Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Uptown Henchman Table - HMS APOLLYON

The rich aren't like other people, that's an old maxim, but aboard the HMS Apollyon it is literally true.  With blood corrupted by generations of intermingling with otherworldly horrors, and minds filled with a rigidly solipsistic worldview, non-exiled Passengers simply cannot hire followers in the normal way.  Seeking henchman for pay amongst the Scavengers is a major faux pas and few scavengers are willing to work directly with Uptowners.  Instead Passenger characters may attempt to convince members of their family household to join them on an adventure by adventure basis.  Below is a table of potential results.

Which Unlucky Servant will be Dragooned into Watching that Rake This Time?
Elderly Nanny – 20% 1st level MU/witch
Widow’s Weeds, Sharp Umbrella (D4)
Too Proper – Must make a Save vs. Paralysis to act in the face of rudeness, filth or violence.
Stumblebum – 0 Level
Rags, Bottle of Rot Gut, Club(D4)
Glassy Eyed – Will not act unless explicitly ordered to do so.
Footman – 20% 1st level SPC
Livery, Dagger (D4)
Liar - Will lie about abilities, discoveries and adventure.
Lout – 50% 1st Level FG
Leather Armor (AC 7), Ax or Mace (D8), Mad Kelp Cigar (50%)
Loud and Course – Must save vs. Spells or will give away surprise/ambush with bad jokes, flatulence or curses.
Courtesan (or Gigolo) 50% 1st Level SPC
Dapper Finery, Concealed Daggers (D4 X4), Bottle of rust  poison (2D6 x2 Applications)
Risk Adverse – Makes moral check to undertake danger at 2 point penalty.
Desperate Addict - 20% 1st level MU
Dingy Suit, Dagger (D4) (+2 to saves vs. mind effecting spells)
Addict – Roll Save vs. poison prior to session.  Two point penalty to all rolls on failure as henchman is strung out.
Personal Valet – 40% 1st Level SPC
Suit, Short sword or Cudgel (D6)
Suicidal – Need not make morale checks, suffers +1 to all damage.
Flying Monkey Orphan - 0 Level
Uniform made of rags, Sack of Throwable Trash (D2)
Child/Youth - HD are D4 until 2nd level.
Idiot Cousin – 1st Level FG
Velvet Brigandine (AC5), Sword Cane (D8), Dueling Pistols (1D8* x2), Hip flask of tipple
Honor Obsessed – Will react violent to perceived slights, and refuse to retreat or ambush (PC CHR check to convince otherwise)
Professional Guide - 1st Level SPC/25% SPC 2
Leather Armor (AC 7), sling (D4), war crowbar (D8), 50' Rope, Grapple, Lantern, 3 Flask Oil,
Pickpocket - When PCs look for small items on their person or in their packs there is a 1 in 6 chance these items will be gone.  Each Missing item has a 1 in 6 chance of being later spotted on the thief.
Junior Associate for Family Solicitor - Level 0/25% 1st Level SPC
Somber Suit, Revolver (D6X6), Briefcase
Spy for Own Family - All actions will be ruthlessly judged by older family members, reputation may suffer.
Vatborn Servitor – 1st Level FG
Studded Leather Harness (AC 6), Shield, Spear (D6), Mace (D6)
Cannibal – Will eat humanoid enemies and kill and eat captives.  If word gets around it’ll reflect badly.
Hanger On – 1st Level (50% FG/30% DPC 10% MU)  Dandy Suit, Rapier (D8), Pepperbox Pistol (1D4x3)
Cad – Violent, callous and lecherous. PC Saves vs. CHR on Reaction Rolls of cad will interject for 1 point penalty to roll.
Gentleman’s Gentleman – 1st Level PASS
Breastplate (AC 5), Buckler, Saber, Revolver (D6*/6), 50’ Rope, Lantern, 3 Flasks Oil
Hyper Competent – Fearless and competent this henchman has no time for fools and if perturbed will leave and 75% make it back to Uptown with unflattering gossip about the PCs.
Flying Monkey Guard - Level 1 FM
Brigandine Uniform (AC 5), Shotgun (D10/2), saber (D8)
Forgetful - Cannot be sent off to perform actions on own, will forget orders and return in 1D4 turns.
Retired Steward – Level 1 FG/30% FG 2
Banded Armor (AC 4), Shield, Cutlass (D8)
Old Leg Wound – Climbs slowly (+1 turn to party effort), and cannot run.
Huntsman – SPC 1/20% SPC 2
1D4 Hounds (1HD), Leather Armor (AC 7), Musket (D10) or Crossbow (D8), Clamp Traps, Hanger (D8)
Spying for Rival Family – Rival clan will know all secrets and discoveries if henchman survives.
House Imp/Outsider Guest – FG 1/ 50% FG2
Otherworldly Scale Armor (AC 4), Polearm (D10), Short Sword (D6), Short Bow (D6)
Betrayer – Will stab the party in the back and kill them if it he gets a chance
Bodyguard - Level 1 FG/ 40% FG 2
Ring Mail (AC 6), Shield, Club (D6), Battle Ax (D8)
Slow - Will not act on 1st round of combat.
Faithful Hound - 1HD attack animal, AC 6, 1D8 ATK.
Berserk - In melee combat must save v. poison or go berserk, attacking randomly. Never checks morale.


  1. That's fantastic. Been watching some Downton Abbey?

  2. I'm doubly keen on rolling twice, once for each column. Could get some very odd results that way....

  3. I like that pickpocket rule. Yoink.