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HMS Apollyon - Grimore, Hammer of the Damned.

Hammer of the Damned – Grimoire

Bound in cracked rust colored skin, most likely from one of the denizens of the planes of punishment, this volume is partially filled with the liturgy of an extinct cult devoted to eliminating the presence of Outsiders from the material plane. It is bound with an ornate gold lock, which someone has taken a hammer to in the past. Likewise the embossed sigils on the cover have been carved at to distort them and eliminate any trace of magical protection they may have offered.

The grimoire once contained a wealth of spells, but many pages have been ripped out, scribbled over or partially burnt. I currently contains only the spells listed below, but the fragmentary documentation of other spells can be used to gain a 20% bonus to the research of spells dealing with extra-planar entities with a successful intelligence check.

1st Level
Protection from Evil
A normal Protection From Evil spell, though it creates a fancy cyclone of white smoke prayers and magical wards that swirls around the caster. It also provides an additional +1 AC bonus against attack by outsider entities.

2nd Level
Continual Light 
A standard Continual Light spell, light is soft and blueish with rippling effect, as if shining through water.

Deluge of Light
Range: 100', Casting Time: Instant, Duration: Instant, Saving Throw: Yes Area of Effect: 30' Diameter sphere

Causes an explosion of blessed light to burst forth anywhere within the spells range.  This blast will cause blindness to most creatures within its area of effect as a light spell, but only for 1D4 rounds as the light is a single flash, not prolonged exposure.

The Torrent's real purpose however is the destruction of otherworldly creatures of an evil nature: demons, devils, vampires and any other creature that is conceivably harmed by exposure to primal positive energy (with the notable exceptions of most undead and elementals), will suffer 1D6 points of damage per level of the caster if caught in the blast.  These creatures may save for 1/2 damage, though any magical immunity they possess because of their otherworldly origin will not effect the deluge.
3rd Level
Wall of Light
Range: 10', Casting Time: 1 Round, Duration: 1 turn/level, Saving Throw: None, Area of Effect: 10' square per level

The caster may form a wall of magical positive energy in the form of searing bluish white light.  For every level the caster can create 10' square of energy, identical to other Wall Spells (i.e. 5th Level caster can create a 50' wall 10' high or a 25' wall 20' deep and 10' high). The wall will create light as a light spell, and any creature susceptible to blindness will be blinded for 1D6 rounds if they attempt to pass through the wall and fail a save vs. spells.

Creatures of negative energy, or from the more sinister planes of existence will find the wall disconcerting to view and must make an immediate moral check.  If they attempt to pass through the wall they will suffer 2D6+1 per caster level points of damage, for every 10' of wall traversed.  After taking damage such creatures (demons, devils, extraplanar beasts, vampires - but not elementals or undead) the creature must roll a save vs. spells or fail to pass through the wall, driven back by the searing energy.
4th Level
Summon Radiant Defenders
Range: 40', Casting Time: 1 Round, Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level, Saving Throw: None, Area of Effect: Special

Through the use of this spell 1D6+1 lesser creatures from the planes of positive energy (2HD creatures) are pulled into existence in the round after casting and compelled to serve the caster for the duration of the spell. After the spell has finished, there is a 50% that the creatures will remain, but they are most likely to flee from the caster or any ongoing conflict (ML: 5). The energy creatures are of animal intelligence when not directed by an outside force and most often take the forms of common terrestrial creatures (birds, lizards, large insects) or simple glowing shapes.

Radiant Vermin AC 4*, HD 2, HP 9, ATK 1, DAM 1D8, ML 12** MV 40' levitation
*1/2 damage from normal weapons ** Moral reduced to 5 when not under spell effect

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  1. Doesn't the blackness of Sir's soul prevent him from casting most of these?