Monday, May 28, 2012

Inagural Rule Hack

COUNTER MAGIC RULES – Mages, wizards, sorceresses, warlocks and thaumaturges all kind of suck compared to elves. To offset them and to make magic feel more special I've invented the following rule applicable to practitioners of academic magic (I may add counterspell as a spell for elves/clerics etc, perhaps at around 3rd level).

Since mages study the formula of magic in a rigorous more or less academic fashion and aim to understand the root of thaumaturgic power or some such they can often figure out subtle and seemingly trivial ways to undermine each other while casting. A mage who chooses not to actively cast a spell may counter the magic of another magical practitioner if they know the spell being cast.

What this means mechanically is that a mage who sees a spell that they have recorded in their spell-book being cast may attempt to counter that spell if they have not already acted that round (and they may elect to counter spells that round if they have initiative and want to wait out any opposing wizards). In countering a spell the mage must roll a d20 to hit (with a hit bonus based on INT as if it was DEX or STR) as if attacking AC 10 opponent ( with -1 one AC for each level the caster is above the counterspeller).

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