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HMS APPOLYON - State of the Ship - Pre Session XI

Map of Deck 9 of a Dubious Nature
Last Session ended in triumph, with a force of War Dead defeated and zombie parts scattered around the buried vault.  There are still tasks undone, in order of perceived importance/reward they are:
A)Make good on your debt to Madam Bibi, bring back her Merrowman "contractors" or find something else to offer her.
B)Figure out where that force of undead came from - and if there are more - beyond the Merrow Dens seems plausible. 
C)Explore some other part of the ship - the elementally potent Supply area North of the Auxillary Power, or the 10th deck.  This of course is in service of either the goal to find a way to the Deck 7 workshops or simply for plunder. 
One Shot Fallout - A One shot with a party of ringers including Sem and Sir recently brokered the 'return' of a Batezu lord's grandson from uptown.  This leaves loose ends.
A)Mhalchris the Batezu has sent a letter and wants to offer you a train ride for a favor - no stings attached...
B)Some neauvo rich family called the "Slankets" is putting around that they have a deed from a piece of the old Haldivar family property in Uptown.  They need to hire someone to have a firm talk with some elderly retainers that refuse to leave.

Hull Dwellers
As of the date of the map the following factions in the Hull have been discovered:

2) Merrow Men - Intelligent, utilize mutagenic flesh sculpting, numbers have been winnowed but are still unknown.  Dwelt in caves carved from junk pile in buried vault, and possibly in other areas to the North of it. Have sued for peace and been contacted on behalf of Sterntown's criminal underworld.  Recently attacked by War Dead - what's become of them?

3) Sheriff Buck Naked's Men
- "Nudist" humans covered in glyphic symbols, some crossdress. Live above the Southern Stairs and are losing an ongoing war with the Gearmen and other Sterntown forces.  Revealled to be cannibal creeps.
4) The War Dead - Consisting of ectoplasmic haints, zombies and cursed artillery (so far) this group of come lately undead are likely still out there and may be moving towards the rust gates.
5) The Batezu Knight Mhalchris - Recently discovered among the strangely changed ruins of an Aft train station accessible from the Marine's fortress and sigil maze. currently at peace.  Offers passage on a train bow-ward if the characters would like to deal.  Seeks additional family members from within Sterntown.
Malchris apparently had the following letter delivered to Sem's temple - it includes a the above map.
"Dear Pecuniary Focused Ladies and Gentleman,

You have done a service to me, who's name should not be bandied around, by returning my flesh to my keeping.  I have done a service for you in return - you may now leave your little town through the Marine's fortress - I made this a condition of out truce.  This is so you can visit me if you happen to need to work out an arrangement for use of my train - now that I am free of my contract with the Haldivars I have decided to go into the transportation racket.  I promise safe harbor for you and your companions, though please bring your own drink as mine apparently offends. 

P.S. It appears likely that my son (well nephew actually) may have had some bastard children.  Should you find them I would appreciate it, they should be offered a chance to rejoin their rightful house. I can only ask and offer reward - jewels? power? magic? (that's the usual enticement for you mortals - yes?) as no contract exists giving me a right to these souls.  Perhaps someone in town might know where the urchins are?

Looking forward to our renewed and mutually productive meeting.

The Current Status of NPC Parties:
1) The Gearmen, Exhalted of the Ship Spirits. 26 Effectives, mostly armored fighters and clerics in good bronze and steel armor. Some rifle armed gunners, have hired a large talking bear and daubed it with symbols of the spirits. Led by Brazen Gear (C3).  May have plans to colonize Mushroom farm/Axillary Power, seen speaking to representatives of  Madam Bibi.

2) The Sons of Vanderdecken.
4 MIA, Well equipped in high quality armor and gear. Led by Marco Templeman (F/MU 4/1). Unknown, rumored to have been exploring Aux Power when lost, Gearmen found no evidence of them while depopulating Auxilllary power of Craydogs.
3)The Vory. 8 Effectives, leader unknown, Obvious low ranking thieves and assassins from the underworld of Sterntown. Helping kill off the Buck Nakeds - according to the Gearmen they are deadly, especially their leader and their sniper and fellow named "Pindrop".

4) The Undesirables.  8 Effectives, Led by D'Aubigny (nor recovered and wearing a black glove on her Left arm).  Have hired a Sea Witch, Eskimo Harpooner and Preachy Leviathan Cultist.

5) Tumbler Bottom Boys. 12 Effectives, Led by Knuckles and Cackle, twin thugs.  Nominally on Madam Bibi's payroll - usually a fairly innocuous gang of saloon fighters, who's main hobby is extorting drinks from barkeepers. by threatening a ruckus.  Seem like they're hopped up on something.  Bibi has mentioned they can be relied on if you invoke her name

SternTown Factions
1) Mechamn and the 'Scavenger's Guild' - Seems preoccupied

2) The Vory - Distrubingly silent - Bibi has her own gang of Scavengers now, and the Vory gang are apparently a factor in the Gearmen's war.

3) The Factors - Trade is picking up (why is unclear - speculation mostly) and talk of retaking the Machine Shops is high.  Funding opportunities are available if party can show record of success and is willing to map a way to Deck 8 machine shops - presumably up a  Deck to the Aft and Port.
4) Church - A young priest of The Queen has leased a storefront church in the Rustgates - attendence is low, holy water sales reasonably high. Has 5 flasks for sale at 25 GP donation each.
 5)Frogtown - Magicman has arranged a meeting with his patron an elderly crew-class magician (human) named Potifius Snee, both now are willing to sell and buy from party.  Items below are still available.
Chicago Organ Grinder, A 1921 Model Thompson Submachine gun with two stick magazines (20 shot) of normal ammunition and one of mixed Silver Bullets and "Screaming bullet", which let out a magical unearthly shriek and disorient targets when when they miss. The gun is old, clearly not from the Apollyon and has been carved with various crude symbols.  It's grip and stock appear of have been replaced with laminated bone that Vess could tell you is human. 10,000 GP 
Flesh Borer - A strange throwing dart made of evil looking Black Shell and covered in primitive magical designs.  Apparently it digs for victims hearts to drink their life's blood on a successful missile hit - but then it becomes sated for a while and won't do anything even if recovered - 5,000 GP
Inscribed Devil Shells, (Strange otherwordly shells that will distract outsider entities) more powerful due to Snee's inscriptions - 100 GP a use (2 uses worth of tiny shells)
Brimestone Shot, 5 rounds worth (Makes fireball like effect for muzzle loading weapons) - 250 GP per shot.
Undine in a Jar,  Small (Cat sized) serpent-like water elemental with delicate human face. Seems unhappy trapped in jar, Snee can't vouch for its temperament or loyalty as it is his as the result of winning a bet.  2,000 GP.
Ghost Salt, Enchanted necromantic salt (illegal substance) supposedly wards against undead, enough for a 5' Diameter circle costs 500 GP.
Philter of Remembrance Allows the reroll of any skill test or knowledge check when drunk - 500 GP
Flying Ray Venom Antidote - 250 GP a dose, 1 Dose
Sea Snake Venom Antidote - 100 GP a dose, 2 Doses
Giant Centipede Antidote - 50 GP a dose, 5 Doses.

6) Uptown - The apparent disappearance of the Haldivar family heir has set of a scramble for their few remaining holdings.  A clan of passengers much diluted with factor blood, the "Slankets" are leading the charge.

7) Stewards -Stewards are cleaning and repairing their new gun.  Talk of using it as the basis of a "Firepoint Cray" in the Buried Vault.

8) Henchman Available for hire:
Bowed - (120GP per delve) 
STR 17, CON 16, INT 6 WIS 5 AC 6 HP 17 LVL3 (+1 Hit w/firearms)
Firearms 2 Toughness 2 Two Handed Weapon 1
Some kind of large grey skinned, long armed humanoid with a hyena's face and slightly peeling skin.  Bowed was a simple soldier in a war with other monstrous humanoids otherwise he remembers nothing.  He carries a crudely machined  bolt action rifle (1D8), bayonet, steel helmet and muddy battle harness.  Suffers from shell shock - must be told to act in any significant way.

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