Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SIx Mercenaries of Note for ASE

The motorized Penny Farthing
Boneshaker Morely  - Morely is a skilled warrior, mostly notable for his use of a motorized Penny Farthing cycle as a mount. While not as stable as a horse, or itself capable of attack, the bicycle is much faster and excellent for Morely's personal combat style of hit and run attacks with lance and horse bow.  Morely is known for his suicidal bravery and for his dapper silver frogged, green velvet brigandine armor, burgundy fur chaplet and burgundy fur Hussar's helmet. He is a good tactician and trainer of light cavalry and is usually  hired for this purpose.
Boneshaker Morley (Fighter 5) STR 15 INT 14 WIS 8 DEX 17 CON 12 CHR 13.  AC 2 (1 mounted) HP 26, ATK 2, DAM by Weapon MV (40'/120' Mounted) ML 10.  volatile combustion powered penny Farthing (DEX check to ride), brigandine (banded mail), lance (1d10 - x3 w/charge), scimitar (1D8), horse bow (1D6+1) +1, arrows x 35

Zomax - A weak sorcerer out of the Vile Fens who's main claim to fame is his mastery of a magical drum that he uses to direct his two giant spider familiars "Red" and "Sufferance".  Only Zomax can tell the difference between his spiders and he waits wistfully for the day they have little spiderlings for him to tenderly raise. He tends not to work well with others, but a pair of giant poisonous spiders backed by hedge magic and poison darts is often enough. 
Zomax (Magic-User 4) STR 7 INT 14 WIS 15 DEX 13 CON 8 CHR 5.  AC 7 HP 6, ATK 1, D by Weapon MV (40') ML8.  wicker fetish "armor" (AC9), bone dagger (1D4), Poison darts x20 (1D4+2D6 poison), Drum of Spider Taming (only works on normal spiders without training).  Spellbook of carved spider chitin tokens: Magic Missile, Sleep, Read Magic, Shield, Dancing Lights, Spider Climb, Enlarge, Grease, Flaming Sphere, Audible Illusion, Web, Levitate, Tongues.

Red - Giant Spider AC 4, HD 3+3 (21 HP) ATK 1 D (1d8 + poison) MV ('30) Save F4, ML 10.  Poison is save or die
Sufferance - Giant Spider AC 4, HD 3+3 (18 HP) ATK 1 D (1d8 + poison) MV ('30) Save F4, ML 10.  Poison is save or die

Enjean Démolir A robotic mercenary that appears as a large 4' diameter ball with a human like body growing from it's top.  The orb can rotate in any direction and allows Enjean considerable speed and dexterity.  He is a rather emotionless killer, and usually hired as an assassin, working in exchange for ancient technology (mostly power cells).  Intelligent, the robot claims not to have been built for battle, but as a laboratory assistant and librarian.  This may be true as Enjean knows a great deal about ancient history and artifacts.
Enjean Démolir (Fighter 10) STR 18 INT 15 WIS 5 DEX 15 CON 18 CHR 10.  AC0 HP 70, ATK 3 (+3 to hit/melee), DAM by Weapon +3 MV (60') ML 10. Ancient + 2 glass-steel sickle [Scimitar] (1d8+2), laser pistol (1D8), Grenades x5 (1D10).

Six-Gun Gorilla - Six-Gun Gorilla is a Gorilla armed with a heavy revolver in addition to his normal Gorilla ferocity.  Six-Gun Gorilla is fairly intelligent for a large ape, but isn't able to talk.  The Gorilla will negotiate through sign and will take simple contracts - usually bodyguard work and has a known fondness and excellent market sense for gems.  Six-Gun Gorilla has excellent senses, especially smell and is a crack shot with his gun (+1 to hit).
Six-Gun Gorilla - Gorilla  AC 6, HD 4+4 ( 32 HP) ATK 3 (rend/rend/bite) DAM 1d3/1d3/1d6 (1d8 Ranged) MV ('40) Save F5, ML 12.  heavy revolver [6 shots - 2 attacks per round, +1 hit] (1d8), bandolier with 64 bullets. Fancy Hat (30%)

'Ras' Levy - A mercenary captain who leads the well known "Plug Ugly" company out of the jungle town "Druid Hill".  Like his men he is an massive, 7' tall brute wearing a 3' tall armored tophat, and cutaway coat.  Ras is the paragon of Plug-Ugliness, big and foul spoken, always ready for a fight, or drink.  Ras is slightly less xenophobic than his men, but generally won't work for anyone but humans.
Erasmus 'Ras' Levy  (Fighter 6) STR 17 INT 9 WIS 12 DEX 10 CON 18 CHR 14.  AC 2 HP 45, ATK 2 (+2 to hit/melee), DAM by Weapon +2 MV (40') ML 12. +1 silvered splint-mail, cleaver sword [scimitar] (1d8), hand axe (x2) (1d6),  buckler

Plug Ugly - AC 4, HD 2 (14HP), #AT 1, D By Weapon, MV ('40) Save F2, ML10.  plated cutaway coat, (splint mail), armored top hat, cleaver sword [scimitar] (1d8), hand axe (x2) (1d6), buckler.

Brother Jono- A flagellant warrior friar of the orbital god Chihal'Ta Hazar Masha.  Hazar is an orbital god devoted to battle who delights in the wounds of his own followers but gives them strength in exchange for suffering injury.  As a devotee Jono seeks out battle and courts injury to please his god.  He's a large muscular man clad only in a loincloth, circular battered bronze chest-plate, and indescribable collection of scars.  Jono has gathered a group of flagellant followers all of whom fanatically worship Hazar and relish battle to glorify him.  Having realized that there's a great demand for mercenaries in the Land of 1,000 Towers, Jono accepts cash payment to employ him and his warriors.  Through ritual self mutilation before battle Jono and his followers gain strength from any wound they receive.  Assume they start the battle with a Strength of 15 and gain 1 additional point (and bonuses) per HP lost thereafter with to a maximum of 18.
Brother Jono  (Cleric 6) STR 15* INT 8 WIS 16 DEX 11 CON 17 CHR 15.  AC 7 HP 34, ATK 1 (+1 to hit/melee*), DAM by Weapon +1* MV (40') ML 13. Bronze Breastplate (AC 7), Two Handed Flail +1 [Polearm] (1d10), Mace, Holy Symbol. Spells: Cure Light Wounds (x2), Bless, Fear, Spiritual Weapon, Slow Poison, Cacophony 15' Radius, Dispel Magic, Animate Dead.

Flagellant AC 8, HD 1-1 (6HP), #AT 1*, D By Weapon*, MV ('40) Save F1, ML12. Leather Strap Armor,  Two Handed Flail [Polearm] (1d10).
 * Gains 1 pt of STR for every HP lost in battle to maximum of 18. Assume 15 is starting strength.

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