Sunday, October 21, 2012

Really Busy These Days

Below is a final drawing I prepared for Pat's ASE II, depicting the major factions of ASE Level 3.  Hingehead, Moktar, Gillman and Goblin, taking a break atop a pile of pipes.

I should also note that I am extremely busy with my job these days, so it's unlikely much will be going up in the next week or so.  I'll try to put up a few tables and play reports, but can't promise much.

Also ApisFurioso, from Pilgrim's Guide to Zeitgeist is running a pretty cool sounding ASE campaign using a party of space adventurers from a Sci-Fi future.  What's really cool is that he decided to use my Red Demon small adventure as the jump off point for the world of the Thousand Towers, and got his party to pull sick rock and a map to ASE from the derelict war machine.  Check out his play report here!


  1. the goblin is great, cant wait for level 3

  2. I really like the Hingehead illustration and these kind of group shots of monsters make me think of anti-adventuring parties sort of dungeon SWAT.

  3. Awesome! Love the big thumb's up from the hinge-headed