic.  When the tomb is opened the spirit, a wisp of stellar blackness, howls and attacks as a Wraith
HD 5+3, AC 4* Silver+ only, ATK 1 (1D6+level drain), MV 120’ Fly, ML 10, SV F5
A stack 5 high by 7 deep by 4 across of gold colored bars of some kind of ceramic, they crumble to dust if jostled too much.  If identified they will turn out to be the compressed cremated remains of an alien creature 
A glass jar filled with cracked and gnawed bones, the grey alloy lid has the phrase “A true diplomat” engraved on it. A jeweled rod of office, encrusted with synthetic sapphires, rests next to the jar.
A bare skeleton, made entirely of silver, with elongated canines
900 GP
A deactivated cybernetic body, useable to upgrade a robot of 4th or lower level.  The body’s head is a cracked glass jar containing a shriveled brain.
The corpse of a ship’s doctor in a shimmering lab coat, a pneumatic hypogun is clipped to his belt loaded with two healing shots (as potion of healing)
A bearded mummified corpse wearing scraps of a jumpsuit.  At his feet are a series of purple bark books detailing the adventures of ‘Engineer Meni’ who was spacewrecked on Venus for five years.  Read magic is required to the logs.
A reddish glass rod 3’ tall and about as thick as an arm.  If examined closely human teeth can be seen imbedded in its upper half
50 GP
A perfectly preserved body of an ancient bald man wearing a captain’s uniform.  It will crumble to dust if touched after rasping the single cryptic words “Loveless Stars” through dusty lips.
The robed mummy within this tomb holds a gleaming black orb from distant stars.  Looking at the orb requires a Save vs. Spells or the viewer’s mind and soul will be trapped within and replaced by that currently in the orb (A cunning and insane 5th level thief/space explorer named ‘Raskolnikov Pentecost’)
Trapped in magical stasis is a space werewolf wearing a torn crew overall.  When the tomb is opened the wolfman (Boris or Ivan) will awake, howling and ravenous.  A large chunk of meat or rations may win him over, he’s not the violent type and can speaking in howling common – but he is subject to rages whenever the moon is above.
HD4 , AC 5* Silver+ only, ATK 1 (2D4+lycanthropy 50%), MV 60’ , ML 8, SV F4
A skeleton wearing a gilded breastplate (AC5) with the symbol of a rocket, hammer and sickle etched on it.
200 GP
A woman’s mummified corpse, wearing a burial robe, a stack of nine savagely carved bone canpoic jars resting at her feet.  Close examination of the mummy will reveal a Y shaped incision in its chest.
900 GP
The eyes of this space suited and helmet corpse are hazy lavender gems that whisper meaningless secrets in an unknown tongue
500 GP
A pile of desiccated creatures, each like a baseball sized toothless ball of fur cascades from this tomb bury anyone who stands in front of the door.
Burial robe of Corpse is woven with gold and platinum geometric patterns, and valuable despite its brittle age.
200 GP
This robed mummy wears a coif and vest of heavy crystal discs (AC 6).  While warn the discs will rub gently against each other making a pleasant hum.
400 GP
A balk of aromatic cedar timber with numerous red gold nails hammered into it
100 GP
A Jar containing the head of a square jawed Rocketman with a planet ringed by stars tattoo between the eyes.  If shaken the eyes will open and it can be asked one question as a Contact Other Plane (with a 60% of success and no chance of possession) spell before being reduced to gibbering madness.
There is something wrong with this corpse, subtlety and very terribly wrong with its geometry. Prolonged examination (such as searching) will result in a permanent loss of one point of wisdom and dreams about impossible angles.
This robed mummy wears an opalescent audio cube around its shriveled neck, when held in the hand this item h flash rhythmically and produce a song of pounding syncopated beats.  Robotic enemies in the area must immediately check moral or be positively disposed toward the holder of the cube until it is released (or 1D6 turns).  The cube has 1D10 charges remaining. May also be used to DJ at parties.
This skeleton stands rigidly in a suit of mesh armor (AC 4 – as chain) with a greenish argonium mace in the shape of a star clutched in its hands (magical weapon 1D6 +1)
The naked corpse in this tomb is brittle and dry.  If examined its stomach will appear slightly knobby as it contains the desiccated egg of an extraterrestrial invisible stalker.  Sensing nearby warm blooded creatures and available moisture with the opening of the tomb the egg will hatch and the stalker begin hunting in 10+2D10 turns.
HD8 , AC 3 ATK 1 4D4, MV 40’ , ML 12, SV F8 – always invisible, surprise on 1-5.
A corpse in the ubiquitous burial robe covered in tattoos of stars, gears and wheat.  So fervent a believer to the rocketman cause the corpse will attack as a 3HD creature for 1D6 rounds (ATK 1 Dam 1D6 AC 9) before collapsing.  While active it is totally immune to damage.
Someone wired a fusion grenade into this corpse’s hand.  The silvery sphere will explode as a 10D6 30’ radius fireball if disturbed.
This desiccated corpse wears a small platinum medical bracelet revealing a blood type ‘L’ and an allergy to nuts.
Exposing this tomb causes the skeleton within to burst into a rich orange flame.  It will burn eternally (1D8 damage is grabbed – 1d4 if touched), but is otherwise harmless.
A jaunty nautical cap with a silver medallion bearing a star with the words “Party Captain” sits crookedly on this skeleton’s head.
Preserved with some kind of chemicals this young woman’s body bares the marks of lasers fire and smells of cinnamon. The corpse is sheathed in a filigree of silver, that must be broken into shards to remove.
500 GP
Upon a decayed velvet pillow rests the jeweled skull of a Rocket Saint, gilded, turned into a mask  and suspended by a fine gold mesh studded with tiny ruby stars.  A person wearing this item will gain a one point bonus to any reaction roll where they attempt to frighten or overawe.   
2,500 GP
A robed body completely covered in dried downy tufts of a neon Yellow Mold.  Disturbing the golden disc around its neck (worth 100 GP and showing a scene of strong jawed farmers in bubble helmets) will cause the mold to release spores.
HD 2, AC N/A, ATK 0* (1D6 if touched), MV 0 Fly, ML N/A, SV F2 *Sv. Vs. poison or die in d6 turns if within 10’ when mold is stuck.
100 GP
A rotten body suspended in a thin plastic sack of vile smelling green gel that will break and wash out of the tomb upon opening.  The harmless gel may be avoided on a successful Dex check.
The golden body of a Star Pharaoh supporter of the Rocketmen.  Wrapped in bejeweled gossamer and wearing a death mask of solid platinum studded with strange inky gems that show swirling distant galaxies.
10,000 GP


  1. I never thought I would enjoy reading a table asuch as I have this one. Well done, sir.