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Of late I have been running my own mega-dungeon - The HMS Apollyon on Google + weekly from 6:30 - 9:00 on Wednesdays. However my home campaign, set it the Land of 1,000 Towers - home of the gonzo science fantasy mega dungeon "The Autonomous Subsurface Environment" has meandered off and is on hiatus. Hux, Drusilla, Nell and Lemon (Grimgrim alas met his end at the hands of enraged ghost houri) were last seen riding off into the sunset on stolen wyrm horses with about 5,000 GP in gold bars apiece - so it's not a bad place to end thing. Point is ASE II is about to get published and I've got a great deal of leftover content.
ASE II Cover.
It seems like a good time to suggest an ASE game on Google +.  I think I'll run it alternate Wed night, so that the Apollyon can continue - but on a biweekly basis.  See below for game proposals. 

What is ASE?
ASE is the "Autonomous Subsurface Environment 

So it's published? 
Yes, and the PDF is cheap.  You should buy it from Lulu and read it (look at Pat's blog) of course it's not remotely necessary to play what is in every way normal OD&D, I am not concerned that you'll learn all the details of the setting - I fully intend to muck around with the environment a bit. Plus there are plenty of other adventure locales that I have sketched out beyond the mega-dungeon.

What System is Being Used?
I propose Labryinth Lord with the following minor changes.
  • Thief and Assassin skill changes for streamlining (Ability tests with skill modifiers based on Dex, Int and Str) and Assassins made more dangerous due to increase critical rules and use of poisons. 
  • Fighter Cleave Rules, Clerical petitions and Magic-User Counter-Spells.
  • HP will be rerolled at the start of each session (with fighter types getting a bonus to that roll for class (D8 +2).
  • Character Generation will be 3d6 x 7 (throw out worst roll) and distribute as you please, with normal Labyrinth Lord bonuses. 
  • Classes will include the following: Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, Thief, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Moktar (including shamanistic Holy-Tom), Assassin. (Additional classes such as Robot, Insectman, Monk, Scientist, Paladin of the Orbital Gods, Flying Monkey may be available as replacements later in game). All statistics requirments will be enforced.

So this is Going to be High Lethality?
The answer is yes, but not simply because of the rules.  More because ASE as written is high lethality - poison is almost invariably deadly, and there are some simply unsurvivable situations.  The game will not be unreasonably lethal however, and player skill can go a long way toward limiting lethality.  Seriously it's not that bad, just roll you a new character or promote a hench.

Will this be Flailsnails?
 No, or only nominally, Flailsnails characters of average party level will be allowed, but will be mercilessly Labyrinth Lordifed.  This will include - class restrictions, equipment nerfing, and generally a mess - really just roll up a new guy in the gonzo spirit of ASE.

How will this be played?
I have discovered that 5-6 players is about all G+ can handle.  The idea is a semi-consistent group of players and generally on a first come first serve basis.

Jeff's and Untimately 20 questions are available with this - link

Some Pregen Characters to get a feel for the way the world looks to me - link

Carousing Rules - For conducting Science!, for getting hammered

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