Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strange Armor Alternatives

I am profoundly bored by the classic D&D armor categories.  Given the importance that games place on armor, and the fact that every PC wishes to have cool armor I've decided that in my games AC value is going to be largely divorced from armor type allowing for strange materials and a much wider variety than leather, chain or plate" or even the additions of studded leather, ring, scale, splint, and banded armors.  Below are some tables or menus of armor based around broad class: light, medium, heavy and plate armors that one can substitute.  They're written with gonzo science fantasy in mind, so they may be a bit odd for a high fantasy orcs vs. elves Tolkien off.  The plate armor gets especially bizarre as it's priced at 400GP in my game, making it feel like a major achievement

 Meat Suit - AC 8 or AC 4?

Light Armor (AC 8,7) 1. Skintight Black Leathers Festooned with Zippers
2. Waxed Linen Armor
3. Buffalo/Dinosaur Skin Robes
4. Beaded Feather Cloak
5. Sigil Bedecked Mummy Wrappings/Leather straps.
6. Rubber Unitard/Wetsuit
7. Dinosaur Scale Harness and Shoulder pads
8. Studded Leather Jerkin
9. Leather Business Suit
10. Rhinestone Studded, Embroidered Cabaret Wear
11. Blood Soaked Hides
12. Cords of Braided Fibers,

Medium Armor (AC 6,5)

1. Rusty Chain Wrapping
2. Bronze Hoplite Armor
3. Boiled Dinosaur Leather
4. Mail of Ceramic Discs, With Blue Decorative Glazing
5. Copper Scale Armor
6. Finely Forged Links of Steel, Electroplated with Red Copper
7. Shark Suit
8. Bone/Horn/Tooth Scale Mail
9. Numerous Bandoliers Filled with Empty/Dud Brass Shells
10. Carved Wooden Armor
11. Heavy Felt or Tapestry Armor
12. Leathers Covered Riveted with Ancient Metal Fragments (Bottle Caps, Old Silverware)

Heavy Armor (AC 4)

1. Ancient Flak Armor (Synthetic Fiber Plates)
2. Kozane (Scale) Samurai Style Splint Mail
3. Banded (Roman Legionnaire) Armor
4. Banded Armor Within an Embroidered Leather Brigandine
5. “Mirror Armor” – Chain with Large Engraved Metal Plates
6. Velvet Brigandine
7. Heavy Scale Armor (Cataphract Armor)
8. Lacquered Plates of Steel
9. Ancient Endura Glass Shard Scales
10. Suit of Powerful Gris Gris and Strange Wicker Fetishes
11. Armor Made of Sea Beast Shells
12. Black or Brown Painted, Bullet 'Proofed' Garrison Armor

Plate Armor (AC 3)
1. Giant Insect Chitin Plates
2. Strange Force Projecting Harness of Golden Orbs
3. Glassy Moulded Plates
4. Gutted Battle Robot, With Crude Leather Straps
5. Ancient Suit of Massive Pitted Iron Plates
6. Gilded Jousting Plate
7. Articulated Armor of Flanged Bronze Gears and Brass Clockworks
8. Synthskin Jumpsuit with Glowing Inlays
9. Living Suit of Tough Meat/Bone Like Plates
10. Tosei-Gusoku Enameled Iron Plate Armor
11. Defunct and Much Patched Space Suit
12.  Spike and Flange Covered Blued Steel Armor


  1. I will be shamelessly stealing pieces of this for my upcoming game, thanks!

  2. Yes very cool list Gusty. And that picture...oh man, that has got to be gross.

  3. In my campaign, I introduced a culture that wears a mail made out of a weave of thin steel cables. I have no idea if such a thing could work, but it sounds plausible enough that the players accept it.