Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome to the Dungeon of Signs

I* started running an old school game of the Dungeons and Dragons type** table top role playing variety.  My players consist of various late 20's and 30's professionals** some of whom have played before, and some of whom are new to this.

The campaign world is one I found on this very Internet***, strongly flavored with gonzo science fantasy.  The game world has been a great success for me because it lack the ridiculous seriousness of a more in depth campaign setting, focuses on the basic "murder hobo" logic of red box D&D, escapes from abject Tolkienism, and instead feels playful and fresh.  All my player are familiar with the hobbit and LOTR, they know what elves and dwarves are in all the modern fantasy cliches.  I am attempting to subvert these cliches just enough to recreate the wonder that made 1E D&D the focus of my youthful free time.  This blog is a place for me to dump the play reports, art (I draw art for my players as I have underutilized skills), and random tables.  If you are a player in my game these tables may be elucidating, but may ruin your play experience - your choice.

There are four basic things I will post here:
1) Play reports - They will be roughly bimonthly as we play every second Sunday, and already produce recap emails I send out post-game to provide updates and chronicle the hijinx.
2) Random tables or ideas about how I run my campaign.  These are house rules - feel free to use them for whatever.
3) Adventure Locales - More or less detail of the places my players plunder and reave.
4) Art - All uncredited art is crudely drawn by me with pen and ink and then colored in an even cruder manner to match the terrible colors favored by this blog's template. This art is sometimes intentionally in the style of the art of early D&D products, but I am only an indifferent cartoonist and worse illustrator so it likely fails to live up to even these amateurish standards.

* I'm a mid 30's professional living in a major metropolitan area of the US.
** Labyrinth Lord for tables and basic rules. Tougher characters using AD&D stats rules because I still have them basically memorized and  wanted to grant increased survivability.  This has returned to haunt me a few times - these characters can survive mistake better than I'd like.
***ASE over at the Henchman Abuse blog- It's magnificently gonzo, strangely compelling and oddly upbeat.


  1. "Murder hobo" is hilarious and absolutely true, when you really think about D&D! Haha, awesome! Looking forward to more from you here!

  2. Thanks for the interest Drance! I cannot claim the term "murder-hobo". It's an old insult leveled at D&D from back when it was the shibboleth that Grand Theft Auto is today.

    I will say that my players aren't especially murderous, as I think my play reports show, but this may be because they aren't 12 year old boys. I think ASE also makes it hard to get really out of hand. The guards and various factions are tough, well armed and numerous in town and the wilderness is deadly.