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The Certopsian Situation - Available Forces (Cavalry/Special Forces 1)

Priestess of Fleck.
The following are the cavalry forces within the Fist, 3rd Expeditionary, beyond Checkers and Dr. Benway, that a cunning party will be able to suborn into leaving their posts and joining the scramble for gold.  Included is the name of the, unit, the type of unit, their numbers, statistics for their leaders and rank and file, the share they will demand of treasure and a description.

1. Bluto and Company - Flying Monkeys, Light Cavalry** - 1 Serjeant, 8 Troopers - 3 Shares

Bluto (Flying Monkey 3) STR 15 INT 11 WIS 6 DEX 16 CON 12 CHR 13.  AC 4 HP 14, ATK 1, DAM 1D3/by Weapon, MV (50'/30' Fly), ML 8.  gilded scale mail, scimitar(1D6), 2 large revolvers (6 Shot+2D10 bullets) (1D8/2Atk per)
Trooper (8) (Flying Monkey 1) AC 5, HP 4, ATK 1, DAM 1d3/by Weapon, MV (50'/30' Fly), ML 6. scale mail, scimitar(1D8), carbine(1D6); 2D10 + 5 bullets  [30'/100'/200'].
* Flying, may attack flying enemies and can scout as if on raised terrain at all times.
** Inconspicuous, Unlike many flying units Flying Monkeys are mistaken for birds on a 4 in 6 when seen from a distance and scouting or moving.

Bluto and his band were recruited by a detective thaumaturge who was killed only a few weeks later.  He and his monkeys have since stayed on, despite a lack of a wizardly master, because they have nowhere else to go.  They are extremely unhappy having lost most of their troop in desperate actions to fight off  mutated pterodactyls and pterosaurs riders many times tougher than them.  Bluto is a gruff monkey but charismatic of average intelligence (fairly high for a monkey) and a sluggish curmudgeonly demeanor, he's brave and loyal normally but recent events have worn him and his troopers down to the point where a big score and flight seem a great option.

If sutibly impressed by the magical powers of his new business partners Bluto's natural monkey magiphilia will come to the fore and he may be talked into only a single share as a reward.  His troops are good ranged skrimishers, and can hover out of melee range for up to 10 rounds.  They are hit and run fighters though, and despite their general willingness to fight and will flee determined attackers.  As scouts they have the distinct advantage of flight (slow clumsy flight) and can spot terrain features, hex contents and other forces as if they were on a hill at all times.  They are visible when doing this, or moving, as all flying units are, but will often be mistaken (4 in 6) for large birds.

2.  Boneshaker's Hussars - Velocipede Riders, Light Cavalry - 1 Captain, 1 Lance Corporal, 20 Troopers - (5 Shares)

Boneshaker Morley (Fighter 5) STR 15 INT 14 WIS 8 DEX 17 CON 12 CHR 13.  AC 2 (1 mounted) HP 26, ATK 2, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted) ML 12.  volatile combustion powered penny Farthing (DEX check at -2), brigandine (banded mail), lance (1d10 - x3 w/charge), scimitar (1D8), horse bow (1D6+1) +1, arrows x 35.
Lance Corporal Jane Timmons (Fighter 2) STR 14 INT 12 WIS 10 DEX 14 CON 13 CHR 11 AC 4 (3 mounted) HP 15, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted) ML 10.  volatile combustion powered penny Farthing (DEX check at -2), chain mail, lance with flag, scimitar, horse bow (1D6+1), arrows x 35.
Trooper (20) (Fighter 1) AC 5 (4 Mounted), HP 6, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted), ML 8.  volatile combustion powered penny Farthing (DEX check vs. 10), chain mail, lance, scimitar, horse bow (1D6+1), arrows x 35 (1D6).

Boneshaker Morley has made a name for himself as a dashing mercenary, and the sluggish swirling fight between pointless light cavalry patrols, where artillery barrages fall indiscriminately is profoundly lacking in dash.  He will be interested in any mission that gets him out of camp and the day to day thrust and counter thrust. His soldiers are skilled, and share his elan.  The unit is more than a match for most Nomadic raiders, but may be impetuous on the attack and  are not prone to diplomacy.  The Bonkeshaker's Penny Farthings can be urged to do things horses would not, due to their inanimate nature, but require DEX checks to remain mounted when engaging in dangerous activities like moving full speed over bad terrain or jumping over anything.

3. Certopsian Bashibazouk* - Light Cavalry - 2 Troupe Leaders 34 Irregulars/Rabble (5 Shares)
Troupe Leader Stan Slink (Fighter 2) STR 15 INT 9 WIS 7 DEX 9 CON 12 CHR 10.  AC 5 (4 mounted) HP 11, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted) ML8
Cattle Pony (riding horse - HP7/AC8), Certopsian Banded Mail(AC4) Bearded Axe (1D8) Heavy Revolver (12) (6-shot + 2D10 bullets)(1d6).
Troupe Leader Gray Zane (Fighter 1) STR 8 INT 13 WIS 9 DEX 15 CON 12 CHR 14 AC 6 (5 mounted) HP 6, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted) ML8
 Cattle Pony (riding horse - HP6/AC9), Reinforced Riding Leathers (AC7) Saber (1D8) Carbine with  5+2D10 Bullets (1d6) Lasso*.
Irregulars -(6) (Fighter 1) AC 8 (7 Mounted), HP 5, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted), ML 6.
Rabble - (28) (Fighter 0) AC 8 (7 Mounted), HP 3, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted), ML 6.
Cattle Pony (riding horse - HP6/AC9), Riding Leathers (AC8) Saber (34) (1D8) Heavy Revolver (12) (6-shot) (1d6) Lasso*.
*Gauchos.  As plainsmen used to working with and wrangling cattle and dinosaurs the Bashibazouks are able to attack with their lassos, restraining human sized targets and slowing larger targets.  A lasso attack may not be made in melee, but if it hits the target is immobilized (AC9, until it makes a successful attack roll against AC 5 to tear itself free).  Large dinosaurs may be roped, with each successful lasso attack reducing their move by 10' until the beast spends one round shaking off 1D4 lassos.  Roping dinosaurs has no other effect beyond slowing them.

A pack of refugee gauchos, mostly from Junctionville  who are little better than bandits.  They are angry and venal men who have had their livelihoods destroyed by the war.  Lacking the discipline for serious fighting, they are of some use on the plains because of their numbers and ease around dinosaurs.  The Troupe Leaders have almost no control over the group outside of battle, as the band votes on it's actions democratically. To make matters worse Gray and Stan are also personal enemies, and constantly bicker, however they are decent battle leaders and smart enough to put aside their differences when faced with combat.  In order to enlist the Bashibazouks the party will need to present the mission to the entire group, who will enthusiastically support it assuming they receive any indication of the value as the irregulars are paid with plunder and provisions, both of which have been in short supply.

5. Druid Hill Capharacts** - Heavy Cavalry  - 1 Plug Ugly Hetman, 1 Standard Bearer Sarjent, 8 Heavy Cavalry (6 Shares)

Mose the Mighty,  Hetman (Fighter 4) STR 18 INT 10 WIS 9 DEX 8 CON 17 CHR 12 AC 3 (2 mounted) HP 29, ATK 2, DAM by Weapon, MV (30'/100' Mounted) ML 12
Heavy War Reptile (War Beast - HD3 HP20/AC5/ATK 1/D1D6), Red Platemail (AC 3), Shield, Armored Top Hat, Cleaver Sword (1D8), Lance (1D10 - x3 w/charge)

Dandy Reet, Standard Bearer (Fighter 2) STR 13 INT 8 WIS 9 DEX 17 CON 9 CHR 16 AC 1 (0 mounted) HP 10, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (30'/100' Mounted) ML10
Heavy War Reptile (War Beast - HD3 HP14/AC5/ATK 1/D1D6), Red Platemail (AC 3), Armored Top Hat, Cleaver Sword (1D8), Barbed Battle Standard (1D10/2HD)

Capharacts (8) (Fighter 2) AC 2 (1 Mounted), HP 14, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV30'/100' Mounted), ML 10
Heavy War Reptile (War Beast - HD3 HP12/AC5/ATK 1/D1D6), Black Platemail (AC 3), Armored Top Hat, Cleaver Sword (1D8+1), Red Platemail (1D10/2HD)
*Cavalry Shock - The Capharacts are Heavy Cavalry and incredibly intimidating to untrained infantry.  If the Capharacts are able to charge an infantry unit and inflict damage, that unit must test Moral at a - 1 for every member of the unit killed in the charge. Of course the Capharacts at that point will be able to pursue any broken unit as other cavalry.
** Momentum - The force and momentum of attacking heavy cavalry allows heavy cavalrymen, when attacking an enemy lighter than themselves (Infantry, Fixed Artillery and Light Cavalry), to continue to attack if their prior attack kills their opponent.

Hailing from the pestilential jungle trade town of Druid Hill, these enormous men are Plug Uglies, members of one of the mercenary bands that make up one of the trading town's primary exports.  This band is heavy cavalry under the command of Mose the Mighty, a black bearded 8' tall brute who laughs frequently (and inappropriately).  Riding large carnivorous lizards and wearing crude red steel plate armor these men are dangerous on the battlefield, capable of trampling down infantry units much larger then themselves.

The Capharacts are loyal to Mose, and Dandy Reet, his standard bearer, close friend and 2nd in command.  Mose himself is taciturn, but laughs frequently at Dandy's jokes, while Dandy, eloquent and witty, does most of the talking for the unit.  The Capharacts are consummate Mercenaries, and must be approached on such terms.  Their contract with the 3rd allow independent action and they feel it would be appropriate to take side work, as long as it does not violate the terms of their larger contract to retake Junctionville.  The two difficulties in employing the Capharacts are their mercenary risk adversity (they will not risk the unit if any opportunity to avoid such a risk [even flight] exists), and their xenophobia.  Like most Plug Uglies, the Capharacts hate demi-humans and will not work for demi-humans directly, or fight beside non-human units (such as the Flying Monkeys).

6. Sarrine, Priestess of Fleck** - Death Priestess, Special Forces - 1 Priestess, 4 Silent Fanatics (5 Shares)

Sarrine, Priestess of Fleck (Cleric 5) STR 9 INT 15 WIS 17 DEX 15 CON 10 CHR 12.  AC 0 HP 19, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV (40'/120' Mounted) ML 10. Black Giant Bone Platemail +1 , Halo of apathy, black crystal rod (mace +1). (All items only magical when used by devotee of Fleck).
Spells : Command (Wither), Remove Fear, Cure Light Wounds,Sanctuary, Chant, Hold Person, Dispel Magic
Silent Fanatic x4 (Fighter 2) AC 2, HP 12 each, ATK 1, DAM by Weapon, MV 40.'
Bone Platemail, full helmet, shield, spear, longsword, prayer beads (+1 Save vs.. Spells)
*Clerical Spells - can cast Clerical Spells up to 3rd level
** Magic Items/Abilities (see below)

Fleck is the god of small deaths, unspectacular and overlooked mortality.  Sarrine is a powerful priestess of this rather weak god, and he has heaped boons upon her.  The Priestess is aided by four silent robed fanatics who mostly sit motionless in the shade of her tent or massage strings of small black beads as they stare at anthills and other insect life.  Sarrine herself appears as a tall, thin woman with the face of a severe young beauty and the body of an ancient crone (usually only her hands are visible outside of her armor).

Death from wounds and camp fever are one of Fleck's interests, but Sarrine is bored as she wanders about ministering to the dying.  She's a true believer in both Denethix and her god and has been doing her part tending to the wounded who can be saved and easing the deaths of the rest.  Sarrine is waiting for a sign from Fleck to do something more, and if an argument is made to her (and sufficient funds to build a better field hospital promised she can be convinced to join the party.

Sarrine wears a magical crown, a mass of ancient black wires that radiates a demoralizing and stultifying force.  All within 10' of the crown will take 1 point less damage per die, but those who are not Fleck worshipers will also receive a -1 to moral and a -1 to initiative.

Fleck has also granted Sarrine and her guards the ability to sacrifice their lives for additional power.  Sarrine may take the life of a Silent Fanatic to instantly do x2 that fanatic's HP in damage to an enemy, a power she will not use unless the situation is dire.


  1. and when does this mighty adventure start?

    1. Well in a larval form the ASE home group played through it, but I posted a page and a bit on it a few month ago.