Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things found amongst the loam and dust of the Certopsian Plains

So next Thursday is the 2nd go at ASE Google+.  I'm excited so I made a table of random stuff to be discovered while wandering through the grass and cracked dirt sea of the Certopsian Plains...

Moebius I'm pretty sure...


1D20 +5 or -5 for Mysterious Debris, Oddities Castoffs and Plain's Flotsam of the Certopsian Plains. Add or subtract up to points depending on how far the searcher has penetrated into the plains.
-4 Token for an upscale Denethix pleasure palace – admits 1 to the “Dagon Room”
-3 Farming equipment (1D4 pieces such as hoes, shovels, rakes or harrows) in good condition 1GP value each.
-2 Set of carved wooden or bone (30%) vampire teeth
-1 Ladies powder compact with silver mirror – worth 1D6+1 GP
0 Roll on the Special List, Subtract 10
1 Fliers for a Denethix based slave circus – 5 in 6 chance they are faded and out of date 1 in 6 the circus is happening I 1D4 weeks and look exciting!
2 Bundle of 1D10 Letters, addressed to various citizens of the Certopsian, each is 1d6 months out of date – most likely contain nothing of interest.
3 Bleached animal skeleton Roll 1D8 1-4 Cow, 5-6 Protoceratops 7 – Giant Lizard 8 – Raptor or Displacer Beast
4 Skull, Roll 1D8 1-2 Human, 3-4 Waste Goblin, 5-Elf, 6-Moktar
5 Pretty blue succulent flowers
6 Strange ritual space made up of crucified crow, small clay jars of water and dried herbs
7 Field of cactus, 2D4 x 100 ft wide/deep passing through requires save vs. paralysis to avoid 1D4 damage. Cactus are (Roll D8) 1-5 Benign and full of water 6- Exceptionally refreshing (Heal 1D4 HP when fresh), 7- Hallucinogenic 2D100 Turns of raving madness, Deadly Poison (save or die).
8 Watering hole – 50% inhabited by some kind herd beasts.
9 Crucified Body – 1D6 1-4 Human, 5-Moktar 6-Elven
10 Roll on Special Table
11 Giant tooth, maybe from a prairie worm, maybe from a big dinosaur – you could carve it into a dagger or scrimshaw it.
12 Termite Mounds (10% Giant Termite mounds)
13 Rusted Helmet (1D10) 1-3 Steel lined Stetson, 4-War bonnet, 5-Pith Helmet 6- Northern Elf Shako, 7-Viking horns 8- Turban on ornate etched helmet 9-Full helm 10-Rimmed Tommy Helmet
14 Hut (roll 1D6) 1-2 Adobe, 3-Twigs 4- Scavanged sheet metal 5-Living Cactus 6-Bones
15 Skeleton (20% animate) clutching (Roll 1D6) 1-Map, 2-3Empty water bottle, 4-Rusted Saber, 5-Unyielding Fist Badge 6-Skull in burlap sack.
16 Stagecoach or wagon, Deserted and weather beaten.
17 Roll of the Special List
18 Beaded Moktar Ornament – Worth 1GPwo vast and trunkless legs of stone
19 Two vast and trunkless legs of stone. All about, boundless and bare the lone level plains stretch far away
20 Roll on the Special List add 5
21 Stack of gambling chips worth 1D4x50GP. Marked with logo of Topperstown casino
22 Cache of supplies – worth 1D6x10GP and likely very important to someone like a grizzled prospector, group of gauchos or crazed anchorite.
23 Triceratops Skeleton – The bones are valuable, about a GP per pound, 1D4x100 Lbs are available.
24 Mysterious shiny black metal blocks – too heavy to move, may mark snakeman ruin or tomb.
25 Roll on the Special list add 5

1D20 The Special List of mysterious Certopsian Artifacts
1 or Less Farm Wagon – 1D8 1-5 Empty, 6-7 Contains supplies of 1D100 GP value and considerable weight 8- As 8 but also contains animate skeleton of farmer.
2 Hive (2D100) of large (1 HP each) swarming vampire wasps – will attack if approached. Hive contains only larva.
3 Giant snake den, beneath thin crust of prairie. The den contains 1D10+2 4HD giant posionous snakes who will startle and attack 1D4 rounds after being disturbed.
4 Child weeping alone – Roll D6 1-2 Abandoned by destitute parents, 3-5 Family victim of tragedy 6-Parasitic ghoul waiting to lull someone into getting close.
5 Skeleton wearing plush costume (1D6) 1-3 Rabbit 4-Grunkie 5-Food Product (sausage?) 6-Dinosaur
6 Ooze from space in a silver capsule – the capsule is worth 200 GP but the ooze is a black pudding (actually its cherry red) with 8 HD.
7 Sack of Coins (1D10x10 GP worth) with logo of Certopsian bank on them.
8 Hallucinatory Expanse – save vs. Spells or be pulled in and wander off for 1D4 days until dehydration knocks the character unconscious. 10% visions impart 1 point Wisdom bonus.
9 Large Chunk of Sick Rock, just sitting there irradiating stuff. About 1D10x10 lbs of the stuff.
10 Colossal stone head of a forgotten tyrant – 20% it will speak some momentous sounding blather if approached within 10'.
11 War-Machine – Ancient and blasted, once a terror, now a collection of rust.
12 Large bomb, standing upright in the plain and weathered to the point where it is merely the suggestion of a bomb – roll 1D10, 1-6 inert 7-9 Still live, disturb it and it will explode (Save vs. death if within 30' – save equals 2D10 damage failure is death) 10, actually a space capsule – contains ancient body in royal copper jumpsuit (+2 leather armor).
13 Bundle of railroad stock shares – pretty and engraved, they are worthless 5 in 6 times. On a 6 they have the value of 1D100 x 10 GP.
14 Symbol carved into earth and filled with red clay. Will act as godseye if Cleric sleeps within – random god visits dreams.
15 Small inexplicable pond, filled with brightly colored fish. The fish are easily caught and if eaten will grant a temporary +4 HP (last 1 day – pond and fish will be gone upon return, and attempts to preserve the fish will result in unpleasant smelling mess.
16 Crashed air-craft 1D6 1-Showman's balloon 2- Small flying saucer 3-Passenger sky-whale 4-Mutated terrordactyl 5-Ornithopter 6- Ancient fighter plane
17 Crystal Egg – is it viable, will it hatch? Even if it doesn't it's worth 1D4x100GP
18 Circle of Standing Stones
19 Severed Giant Scorpion Tail – full of venom, roll Dex check to remove venom without stabbing self (save or die). Provides 1D6 doses of lethal venom.
20 Flying Monkey, lost from platoon 1st Level Monkey, will serve any Magic User or Cleric as Henchman on easy terms. Needs food and water. Has saber and uniform. 1D4 GP.
21 Ghost Stallion. 6HD, not hostile, but has 2Atk for 1D6 each +level drain. If roped with magic rope and broken by either an ethereal undead or living individual capable of interfering with the ethereal it can become a very fast (MV200') mount, but otherwise it just looks majestic before wandering off.
22 Giant Cactus – 80' – 200' tall. 70% inhabited by some kind of spirit, like a dryad but with a prickly disposition.
23 Gleaming ray pistol 4 in 6 chance it's empty, 2 in 6 chance it will explode for 3D10 hp of damage if fired.
24 Moktar Burial Ground – 1D20 Moktar corpses on exposed platforms, burial goods in form of beads, gold coins and rare herbs worth 1D100 GP per corpse (40% cursed).
25 Operational Robot, stuck in some kind of stasis, A Lvl 1D6-2 robot rest here in a functional but dormant state. If revived will aid party as henchman until dismissed (base loyalty 10)


  1. This is brilliant!

    Love the Moktar Burial Ground!

  2. Brilliant yet again, you need a post on just how you come up with these great tables

    1. Drinking scotch straight from the bottle while procrastinating work on 4 hours of sleep. Glad you like.

  3. These tables would surely add sort of mystery to crossing vast expanses, which I would guess by use of Jean "Moebius" Giraud art is the intent as he was he had this desert mystique thing going through his whole career.