Monday, May 28, 2012

Evil & Consequences

Messing with Alien Evil Permanent effects – 1D20

When you play with fire you sometimes get burned, when you decide to mess around with arcane evils from the realms beyond space and time you break out in boils ... except the boils are eyes ... that scream. GM can roll 1D20 on this table when it seems like a character has trespassed into evil realms beyond what's proper for mortal man. Subtract 5 or 10 if it's only a little evil (like a naughty spell tattoo).

I made Lemon roll (with a minus 10 modifier) for tattooing the formulas of Damnation's touch or whatever it's called on his arm. He doesn't know, it but he will be receiving dream visits from the Skull-face's tormented soul and ultimately the thing that ate it. They will tell him terrible things – alas this will increase his WIS since he saved when I told him to roll a D20 – that magician is lucky. I will be emailing him after this session about the dreams, but I bet he will act the part to keep the new WIS point, and cause BB's good like that.

Roll Effect
1 Nothing Happens – evil is too busy right now
2 Boils, warts or bleeding cracks in flesh of the effected/random area – Loss of 1hp (until magically healed) and -1 CHR if visible (until magically healed)
3 Unspeakable dreams and wisdom the mind cannot handle. Save vs. Spells. Fail and lose a point of wisdom, succeed and gain one. Either way character gains a haunted worldly air that is creepy as hell. Act affected, distant and strange and maybe you get that point back/keep it. Remove curse will stop the dreams.
4 Susceptible to outside influence. -2 to all future saves against mind effecting spells (charm etc.). Remove curse might work.
5 Has picked up an lesser evil intelligence as a hitch hiker, right now it just offers power in exchange for devotion to its cause – later it'll get less cooperative.
6 Glowing evil symbol(s) appears on forehead. Everyone knows you're a baddy. Remove curse might work.
7 Blood turns to strange malignantly glowing liquid, -1CHR because of the sinister glow from the PC's veins.
8 Laugh turns really really sinister. Sounds like the opening of rusted steel door to hell, the burbling of corpse gases from a murdered man, or something equally evocative. Strangers may attack (new reaction roll at -1) if they hear it. Remove curse and/or no sense of humor might work to mitigate the effect.
9 Wreathed in black flames, ½ damage from fire, and -2 CHR when not trying to intimidate or scare people.
10 Boils … except the boils are eyes … that scream. -1 hp permanently, -4 CHR, cannot wear armor on sensitive eye boils. Remove curse might work, likely only in conjunction with cure disease.
11 Summon evil mirror world twin. It attacks when PC is alone and will replace PC if it succeeds in killing him – Play the evil twin and hope no one notices your new goatee.
12 New limb – crab claw, tentacle, sharp toothed baby head on a fleshy prehensile rope – all are popular. -4 CHR and DM decides what else. Your only option is crude bloody surgery (1D10 save vs. poison for ½ damage) followed by remove curse.
13 Vampirism. Not the cool kind, the kind where if the PC doesn't drink a pint of human blood once a day or the PC goes increasingly mad until after 48 hrs without blood they will wildly murder anyone available. No other vampire things, just the mad lust for blood. Remove curse might work.
14 The voice and will of Nyarlathotep or something else super-evil begins to speak in the PC's ear, as if from deep under the sea. Mysteries are revealed and the PC will slowly (Cumulative 5% chance per day) become thrall to the evil unless something is done. Divine intervention? Lobotomy? Sacrifice of many goats to a competing dark power?
15 Eyes burst into permanent flame, are covered with tumors or begin to glow. This causes blindness.  Remove Curse and Cure Blindness might fix the not being able to see, but they aren't likely to fix the symptoms.
16 Long-term Insanity, most likely the psychotic murderous kind, Wisdom halved, Int -2. Also crazy – DM decides how, play along to earn back your stats over time. Cure Disease will get rid off the worst effects.
17 Withered limbs (Roll D4 for number) each arm is at -2 strength and each leg (-1 Strength and -1 Dex) Each limb requires some kind of major clerical magic to get fixed.
18 Death, only not so messy and likely taking a few hours – raise dead will work, but raised player now knows where evil lives. Might be petrification if the DM prefers.
19 Carried off by evil entity from beyond the stars – if the party wants the character back they'll have to either find the entity and bargain or begin an epic quest to realms beyond mortal ken.
20 Death in an instant and spectacular manner that turns the body into some kind of horrible thing – all tentacles, teeth, wild eyes and blubbery maws or maybe just a scintillating construct of murderous light. Either way it's got 4HD and wants to kill.

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