Sunday, May 27, 2012

Session I - Inaugural Play Report

In which the party meets under dreary circumstances, pride goes before a fall, and plunder is gathered and wasted.


Grimgrim – Fighting priest of the fierce God of Dooms, Monstcrom! (M) Cleric 1

Lemon Jackson – An under-clothed wizard with strange yellow eyes and who tattoos himself with spells. (M) Magic-User 1

Hump – Dwarf with a fake beard, and other obvious mental issues. (M) Dwarf 1

Mukuls – Barbarian with stereotypically savage strength and a fondness for axes. (M) Fighter 1

Drusilla – Pretty elfin lass, of disturbingly unpleasant affect and with a taste for human babies (F) Elf 1

The party met chained in the basement of an evil wizard, they didn't remember much beyond being plucked from the road near their homes by short robed figures. The party's Wizard captor, a stereotypically lanky fellow in a tattered black robe wearing cracked white face makeup in the design of a skull, soon had his gang of armored hunchbacks drag them up from the cellar of what appeared to be a small blockhouse. The robed Wizard wasn't very competent, as attested to by the furniture pushed into the corners of his makeshift summoning chamber, but he called himself Skull-face and was determined to summon a “beassssst of the nether” and “fill him-ssssself with its dread power”. After sacrificing four unnamed NPC prisoners and just before sticking a knife into Grimgrim an alien entity appeared. Skull-face's incompetence proved itself fatal as the thing turned on him for mispronouncing it's name due to affected sinister hissing speech. The horror's name was Zarrzaks, not Zars-sstackssss, and without being bound by proper magical name calling it decided to eat Skull-face's soul. After a light repast the immense purple form of Zarrzaks disappeared in a tower of purple smoke that smelled like the taste of pennies, and also happened to vaporize all the metal in the room.

With their bonds reduced to sparkling purple motes, the party set upon the four remaining hunchback servitors of Skull-face who hadn't fled. It was over pretty quick with the party grabbing the chairs and a heavy bed frame (in Hump's case) and bashing the confused and despondent hunchbacks into paste (The hunchbacks were stated as unarmed – 1d2 damage - goblins).

After the hunchback massacre they searched the blockhouse and found a bunch of wizard junk, (specifically a kraken shell concertina and a glass egg with a ghost in it, worth about 200gp – see wizard junk table below), a stolen elvish spell-book (Drusilla's), Skull-face's spell-book, 600 gp sewn into a Skull-face's skull emblazoned cape (in the closet) and four mysterious brown bottles.

Drusilla tried a sip from a bottle, which was brandy, and actually really excellent brandy. The party got drunk, amidst the detritus of their massacre, and pledged loyalty to each other. They pledged that the money they had taken would buy equipment (minus the 200 gp worth of brandy they had just unknowingly drunk).

Lemon and Drusilla both tried to make sense of the spell book, but only Lemon rolled well enough to determine what one of the ten spells within was. It was sleep – an anticlimactic discovery. They are saving the book for later, and perhaps will think to cast read magic on it at some point or I'll let them try again if they consult some sage, spend time in a library or gain a level.

After walking the several miles to Denethix my players went on a shopping spree. They equipped themselves in standard adventurer fashion, though short on things like rope, spikes, oil and poles. The spree ended with about 150 gold left, but all the adventurers were well armed. The party ended the session looking dangerous in matching splint mail of various colored lacquer and loaded down with hand axes. It should be noted that they didn't bother to buy anything odd, they breezed past the oddities shop (after questioning the proprietor if he sold magic) and lingered only when Lemon wanted to look at handguns and Drusilla wanted to buy a human baby, but couldn't find them in the bazaar. They were ready for adventure and wouldn't stop till they found some.

The party went to Mung's House of Ale up the street from the bazaar to find rumors that would lead to adventure. The rumors were limited, but the adventurers now fears the wrath of the were-grunkie, don't want to investigate any wrinkled children, and know about the Temple of Science. They decided all three were adventure leads (linear thinking is a bit rooted here) but none wanted to tangle with a were-anything and only Drusilla is interested in babies, and then only as a snack. Next time they're off to the Temple of Science to find adventure.

One of the stranger denizens of Denethix, a Steel Leviathan

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